Postal Championships

by Al Myers


The big finale of our USAWA Postal Meet Series is upon us!

The Postal Championships will be held during the full month of December, with the entry deadline the last day of the month.  USAWA Postal Meet Director Denny Habecker has picked a good selection of lifts to test everyone’s strength in our Championship event.  Also – I want to remind everyone that this meet “counts double” in generating points toward the yearly postal series point totals.  Let’s have another good turnout of participation!

The lifts:

Snatch – From Hang
Deadlift – One Arm, Dumbbell
Pullover and Push

Denny has let me know that SIX lifters have taken part in all three of the previous quarterly postal meets this year.  Denny commented, “I thought some people might be interested to see the cumulative point totals of the people who have done all the postals so far this year. So here they are.”

Barry Bryan – 1622.62 points
Eric Todd – 1621.58 points
Denny Habecker – 1603.83 points
Ruth Jackson – 1426.12 points
Lance Foster – 1164.63 points
Crystal Diggs – 669.51 points

POSTAL CHAMPIONSHIPS ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2014 USAWA Postal Championships Entry Form

3rd Quarter Postal

by Al Myers



3rd Quarter Postal Results


3rd Quarter Postal Meet
September 1st – September 30th, 2014

Meet Director: Denny Habecker

Lifts: Holdout -Raised, Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip, One Arm, Continental to Belt

Ruth Jackson – Certified Official Jarod Fobes
Crystal Diggs – Certified Official Ruth Jackson
Barry Bryan – Certified Official Denny Habecker
Denny Habecker – Barry Bryan
Eric Todd – Lance Foster
Keith Thompson – Eric Todd and Lance Foster

Postal Series 2013

by Al Myers

Dan Wagman performing a 350 pound Reverse Grip Bench Press at the recent Dino Gym Record Day.

As the first quarterly postal meet of 2014 is less than 30 days from being completed, I finally got the results from the 2013 Postal Series tabulated.  The USAWA has 4 postal meets per year (March, June, September, and December), with the last one being designated as the Postal Championships.  All these together make up the Postal Meet Series.  Each postal meet a lifter competes in generates points for him/her, that total up for the final Postal Series Ranking.

The way the points are generated is pretty simple.  I take the overall placings of the meet and then reverse “the count” for the points earned for each lifter.  I.E – if three lifters compete lifter number 1 gets 3 points, lifter number 2 gets 2 points, and lifter number three gets 1 point.  The Postal Championships is worth “double points”. Obviously then, as more lifters enter more points can be earned for winning the meet, and ALL lifters earn points regardless where they place overall.  Just entering will earn points toward the Postal Series Ranking.

Overall there was good participation in the USAWA Postal Meets last year.  A total of 18 lifters competed in the various postal meets.  The first Postal Meet had 17 lifters, the second had 9 lifters, the third had 9 lifters, and the Postal Championship drew 11 lifters.   Several lifters competed in ALL of the postal meets last year and they deserve to be recognized.  These lifters are Ruth Jackson, Dan Wagman, Sam Rogers, Orie Barnett, Denny Habecker, and John Wilmot.

Now for the overall rankings for the 2013 USAWA Postal Series!


1 Ruth Jackson 4 6
2 Gabby Jobe 1 1


1 Dan Wagman 4 51
2 Orie Barnett 4 35
3 Al Myers 2 32
4 Sam Rogers 4 30
5 Barry Bryan 2 29
6 Chad Ullom 2 26
7 Eric Todd 3 22
8 Denny Habecker 4 18
9 John Wilmot 4 15
10 Les Cramer 2 15

Congrats to Ruth Jackson and Dan Wagman for being the OVERALL WINNERS of the 2013 USAWA Postal Series.  On top of winning the series both of these lifters won EACH and EVERY Postal Meet of 2013!  That has never been done before in the history of the USAWA Postal Series.

1st Quarter Postal Meet

by Al Myers

There has been a big change this year in our USAWA Postal Meet Series.  John Wilmot has “stepped down” as the Postal Meet Director after many years of doing an excellent job in this capacity.  Our USAWA Postal Meets have become a BIG PART of the yearly USAWA schedule, with quarterly meets culminating in the final Postal Meet Championships in December.  Many USAWA lifters have taken part in some or all of these postal meets.  It has become a great tradition for the USAWA – with thanks going to John Wilmot for starting this tradition.

I was initially  concerned about the future of these events with John’s resignation.  But then – lo and behold – our USAWA President Denny Habecker agreed to taking the position of Postal Meet Director.  Denny has a long resume of being a very successful meet promoter, and this position is in no better hands than Denny’s.  I feel confidant that the future of the USAWA Postal Meets will be strong as long as Denny is in the position.

The first quarterly Postal Meet has been announced for the year.  The format will remain the same as before – with three lifts chosen per meet.  There are two single arm lifts in this meet – and you only need to do the lift the arm of your choosing.  Make sure to circle which arm you use on the entry form.

Also, the big difference is to remember to send your results to Denny from now on instead of John.


Swing – Dumbbell, One Arm

Deadlift – No Thumbs, One Arm

Deadlift – 2 Bars

ENTRY FORM: 2014 1st Quarter Postal Entry Form

Postal Meets Announcement

by Al Myers

The USAWA Postal Meet schedule has been released for 2013!  The USAWA Official Postal Meet Director John Wilmot  has planned a challenging set of postal meets for the USAWA for the coming year. The USAWA quarterly postal series has been gaining in popularity, with this past year being the most participated series to date. John deserves a “BIG THANKS” for the work he puts into setting up these postal meets and doing the scoring. He always sends out nice certificates to recognize a lifters performance. And I want to mention this again – entering these postal meets is at NO CHARGE!

This year’s schedule is as follows:

Eastern Open Postal Meet
March 1st to March 31st

Middle Atlantic Postal Meet
June 1st to June 30th

Delaware Valley Postal Meet
September 1st to September 30th

National Postal Championships
December 1st to December 31st

The rules of entering postal meets are pretty simple:

1. Do all the lifts in ONE DAY only
2. Follow the rules of the USAWA as outlined in the USAWA Rulebook
3. Fill out the entry form correctly (must include signatures of officials)  and send it to John Wilmot
4. Submit the entry form by the deadline date
5. Be a current PAID UP member of the USAWA

That’s it – pretty simple. Anyone should be able to follow those simple rules, and if not, find a training partner who is smarter than yourself to do it for you. You may have anyone judge your lifts to score for the competition, but if you want your lifts to count for an USAWA record, this judge MUST be a USAWA Certified Official. Also, if you are not a USAWA member your results will be omitted from the websites results when I receive them, so it’s a good idea to join the USAWA before you send your postal meet results to John.

The entry forms for these Postal Meets are available under the heading ”USAWA Future Events”, which is located on the right side of the home page.

2012 Postal Meet Series

by Al Myers

2012 USAWA Postal Series Champions - Gabby Jobe (left) and Chad Ullom (right).

For the second year now, the USAWA has recognized the “overall” winners from the USAWA Postal Series, which consists of the 4 quarterly postal meets offered throughout the year. I will give a review of how this is scored.  For each meet entered a participant receives points depending on their placing which then “adds up” to a final year total, that determines the Postal Series ranking.  The points earned are based on the number of entrants in each postal meet.  For example, if 10 lifters are entered, the winner receives 10 points and the last place finisher receives 1 point.  This way EVERYONE who enters is guaranteed to earn at least a point toward their year end total.  The Postal Championships are worth DOUBLE POINTS, because it is the Championship afterall and is the pinnacle of the yearly postal meets.

This year was a great year for the USAWA Postal Series.  I am glad to see how this program has taken “a foothold” in the USAWA.   Much of this is due to the efforts of John Wilmot, who FINALLY was given an official title by the USAWA.  Last year at the annual meeting of the USAWA, John was appointed by the membership the official title USAWA Postal Meet Director.  This position was added to the USAWA bylaws outlining the duties which John has done an excellent job of upholding. John sends out certificates to each winner following the individual postal meets, and provides me with a tallied result sheet in a timely manner to be published on the website.  I want to mention as well that this entire program is ran on a “shoe string” budget.  Heck – there’s not even a budget since there is no entry fees charged to the entrants and thus NO INCOME to fund it!!!

Now for the BIG WINNERS of the 2012 Postal Meet Series:

WOMEN – Gabby Jobe

MEN – Chad Ullom


1.  Gabby Jobe –  5 points
2.  Molly Myers – 3 points
3.  Bri Ullom – 2 points


1.  Chad Ullom – 66 points
2.  Orie Barnett – 56 points
3.  Troy Goetsch – 51 points
4. Bryan Benzel – 47 points
5.  Sam Rogers – 39 points
6.  Eric Todd – 36 points
7.  Jesse Jobe – 30 points
8.  Joe Ciavattone Jr. – 28 points
9.  Tim Songster – 25 points
10.  Les Cramer – 25 points

Altogether, there were 24 total lifters that competed in at least one of the Postal Series Meets.  This included 21 men, and 3 women (or girls!).  I always want to mention the lifters that competed in ALL of the postal meets offered during the year – this year that included 6 lifters!  So special recognition for this commitment goes to Chad Ullom, Orie Barnett, Sam Rogers, Denny Habecker, Gabby Jobe, and the Postal Meet Director himself John Wilmot.

It was a great year for the USAWA Postal Meets!  I hope the coming year will yield the same (or better!) response.  Within the next few days I will release the details and entry forms for the upcoming 2013 Postal Meets.

Middle Atlantic Postal

by Al Myers

The 2012 Middle Atlantic Postal Meet appeared to be a HUGE SUCCESS for the “second installment” of the USAWA quarterly postal series.  The meet had three women lifters and 13 men lifters entered.  All three women lifters were junior lifters, with my daughter Molly pulling out the victory over Brianna and Gabby, two girls from fine “lifting stock” I would have to say.  Congrats to all these young gals for their performances – and I hope to see more of it in the future.

The men’s division was “hotly contested”.  I officiated Chad Ullom with his lifts, and when he finished the postal meet I thought for sure that his efforts wouldn’t be topped.  But then again – I didn’t take into account the BIG YOUNG  BULL Bryan Benzel from the Jobe’s Steel Jungle.  Bryan edged Chad out by only 5 adjusted points!!


Middle Atlantic Open Postal Meet
June 1-30, 2012

Meet Director:  John Wilmot

Lifts:  Clean and Push Press – 2 Dumbbells, Snatch – From Hang, Curl – 2 Dumbbells, Cheat

Lifters using 3 Certified Officals (or 2 that BOTH passed the lift):

Brianna Ullom – Officials Al Myers, Chad Ullom
Molly Myers – Officials Al Myers, Chad Ullom
Troy Goetsch – Officials Jesse Jobe, Bryan Benzel, Dan Bunch
Tim Songster Jr. – Officials Jesse Jobe, Bryan Benzel
Bryan Benzel – Officials Dan Bunch, Jesse Jobe
Scott Tully – Officials Darren Barnhart, Mark Mitchell, Al Myers
Darren Barnhart – Officials Scott Tully, Mark Mitchell, Al Myers

Lifters using only one Certified Official:

Gabby Jobe – Official Jesse Jobe
Denny Habecker – Official Judy Habecker
Jesse Jobe – Official Dan Bunch
Chad Ullom – Official Al Myers
Dan Bunch – Official Bryan Benzel

Lifters using a judge that is NOT a certified official:

Les Cramer – Judge Monica Cook
Samuel Rogers – Judge Orie Barnett
Orie Barnett – Judge Sam Rogers
John Wilmot – Judge Kay Wilmot


Molly Myers 13 163 60 75 90 225 283.6
Brianna Ullom 14 136 50 45 70 165 225.5
Gabby Jobe 9 96 40 22 40 102 205.2



Bryan Benzel 25 290 234 205 214 653 481.5
Chad Ullom 40 253 210 198 190 598 476.3
Les Cramer 70 182 120 132 130 382 470.9
Troy Goetsch 25 192 174 150 154 478 437.1
Orie Barnett 51 231 170 132 160 462 427.6
Jesse Jobe 35 234 164 155 164 483 396.4
Tim Songster 45 216 160 135 140 435 394.5
Denny Habecker 69 191 110 99 120 329 392.2
Samuel Rogers 49 205 150 110 140 400 387.8
Dan Bunch 47 328 174 145 174 493 378.5
Scott Tully 36 346 200 154 170 524 372.5
Darren Barnhart 44 313 170 154 170 494 368.7
John Wilmot 65 221 100 100 100 300 319.7

 NOTES:  BWT is bodyweight in pounds.  All lifts recorded in pounds.  TOT is total pounds lifted.  PTS is adjusted points, corrected for age and bodyweight.

2011 Postal Series Final Ranking

by Al Myers

Al Myers was the overall best lifter in the 2011 USAWA Postal Series.

Last year the USAWA started a quarterly Postal Series that would “add up points”  for the 4 postal meets for a FINAL STANDING.   There were postal meets before these, but this was when the postal series started.  This series is a way to acknowledge the lifters who participated the most and best in the postal meets the USAWA offers throughout the year.

The Postal Series Ranking is done using this simple scoring system. Each lifter accumulates points based on their overall placing in each postal meet. For example, if there are 10 lifters entered, first place receives 10 points and the last place finisher receives 1 point. This way EVERY lifter at least receives some points toward their yearly ranking total. If more lifters are entered – more points goes to the winner. The National Postal Meet is worth DOUBLE POINTS since it is the most important competition in our Postal Meet Series.  Now for the final 2012 POSTAL SERIES RANKING:


1. Karena Fobes – 2 pts
2.  Helen Kahn – 1 pt


1.  Al Myers – 46 pts
2.  Orie Barnett – 39 pts
3. Joe Ciavattone Jr. – 31 pts
4. Joe Ciavattone Sr. – 24 pts
5. Denny Habecker – 21 pts
6.  Eric Todd – 18 pts
7. Chuck Cookson – 17 pts
8.  Chad Ullom – 16 pts
9.  Dave Beversdorf – 14 pts
10. John Wilmot & Randy Smith – 13 pts

Overall the participation was OUTSTANDING in the postal meets this year.  A record 26 lifters took part (24 men and 2 women).  Three lifters need special recognition for participating in ALL FOUR meets: Orie Barnett, Denny Habecker, and John Wilmot. The first quarterly postal meet (Eastern Open) drew the most participation of any postal meet to date – 19 competitors!

There are no awards for the final postal series standings.  Postal Meet Director John Wilmot sends certificates to the winners of the individual postal meets, but the series ranking is just an accumulation of the results from the individual meets and does not have awards.  This year at the National Meeting I am going to ask the membership to allocated some funds to the Awards Program to at least send out some small awards to the Postal Series Best Lifters.  I think having some awards for the “final standings” would provide a nice “closing touch” to a our great postal program within the USAWA.