Turning Girls Heads

by Roger LaPointe

The Larry Scott Collection

I am a strength guy. I have never been a bodybuilder. You will never see me standing on a stage in one of those little swim suits.

Yet… I can honestly say that it is pretty cool when I get noticed as a lifter and, as much as I like to squat, it is always the arms that seem to get girls attention.

Building ARMS That Get You Noticed

I have a 3 step system to building arms that get you noticed. Guys, it’s more than just biceps.

1. Dumbbell Curls: Nothing beats dumbbell curls for building biceps.

2. Clean & Press: The clean & front squat will jump start testosterone production and presses build the triceps.

3. Curl Bar Curls: Straight barbell curls seem to give me tendonitis in the elbows, but I don’t seem to get that when I go back and forth between the regular curl bar and the super curl bar. I also love the super curl bar for reverse curls. Personally, I think forearms actually draw more attention than biceps. At least that concept worked for Popeye.

If you want arm advice from the best, we still have a couple sets of the Larry Scott Collection.


Live strong, Roger LaPointe

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