Tractor Pull Meet

by Roger LaPointe

2012 Tractor Pull Weekend Meet

There won’t be any tractors at this meet, but I expect some big weights to be lifted!

Here are the lifts: Crucifix Hold, One Hand Barbell Deadlift, and the Jefferson Lift (Straddle Lift) with 2 Inch Bar.

We will attempt to do this meet outdoors, but if the weather is questionable, it will be held inside the Atomic Athletic Training Center. Those of you who came to this year’s Atomic Athletic Great Black Swamp Olde Time Strongman Picnic would have gone into the gym to see the Kettlebell Demo, get a T-Shirt or just see the new bowling alley lifting platform.  As the meet gets closer, we will announce more details, poster graphics, and the T-Shirt design. We also have NEW Atomic Athletic Medals.

Last year, we got a lot of questions about the name of this meet. We call it the Tractor Pull Weekend Meet because Bowling Green, OH hosts the National Tractor Pull Championships that weekend. Our idea is that there are “tons” of people in town, so there is a potential audience draw… It’s more likely that townies will be trying to avoid the fair grounds and be out looking for something else. Perhaps they will be looking for an exhibition of power that doesn’t make their ears bleed. Why not go see a weightlifting meet?

ENTRY FORM (pdf) – TractorPullMeet2012

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