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How good was Ed Zercher?

by Roger LaPointe
Frank Ciavattone performing a Zercher Lift at the 2000 USAWA National Championships. The entire video of this meet is available for sale from Atomic Athletic.
Comparing old records to modern records can be tough. In the case of Ed Zercher, we can compare contemporary results in the Olympic lifts.
The Olympic weightlifting contests were […]

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Zercher: A Lift and A Lifter

by Roger LaPointe
Ed Zercher performing a deadlift.
Wow! Imagine if they named a lift after you!
You know you have really done something amazing in the world of weightlifting when that day comes. Lots of people set records, but very few get that named lift. There’s the Hack Lift, the Zottman Curl, the Scott Curl and […]

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Bill Clark and the Zercher Lift

by Al Myers
The founding father of the USAWA, Bill Clark, making a 405 pound Zercher Lift.
I recently found this picture of our USAWA  founder, Bill Clark, performing one of his favorite lifts, the Zercher Lift.  The Zercher Lift was named after the famous old time Missouri strongman Ed Zercher. This picture was taken in […]

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