My Friend Andy Goddard

by Steve Gardner

Steve Gardner lifting Andy Goddard overhead at the 2003 IAWA World Championships in Perth, Australia.

I have been asked to write a bit about the late Andy Goddard, as time moves on and newer members join, not everyone knows who he was and why we have a postal match named after him …….

I first met Andy 20 years ago when he wandered into my gym to watch an all round competition that was taking place.  He lived locally and told me he had been in the Army for a number of years, where he was an Army light flyweight boxing champion.  Andy was struck down with a stomach cancer and had an emergency operation, he nearly died, but he pulled through and was invalided out of the Armed Forces. This had all taken place a few years before he came to see me, and he told me he had been given the all clear from Cancer re occurring and thought he would like to start and do some training to see if he could lift with us.

I was delighted to help him and we cautiously worked together, but in no time it was obvious he was a strong little critter, and he took to weightlifting like a duck to water.  Andy started to compete and he thrived on competition. Not only did Andy become a great champion, several times IAWA British Champion in the Open and many time World Champion in the Masters, he was a thoroughly nice man. He was a great friend to everyone, and always had a good word to say.  Andy always helped to encourage new lifters in the sport and was the kind of guy who would do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat.

Andy’s favourite lifts were the Deadlift, Hacklift, Straddle and Trap Bar Deadlift, all of which he performed with more than 3 times bodyweight!  Andy became a great friend of mine and my family too, he was like family to us. Andy was always there to help me every time we had a competition he would be helping me set up and move the weights, or collecting foreign lifters from the airport and helping me put them up. Andy was a quiet man, he wasn’t married but spent a lot of time treating and looking after others.  It was the proudest moment for me to make the presentation to my friend when he was inducted into the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame in 2007, this was a fitting reward for a true champion and holder of many, many records who had travelled the World and taken part in as many IAWA events as he could, a true all round weightlifter and supporter.

In 2008, Andy started to have some internal pain problems in his groin, though he insisted it did not stop him lifting, it continued to niggle at him and eventually the pains spread to his chest and back. Andy lifted in the World Championships in 2008 and was magnificent, but we knew all was not right. After countless visits to the Hospital they said they were not sure why he had the pain? We all worried in case there was something deeper, and in the end sure enough, eventually a scan showed a shadow near his spine. Andy went in and had some painful surgery on his back, the cancer was in his spine, it had returned after 20 years. Whilst operating they discovered that the cancer had spread to his organs and there was nothing anyone could do. They gave him six months, and that would have taken Andy up to his 50th birthday…he didnt make it, passing away just a few weeks before. It was so sad to see this wonderful light go out, we visited him and talked to him to the end, and were with him on his last day.

I had commented one time on Andys ‘Northern Ireland’ Campaign medal he had been awarded in the Army, having seen two tours of service over there in the early and mid 70’s, when he showed it to me I told him he should be justly proud of his achievements in such dangerous and difficult times. I was very moved when, after the funeral, his girlfriend said Andy had asked her to give the medal to me. I treasure it to this day.

We all miss Andy, and his belt and lifting boots remain at the gym so he is always with us. Andy loved competition, and the postal bearing his name is a fitting tribute to him.

Goddard Postal

by Steve Gardner


The Andy Goddard Tribute Lifts Postal 2011

Chuck Cookson, of the Dino Gym, had the top Jefferson Lift (Straddle Deadlift) of the Goddard Postal Meet with a lift of 622 pounds.

32 lifters took part in the Andy Goddard tribute postal competition, and what a good competition it turned out to be, thanks to all the lifters from the USA and the UK who supported the event. Below is a list of best lifter results.  The two lifts contested were the  Alternate Grip Bench Press  and the Straddle Deadlift.

Alternate Grip Bench Press – Top Ten Lifters

  1. Mark Price – Powerhouse Gym, England
  2. Al Myers – Dino Gym, United States
  3. Mark Haydock – Hoghton Barbell Club, England
  4. Joe Ciavattone Sr. – Joe’s Gym, United States
  5. Scott Tully – Dino Gym, United States
  6. Joe Ciavattone Jr. – Joe’s Gym, United States
  7. Gary Ell – Tiverton WL Club, England
  8. Chuck Cookson – Dino Gym, United States
  9. Chad Ullom – Dino Gym, United States
  10. Steve Gardner – Powerhouse Gym, England


Straddle Deadlift – Top Ten Lifters

  1. Al Myers – Dino Gym, United States
  2. Chuck Cookson – Dino Gym, United States
  3. Joe Ciavattone Jr.  – Joe’s Gym, United States
  4. Kai Holland – Tiverton WL Club, England
  5. Mark Haydock – Hoghton Barbell Club, England
  6. Mark Rattenbury – Tiverton WL Club, England
  7. Graham Saxton – Powerhouse Gym, England
  8. James Gardner – Powerhouse Gym, England
  9. Jonny Eccleshall -  Powerhouse Gym, England
  10. Chad Ullom – Dino Gym, United States


Total – Top Ten Lifters

  1. Al Myers – Dino Gym, United States
  2. Chuck Cookson – Dino Gym, United States
  3. Mark Price – Powerhouse Gym, England
  4. Mark Haydock – Hoghton Barbell Club, England
  5. Joe Ciavattone Jr. – Joe’s Gym, United States
  6. Chad Ullom – Dino Gym, United States
  7. Mark Rattenbury – Tiverton WL Club, England
  8. Graham Saxton – Powerhouse Gym, England
  9. Gary Ell – Tiverton WL Club, England
  10. Joe Ciavattone Sr. – Joe’s Gym, United States


Best Club Result (Top 3 Performers)

  1. Dino Gym:  Myers, Cookson, Ullom – 963.3 pts
  2. Powerhouse Gym:  Price, Saxton, Gardner – 876.4 pts
  3. Joe’s Gym:  Ciavattones, Joe Sr., Joe Jr., Jonathon – 837.8 pts
  4. Tiverton:  Rattenbury, Ell, Holland – 826.1 pts
  5. Granby Grippers:  Allen, Andrews, Godleman – 797.7 pts


Best Junior Performance – Joe Ciavattone Jr.

Best Female Performance – Karen Gardner

Best Open Performance – Mark Haydock

Best Master Performance – Al Myers

Best Overall Lifter – Al Myers

For the complete results -  ANDY GOD2011

Gold Cup

by Steve Gardner



Group picture from the 2010 IAWA Gold Cup in Walpole, Massachusetts.

After the lifting everyone was invited back to Frank Ciavattone’s home where his family had prepared a wonderful banquet. Following the banquet, the presentation of the awards was made. Frank thanked everyone for attending his event and made some nice presentations to those who had helped him organize and run the competition, Steve Gardner thanked Frank on behalf of the lifters for putting on a splendid event. The evening was concluded with an induction to the USAWA Hall of Fame. Al Myers made a nice and thorough speech as a very worthy Scott Schmidt was inducted amid rapturous applause. A very proud Scott gave a wonderful thank you reply speech, the whole event ending on a high note!

Results of Gold Cup – GOLD CUP 2010

Andy Goddard Postal

Results of the Andy Goddard Postal Tribute

by Steve Gardner

Andy Goddard

What an amazing result, huge thanks to all of you who supported the tribute, and helped to remember our dear friend. Please read the full results below, it is very heart warming!

53 Lifters took part in the tribute – 27 of the lifters totals were performed before 2 or more referees and will be submitted for record purposes, but all 53 results count for the ‘Tribute to Andy’ competition! I am not sure, but I think this is the first time that a competition like this one has been held, and what a great result, we’ve had lifters who were great friends of Andy’s and lifters who just wanted to join in to support the tribute of a fellow IAWA athlete (even members of his family who had never lifted a weight before)

We had lifters of the highest World Class standing right through to new lifters, only recently stepping on to the competition platform, and lifters aged from 12 years to 82 years of age, boys and girls, men and women, and from all parts of England, Scotland, Canada, USA, New Zealand. I have been so encouraged by this wonderful response that I will run this Tribute Competition on an annual basis for 26th March, but with two different lifts next year, still based around the Bench Press and Deadlift concept! Well done to you all, I am sure that Andy is looking down on us all with a big smile, and hopefully feeling proud!

Neil Abery Wins the First Andy Goddard Tribute and will have his name put on the ‘Andy Goddard Trophy’ which will be kept on display at the Powerhouse Gym, Burton!

Meet Results:

Best Ten Totals Amended

Neil Abery 32 Open 90.0 90 142.5 130.1 250 229.0 392.5 359.1

Al Myers 43 M40+ 114.3 115 145 119.1 282.5 232.2 427.5 351.3

Mark Haydock 35 Open 121.0 125 165.5 127.1 280.5 215.4 446 342.5

Phil Crisp 40 M40+ 97.0 100 153.5 133.5 228.5 198.7 382 332.2

Steve Angell 39 Open 109.0 110 140 113.3 270 218.6 410 331.9

John Monk 44 M40+ 78.9 80 140.6 143.0 183.7 186.9 324.3 329.9

Mark Rattenberry 47 M45+ 64.4 65 90 107.4 165 196.9 255 304.3

Nick Swain 44 M40+ 85.0 85 110 107.1 200 194.7 310 301.8

Roger Davis 40 M40+ 82.0 85 110 105.2 200 191.3 310 296.5

Steve Andrews 50 M50+ 69.9 70 87.5 101.5 167.5 194.4 255 295.9

Best Five Bench Presses Amended

John Monk 143.0

Joe Ciavattone Senior 139.0

Phil Crisp 133.5

Neil Abery 130.1

Mark Haydock 127.1

Best Five Deadlifts Amended

Al Myers 232.2

Neil Abery 229.0

Steve Angell 218.6

Mark Haydock 215.4

Phil Crisp 198.7

Best Masters Lady Karen Gardner

Best Ladies Open Mandy Hughes

Best Ladies Junior Heather Mansell

Best Ladies Guest Lifter Louise Collier

Best Masters 60+ Frank Allen

Best Masters 40+ Al Myers

Best Open Neil Abery

Best Junior Joe Civiattone Jnr

Best Guest Lifter Vince Collier

Name Age Div Bwt Class Bench Am D/L Am Total Am

Kohl Hess 15 J14/15 123.3 125 68 59.5 136 119 204 178.5

Art Montini 82 M80+ 78.9 80 61.2 94.9 92.9 144 154.1 238.9

John McKean 64 M60+ 78.9 80 61.2 74.1 136 164.7 197.2 238.8

Chad Ullom 38 Open 108.4 110 102 82.8 206 167.2 308 250.0

(The above lifts were performed before 3 officials at Ambridge PA USA on Sunday 14th March)

Mark Rattenberry 47 M45+ 64.4 65 90 107.4 165 196.9 255 304.3

Gary Ell 39 Open 83.6 85 130 121.7 185 173.2 315 294.9

(The Above lifts were performed before 1 Official in Devon, England, so they count for the

competition but will not be considered for record purposes.)

Al Myers 43 M40+ 114.3 115 145 119.1 282.5 232.2 427.5 351.3

(The above lifts were performed in Kansas USA on 16.3.2010 before two USAWA Officials.)

Andy Milner 48 M45+ 96 100 107.5 101.4 180.5 170.3 288 271.7

(The above lifts were performed at the Hoghton Barbell Club, Lancashire, England, before fellow

lifters, so they count for the competition but will not be considered for record purposes.)

Phil Crisp 40 M40+ 97.0 100 153.5 133.5 228.5 198.7 382 332.2

Ed Shorttle 53 M50+ 68.0 70 67.5 81.9 150.5 182.1 218 264.0

Nick Swain 44 M40+ 85.0 85 110 107.1 200 194.7 310 301.8

(The above lifts were performed at Hailsham in Essex, England on 13.3.10. Phil Crisp and Nick Swain before one official which is good for the competition but lifts not able to be considered for record purposes. Ed Shorttle however, did lift before two officials and as such his lifts could be considered!)

Karen Gardner 51 M50+ 75.7 80 37.5 54.8 75 109.8 112.5 164.3

Mandy Hughes 18 J18/19 78.2 80 51 67.0 120 157.8 171 224.8

Karl Birkinshaw 26 Open 77.9 80 67.5 65.9 155 151.4 222.5 217.3

John Gardner 27 Open 123.9 125 80 60.7 150 113.8 230 174.5

Steve Gardner 53 M50+ 140.2 125+ 115 93.9 170 138.8 285 232.7

(The above lifts were performed at the Powerhouse Gym, Burton, England on 22.3.10 before three officials and can therefore be considered for record purposes.)

Cliff Harvey – - – – - – – - -

Julien Emery 27 Open 91.4 95 – - – – - – 151.9 135.2 135.2 135.2

(Cliff from New Zealand, is resident in Canada at the moment, he has been ill, but attempted to lift, he missed all of his Deadlifts and was forced to abort the mission, his friend Julien Emery deadlifted, but he could not Bench due to a shoulder injury. Thanks for the thought guys.)

Steve Angell 39 Open 109.0 110 140 113.3 270 218.6 410 331.9

(The above lifts were performed in Buckinghamshire on 22nd March, the lifts were not performed in front of two officials, so the results count towards the competition, but will not be submitted for record purposes.)

Mark Gecko 41 M40+ 84.0 85 122 116.2 156 148.5 378 264.7

(The above lifts were performed in York, England, the lifts were not witnessed by two referees, so the total counts for the competition, but consideration can not be given to record claims.)

Neil Abery 32 Open 86.8 90 142.5 130.1 250 229.0 392.5 359.1

(The above lifts were performed in Milton Keynes, but not before two referees, so they count for the competition but will not be submitted for record purposes..)

James Gardner 26 Open 91.4 95 100 88.9 200 177.9 300 266.8

Graham Saxton 48 M45+ 113.9 115 110 94.9 227.5 196.3 337.5 291.2

(The above lifts were performed at the Powerhouse Gym in Burton on 24.3 before two referees!)

Frank Allen 68 M65+ 87.0 90 82.5 99.6 155 187.2 237.5 286.8

Steve Andrews 50 M50+ 69.9 70 87.5 101.5 167.5 194.4 255 295.9

Daniel Andrews 13 J13+U 54.4 55 32.5 54.1 70 116.5 102.5 170.6

Mark Godleman 48 M45+ 101.0 105 115 105.6 210 192.8 335 298.4

(The above lifts were performed in Leicester 24.3, Frank and Steve before one Referee so count for the competition, and Daniel and Mark before two referees so results can be submitted for record purposes.

Jim Madden 41 M40+ 89.0 90 95 87.5 125 115.7 220 202.6

Andy Tomlin 42 M40+ 92.4 95 95 86.5 200 182.1 295 268.6

George Dick 61 M60+ 129.1 125+ 110 99.8 180 163.4 290 263.2

Chris Hughes 20 Open 69.8 70 57.5 60.2 145 151.8 202.5 212.0

Dave McFadzean 39 Open 100.6 105 70 59.1 145 122.4 215 181.5

(The above lifts were performed in Glasgow, Scotland before three referee’s !)

Roger Davis 40 M40+ 82.0 85 110 105.2 200 191.3 310 296.5

(Roger Lifted to support the tribute to Andy, the lifts were not performed before two referees.)

Mathew Mansell 15 J14/15 62.5 65 60 77.8 122.5 159.0 182.5 236.8

Connor Mansell 12 J13+U 47.0 50 25 47.0 60 113.0 85 160.0

Heather Mansell 14 J14/15 43.0 45 25 58.9 70 164.9 95 223.8

(The above lifts were performed in Penzance, Cornwall under the watchful eye of Dad Simon! The lifts were not performed before two referees so they count for the competition but will not be submitted for records.)

Dan Butterworth 30 Open 131.0 125+ 140.5 103.8 220.5 162.9 361 266.7

Mark Haydock 35 Open 121.0 125 165.5 127.1 280.5 215.4 446 342.5

(The above lifts were performed at the Hoghton Barbell Club in Lancashire, the lifts were not performed in front of two referees so they count for the competition but will not be submitted for record purposes!)

Louise Collier 41 20 40 60

Vince Collier 42 50 90 140

(Louise and Vince are Andys Sister and Brother in Law , they are not lifters (never touched a weight before))

Joe Ciavattone Snr 41 M40+ 111.1 115 170 139.0 185.9 152.0 355.9 291.0

Joe Ciavattone Jnr 16 J16/17 96.1 100 115.6 110 181.4 172.7 297.0 282.7

Mike O Brien 27 Open 65.7 70 63.5 69.2 140.6 153.2 204.1 222.4

Frank Ciavattone Snr 55 M55+ 129.2 125+ 11.1 95.8 185.9 160.4 297.0 256.2

(The Above Lifts were performed at Joes Gym in Boston Massachusetts USA, before two referees. The deadlift was done with dumbbells i.e. Dumbells deadlift!)

Bill Crozier 71 M70+ 98.4 100 100 117.9 132.5 156.2 232.5 274.1

Jim Malloy 68 M65+ 109.2 110 102.5 109.2 140 149.1 242.5 258.2

Scott Schmidt 57 M55+ 117.0 120 115 106.0 185 170.5 300 276.5

(The above Lifts were performed before Two Officials at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA)

Denny Habecker 67 M65+ 84.4 85 88.4 107.0 133.8 161.9 222.2 268.9

(The above lifts were performed in Lebanon PA USA, but were not done before two referees.)

John Monk 44 M40+ 78.9 80 140.6 143.0 183.7 186.9 324.3 329.9

Dennis Vandermark 56 M55+ 94.7 95 95.2 97.1 131.5 134.2 226.7 231.3

Nathan Shelly 20 Open 70.3 75 102.0 106.3 165.5 172.4 267.5 278.7

Dan Vastyan 24 Open 90.7 95 — — 165.5 147.9 — —

(The above lifts were performed in Pennsylvania USA, and the results count for the competition.)

Chris Bass 63 M60+ 69.5 70 80 104.1 130 169.2 210.0 273.3

(The above lifts were performed at the Haven Gym before one official. The Bench was Feet in Air.)

A Lift for Andy

Tribute to Andy Goddard

by Steve Gardner

Andy Goddard performing one of his favorite lifts - the Bench Press

It will be a year on March 26th since I said goodbye to my friend Andy. The Gym has not been the same without him, but we carry on with Andy always in our thoughts.

I have decided to run a postal competition as a tribute to Andy Goddard. The lifts will be simple and contain two of his favorites: the Bench Press and the Two Hands Deadlift.

I am inviting friends of Andys, and all IAWA members in general, to take part in this ‘Tribute Lift for Andy’. Lifts are to be completed by the end of March. One referee will be ok for the tribute lifts, but if you want the lifts to be considered for record purposes they must be clearly marked as refereed by two officials.

Remember – it doesn’t matter how much you lift or whether you are not fully training or injured. Just submit token results if you can’t do more, just to be a part of our ‘Tribute to Andy’.

There will be an Andy Goddard Trophy kept at the Powerhouse Gym and the overall Winners name will go on that trophy!

World Team Postal

by Steve Gardner, IAWA President

Meet Announcement

World Team Postal 2010

I have announced plans for the World Team Postal Event, and following on last years success hopes to increase the numbers taking part this year.  REMEMBER: Although it is a Team Postal, Individual Lifters can still post their totals for inclusion in the World Postal Rankings! Lifts to be completed by End of September.  Entry forms will go out in the July Journal (or Download Entry Form).


Snatch – One Arm

Pinch Grip – Two Hands

Bench Press – Feet in Air

Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip

Following the success of the 2009 Team Postal event (33 lifters and ten teams took part) I am going to try and double this years participation. In 2009 we had teams from Australia, USA, and England, and this year we hope to build on that, this year already Spain have asked to take part!  I will distribute score sheets via the various Newsletters and Journals. The lifts will be: The One Hand Barbell Snatch (indicate which hand used), The Two Hands Pinch Grip Lift, The Bench Press Feet in the Air, The Ciavattone Deadlift. The tournament is being run as a team match where teams will consist of three lifters, they may be Juniors, Open Lifters, Masters or Ladies or any combination of the afore mentioned, as all lifters results will be age and body weight amended etc. The lifts can be performed any time in 2010 BEFORE the end of September. The lifts must be performed before at least two IAWA Officials, who MUST also sign the score sheet. The competition will be run as a usual IAWA event with a rising bar. Teams or Groups can enter any number of lifters into the competition, and the top three amended scores will formulate a first team etc. Any individual members left will still have their totals configured into the results which will also be produced to give individual rankings on all lifts and totals, and all divisions and body weights.Lifters who are not members of a group, team or club can still submit their results so long as they can get their lifts officiated, and all results will form the rankings as described in the above paragraph.The score sheets should be completed using kilos where possible, but the organiser will convert pounds to kilos if needs be, BUT please make sure all sheets are completed accurately and legibly. You will notice there are four boxes per lift to correspond with 4 attempts per lift if required, the best lift of the 4 should be circled.If lifters require certificates, please affix an e mail address in the appropriate box on the score sheet, and these will be submitted by e mail for you to print off. The score sheet can be copied off as many times as you wish to submit as many teams or lifters as you wish. There is no fee attached to this competition. There are five lines on a score sheet to accommodate a team of three plus two others, if there are six lifters, use two score sheets with one team on each etc. When the lifts are completed please submit without delay:

Entry Form – PostalEntryForm

Steve Gardner – 18 Holly Road, Barton, Staffs. England DE13 8LP or by E Mail to:

IAWA Gold Cup

The 2009 IAWA Gold Cup – A Great Success!

by Steve Gardner

2009 IAWA Gold Cup Group Picture

There were 25 lifters taking part in this years Gold Cup World Record Breakers Tournament, which was held in Glasgow, Scotland. All of the hard work and effort put in by this years promoter David McFadzean and his support team at the Castlemilk Gym Club, was repaid in fine style as the 2009 event was a great success. The list of impressive records that were broken and set was of a very high standard, with several new lifters taking part and giving a good account of themselves too! A big welcome into the IAWA family goes out to: The Hughes trio, sister and brothers, Nicola, Robbie and Chris, and also to Alan Higgs and Tom Moffat, they all lifted well. It was nice to see Frank Allen back in action, and also Steve Angell on impressive form. People were pleased to see Karen Gardner perform her first lifting since her Cancer operation a year ago, and Agnes Mcinally who is slowly returning to form after her problems too, Agnes says she has found a new incentive in the sport: helping to coach new lifter Nicola Hughes. Denny Habecker from the USA never fails to delight us on the platform, and he too is recently back from a hip operation. Mark Haydock lifted the heaviest ever trap bar deadlift at 323.5 kilos much to the delight of a heavily pregnant Mrs Haydock (soon to deliver). All in all it was a really nice day, a good competition in a great atmosphere. Well done again to David and his team on a job well done!


IAWA Gold Cup 2009

Castlemilk, Glasgow, Scotland.       Saturday 7th November

Promoter: David McFadzean (assisted by members of the Castlemilk Gym)

Lifter                                      Class   Div      Lifts

Steve Gardner                         125+    M50+    R/H Ring Finger Lift  80k – L/H Index Finger Lift  75k

Frank Allen                              90        M65+    Pullover at arms Length  45k

David McFadzean                     100      Open     R/H Dumbell Deadlift 105k

Bill Wright                                80        65+      R/H Dumbell C+Jerk 35k

Karen Gardner                         80        50+      R/H Mid Finger Lift 40k  -  R/H Index Finger Lift 40k

Nicola Hughes                          90        Open     2 inch bar Straddle D Lift 107.5k  -  L/H Zercher 60k

Chris Hughes                           70        J18/19   2 inch bar Straddle D Lift  155k

James Gardner                         95        Open    R/H Dumbell Deadlift 147k

Robbie Hughes                         60        J14/15   Trap Bar Deadlift 135k

Agnes Mcinally                         65        M50+     2 inch bar Straddle Deadlift 90k

George Dick                            125+    M60+     Steinborn Lift 115k -  Front Squat  110k

Graham Saxton                       110      M45+     Steinborn Lift 137.5  -  2 inch bar Hacklift 202.5k

Chris Ross                              95        Open      L/H Middle finger Lift 102.7k

Mathew Finkle                         70        M40+     2 inch bar Hacklift 120k

Alex Rigbye                            95        Open      2 Hands Thumbless Deadlift 142.5

Tom Moffat                             95        Open      Trap Bar Deadlift 260k – 2 inch bar Straddle D Lift 230k

Steve Angell                           110      Open      Trap bar Deadlift 300k

Joshua Haydock                      70        J18/19    Trap Bar Deadlift 182.5k  – Front Squat  105k

Mark Haydock                         125      Open      2 Hands Thumbless D Lift 200k – Trap Bar D Lift 323.5k

Denny Habecker                      90        M65+     Seated C+ Press B/Neck 60k – Trap Bar D Lift 160k

Alan Higgs                               95        M50+     Trap Bar Deadlift 190k

Andy Tomlin                            95        M40+     Middle Fingers Deadlift 140k

Steve Andrews                        70        M50+     R/H Zercher 100k – L/H Thumbless D Lift 66k

Karl Birkinshaw                       85        Open      Reflex C + Push Press 62.5k – Bwt Reps DLift 83k x 41 reps

Graham Always                       110      Open      L/H Bench Press 32.5k

2 Man Lifts:

David McFadzean and Chris Hughes    (Open 100k Class)     2 Man Hacklift 280k

Mathew Finkle and Robbie Hughes  (Open 70k Class)    2 Man Straddle Dead Lift 250k

Andy Tomlin and Chris Ross (Open 95k Class)  2 Man Straddle Dead Lift 350k

MC Recorder: Steve Gardner  Assistant: Judy Habecker  Drug Testing: Frank Allen

Referees: Frank Allen  Steve Andrews  Denny Habecker  Andy Tomlin  Agnes Mcinally  David Mcfadzean  Karen Gardner  George Dick  Graham Saxton  James Gardner

Minutes from the IAWA World Council Meeting

by Steve Gardner

Picture left to right: IAWA President Steve Gardner, Meet Directors Judy and Denny Habecker

IAWA World Council Meeting

Held at 4pm on Saturday 3rd October 2009 – Lebanon PA. U.S.A.

Present: England: Steve Gardner Karen Gardner Mark Haydock Josh Haydock Roger Davis and John Kavanagh Scotland: George Dick USA: John Vernacchio Al Myers Chad Ullom Dennis Vandermark John Monk Frank Ciavattone Art Montini Bill Spayd Scott Schmidt Howard Prechtel Bob Geib Dennis Mitchell Denny Habecker

Apologies: Frank Allen (UK)

The Meeting was chaired by IAWA President: Steve Gardner

A discussion on the minutes of the World Council Meeting held in October 2008 at Burton on Trent, England, revealed two points that were due to be re discussed:

The Continental to the Belt

There had been a request for the lift to be considered as two different lifts … performed using an Olympic style pull…alternativley using a Zercher style. Dennis Mitchell reported that the Technical Committee were unanimous in their recommendation to the meeting that the lift be left as it is. This was reasoned as being a lift performed in the ‘Continental’ style meaning anyway or how. After further discussion on the matter a vote was taken, it was felt that part of the excitement of the lift was the fact it can be done in different ways. The proposal to the meeting being that the lift be left unchanged and just one lift …this was carried unanimously.

Age percentage for Master Lifters at the World Championships

It was suggested in 2008 that maybe the age percent allowance for Master lifters is not sufficient. A study was conducted by Steve Gardner and Graham Saxton from the UK and also by Al Myers from the USA. Both camps agreed that the current allowance sees the Master lifters fall away from the level playing field, after 60 to 70 years of age, and quite significantly after 80 years of age. Many different ideas and proposals were discussed, in the end a proposal was formulated that everyone present seemed happy with. The majority of the Technical Committee were present and also in agreement, and the proposal was passed. Proposal was that percentage starts at 40 as at present but at 66 years of age the lifter gets 2 percent per year instead of just 1 (only for those years over 66). It was noted that if it is felt in the future that this system does not work, we are at liberty to change back or change otherwise.

International Venues

The World Championships for 2010 is already set as Glasgow, Scotland in early October

Promoter is George Dick

George proposed the lifts for the competition to the meeting, and they agreed and passed:

Day One – 2 Hands Clean and Push Press / 1 Hand Barbell Snatch / Cont. to Belt / Steinborn

Day Two – Cheat Curl / 1 Hand Dumbell Press (opp Hand)/ Trap Bar Deadlift

The Gold Cup for 2010 – A proposal was made for Frank Ciavattone to run the event in Boston

In early November. Frank said he would look forward to arranging the competition – All agreed to sanction the application BUT there would be no heavy chain lifts without prior consultation with Frank

The World Championships for 2011 – A letter of application was received from the Australian IAWA group via Justine Martin to run the Championships in late September. The Promoter would be Peter Phillips. After discussion the meeting accepted and sanctioned the proposal.

The Gold Cup for 2011, an application was received from Steve Gardner to run the event in early November in England, if another venue in England was nor forthcoming. All agreed and sanctioned.

Any Other business

Dennis Mitchell informed the meeting that he had received a letter from Bill Chapman, asking that at future World Championships could two best overall Masters awards be given, one for under 60 years an one for over 60 years. It was discussed and agreed that promoters can do this if they wish, but our current situation is that it is up to the promoters as to which awards they feel inclined to present, and is not mandatory.

Dennis Habecker appealed to lifters within the IAWA organization to be mindful of sending in entries for competitions before the said entry deadlines, so as to assist the meet directors to be able to run the competitions.

There being no other business – The President: Steve Gardner,thanked all for their attendance and closed the meeting.