What a Mug on that Guy

by Roger LaPointe

Portrait of Maurice "The French Angel" Tillet, that hangs in the gym at Atomic Athletic.

I got the coolest photo the other day.  It is Maurice “The French Angel” Tillet. Just having a space to lift in is not enough.  There a lots of gyms that have no soul.  There are lots of gyms that are sterile and faceless or just fake and seem to be pandering to a certain client.  What you have to do is create a lifter’s atmosphere.

“Oh My God!”  laughed Andy as he walked up.  I hung that framed photo at the top of the stairs leading to my office. 

“That brightened my day.  I was dragging.  That is funny.  Thank you.”  Andy, my assistant, couldn’t say enough.

You have to create a real lifter’s atmosphere to get the attitude right.  I happened to get that frame out of an old barn in the middle of nowhere Ohio.  All I needed to do was blast it with the air compressor and it was ready to Tillet’s face, or as ready as anything could be.  What a mug on that guy!

I have two jobs going right now that include photos or posters or other customized art for different facilities.  Sure, having great equipment helps make for a feel in a gym, but operating rooms have expensive stuff too.  Great does not necessarily mean expensive, or on the other end, cheapee homemade.  Of course, homemade CAN be great.  For some gyms, having a Giant Circus Hammer hanging on the wall would be enough and in others it would be lost.  I stick with the Supreme Court on this one, when it comes to cool, I know it when I see it.

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