The Sound of 1 Arm Lifting

by Roger LaPointe

Longtime USAWA member Randy Smith performing a One Arm Dumbbell Snatch at the 2011 USAWA National Championships.

What is the sound of one arm lifting?

Is it the sound of a grinding shoulder? I hope not. I hope all those dumbbell snatches are being done with tools that rotate, but I know they are not. Solid non-rotating equipment can be fun, but for some lifts, it can also cause real pain. Trust me, that is not a sound you don’t want to hear.

One hand explosive lifts, just like the two handed lifts, can be done with old school non-rotating tools. Of course, there is a proper technique you have to learn. Basically, you have to let go of the dumbbell, rotate your hand and then re-grip it. It sounds easy, until you try it with limit type weights, whether it’s your 1 RM, or just your last rep of a limit set. Once you hear that grinding, the damage is done. The next question is, how bad is the damage?

Rotating Olympic Dumbbells are a fairly easy solution to that problem.

Just like with an Olympic barbell, you never loosen your grip during the lift. Bingo! You have eliminated one more variable in your training. I have heard it said that it doesn’t matter what kind of bar you lift on, if you are really strong. Which, of course, is a load of BS. It is very simple, do dumbbell snatches with rotating dumbbells and you will lift more, do it more consistently, and have a much lower risk of injury.

Hmmm… Would I like to lift heavier weights AND have a lower chance of injury in my back, rotator cuff, elbow or wrist?

A rotating Olympic Dumbbell Handle by Atomic Athletic

Dumbbell snatches are great. Use the right tool.

Live strong, Roger

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