The Classic Starlet’s Legs

by Roger LaPointe

Pudgy Stockton demonstating leg exercise number 4 using Iron Boots.

Beautiful pair of legs? Thank you girls, show me a pair from old Hollywood. Yes, some girls also call some men’s legs beautiful. So, if you have always wondered how a guy like John Grimek, or the Hollywood starlets of the 1940’s and 50’s got those great gams, they all did it with the same exercises.

Check out these hot photos of Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton, from the March 1947 issue of Strength & Health magazine. She was much more than a lifter and writer. She was a trainer as well. In addition to doing the standard free weight leg exercises, like squats and lunges, she promoted extensive use of the Iron Boots. Great legs do not require a room full of exercise machines, but the are the result of great education.

Here is the secret. Folks, they used Iron Boots for an extensive list of exercises. Abbye shows 5 Iron Boot exercises in this one article alone. Any Cross Fit girl should be thrilled to have Abbye’s legs, abs and entire physique.

Pudgy and the swinging leg exercise number 8.

Exercise #8: “Leg Swinging” is one of the more unusual and forgotten exercises. I love this Iron Boot exercise because in addition to the benefits mentioned by Abbye, many Atomic Athletic customers have reported that it is good for reducing sciatic pain. For those of you unfamiliar, sciatica can have a number of causes, but it is very basically any kind of tenderness or pain associated with the sciatic nerve that runs down the back of the leg.

Here is how you perform the exercise. “Lie on back. Place arms out to the sides in a straight line with the shoulders. Keeping the knees locked – raise the right leg (toes pointed) and try to touch the left hand with the right toe. Do not allow the upper body to move or twist– the movement should be in the hips.” Then make sure to do the opposite leg as well, obviously doing the opposite movements, left toe to right hand. Make sure the leg moves in a nice slow high arc.

If you would like to see photos of all eight exercises, you will need to check out the Atomic Athletic Facebook page and go to the Notes section. You will find this Atomic Athletic Bomb Proof Bulletin, as well as many past bulletins.

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