IAWA Annual Meeting

by Steve Gardner

A brief run down on business at the 2014 IAWA Council Meeting…..

2014 IAWA Council Meeting – 8pm Friday 26th September – Norwood, Massachusetts USA

Members Present: Frank Ciavattone, Colleen Lane, Dave Ellis, Frank Ciavattone Jr., John Mahon, Sam Trew, George Dick, Denny Habecker, Paula Thompson, Art Montini, Steve Gardner, Chris Bass, Frank Allen, Dick Durante, Judy Habecker, Janet Dick, Chad Ullom, Dennis Mitchell, Flossy Mitchell, Al Myers, Steve Sherwood, Paul Dallalis, Karen Gardner

Minutes of the 2013 Meeting: IAWA General Secretary Frank Allen took the meeting through the minutes from last year’s AGM. All agreed they were a true and accurate record.

Confirmation of International Vice Presidents: All current International Vice Presidents for England, USA and Scotland remained in position. Confirmation for Australia was received as: Robin Lukosious and Peter Phillips, New Zealand as Cliff Harvey and Spain as Jose Jara.

Rule Change / Addition: On safety grounds, IAWA Technical Committee proposed that the rules for the Shoulder Drop be amended to allow the lifter to bend the legs during the lift, giving the lifter a safer position to catch the weight. After discussion amendment accepted!

New Lift for Approval: The Domal Squat had been proposed by Aqeel Afzal and supported by IAWA UK and the Technical Committee. After further discussion the lift was accepted. (the lift is: one arm locked out overhead with barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell, the lifter then performs a full squat!) Rules of performance and full description of the lift will be circulated!

IAWA International Development: Steve Gardner reported to the meeting that two Nations are currently getting organised as full IAWA Member Nations: New Zealand and Spain. Both Countries have already organised their initial board of officers and are working on establishing officials etc as we speak. This is great news for the development of all round weightlifting in IAWA. More details will be circulated at a later date!

A report on the 2014 World Postal Competition: The Meet Director for the World Postal Steve Gardner informed the meeting that the event had been an overwhelming success, with 32 teams representing 8 Nations taking part, 78 Individual lifters in all, and including Juniors Open and Master lifters from the Men’s and Women’s Divisions. All present agreed the event should take place again in 2015, lifts will be 3 from the 2015 IAWA Worlds!

An Update on the World Championships for 2015: The event to be promoted by David McFadzean will take place on weekend of 10th /11th October at the Castlemilk Community Centre in Glasgow, Scotland. The lifts Proposed were – Day One: Clean & Push Press, Cont. Snatch, Pullover & Press, One Hand Deadlift – Day Two: One Hand Zercher, Dumbbell and Barbell Anyhow, Straddle Deadlift. All details of venue date and the lifts were agreed!

An update on the IAWA Gold Cup for 2015: John Mahon and Sam Trew will be promoting the Gold Cup in Perth, Australia on Friday November 27th at the Belmont Recreational Centre. There will also be a Highland Games event next day – all agreed venue and date!

Finalisation of Agreement of IAWA Gold Cup 2016: Al Myers will promote this event in Kansas USA!

Finalisations of Agreement of World Championships 2016: Clive Madge will be the promoter of this event which will take place on the North Island near to the Capital City of Wellington!

Applications for Promotion of IAWA International Events
IAWA World Championships 2017: Application from Mark Haydock for Manchester, England was accepted!
IAWA Gold Cup 2017: Application from George Dick for Glasgow, Scotland was accepted!

A proposal for Wheelchair Disability All Round Weightlifting within IAWA: A presentation was put to the meeting by Paul Dallalis. After discussion the meeting agreed that Paul will look further into the matter over the next 12 months to see what can be achieved, Al Myers proposed that Paul liaise with another lifter in the US and report back at the next IAWA Council meeting. All agreed.

2014 Meeting Minutes

by Al Myers

The 2014 Meeting of the USAWA was called to order by USAWA President Denny Habecker at 6:00 PM at the Salvation Army Gym in Macomb, Illinois on June 20th.  Roll call was taken with these USAWA members in attendance: Denny Habecker, Al Myers, Art Montini, Dean Ross, Randy Smith,  Helen Kahn,Tim Piper, Mike Murdock, Dennis Mitchell, Eric Todd, Logan Kressly, and Lance Foster.  Al Myers, USAWA Secretary, read the 2013 minutes in an abbreviated form as they were 5 pages long.  Dean moved to accept the minutes, Randy gave a second, and it passed unanimously. The Treasurer’s report was given next by USAWA Treasurer Al Myers which included a summary which showed a yearly profit for the USAWA over the past year.  The budget which was approved at a prior time by the Executive Board was explained. Dennis moved to accept, Dean gave a second, and it passed unanimously. The special directors reports were next on the agenda.  The Website Director, Al Myers, gave a report on the success of the website over the past year, and how it now contains over 1300 blogs and all the meet results from the past 5 years plus much USAWA historical information.  Randy moved to accept, Tim gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The Awards Director, Al Myers, then gave a report of the USAWA Awards Program.  He explained how the USAWA budget money of $750 is used to buy the yearly awards and the special awards, given on behalf of the USAWA.  Tim moved to accept the report, Dean gave a second, and it passed unanimously. The Official’s report was next on the agenda.  Since the Official’s Director Joe Garcia was not in attendance, and he had not given a report to anyone to give on his behalf in advance, no report was given.  The Drug Enforcement Director’s Report was next.  Chad Ullom, the Drug Enforcement Director, was not in attendance but the report was given by Al Myers who does all the duties for this position anyways.  Al explained that the USAWA does testing at over half the USAWA competitions, and just recently purchased more testing kits.   He stated our drug testing is more extensive now than ever before in the history of the organization. Eric moved to accept the report, with a second by Dean, and it passed unanimously. The next agenda topic was the official appointment of a new Records Director and Postal Meet Director.  Since the last USAWA meeting Records Director Joe Garcia and Postal Meet Director John Wilmot have resigned.  The Executive Board had appointed Al Myers as the Record Director and Denny Habecker as the Postal Meet Director to act in an interim basis for these positions during this past year until official appointments could be made.  Dean moved to appoint Al Myers as the Record Director and Denny Habecker as the Postal Meet Director, with a second given quickly by Randy. There was no discussion.  The motion passed unanimously. Next up was the discussion and vote on two new proposed lifts. The first lift discussed was the Thor’s Hammer, a lift proposed by Thom Van Vleck as an OTSM lift in the USAWA.  The written rule by Thom Van Vleck was read to the group, and discussion ensued. Most seemed confused and dazed by the way the rule was written.  Many questions arose that were not addressed in the written rule as presented.  Most were in agreement that the lift, as verbally described and performed at Thom’s recent OTSM meet, was a very good lift, but the presented written rule had way too much fluff and not enough technical details. It seemed at this point that the lift was going to be rejected on this issue, but Al Myers moved that he would rewrite the rule with specific technical details, and once it met the Executive Boards approval, would be accepted as a new USAWA lift. Dean gave a second, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and it passed unanimously.  Al then moved that prior records set at Thom’s OTSM meet in the Thor’s Hammer be accepted as USAWA records retroactively. Tim gave a second, and it passed with majority vote.  Mike Murdock was the lone no vote, and Randy abstained from voting. The next new lift, the Kennedy Lift proposed by Al Myers, was next presented.  Al read the written rule that he wrote for the Kennedy Lift, that was performed at the Dino Challenge in January as an exhibition lift.  There was no discussion or questions on any aspects of the written rule,  Dean moved to accept it, Eric gave the second, and it passed unanimously.  Eric moved to accept prior records set in the Kennedy Lift at the Dino Challenge, Dean gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The next agenda item was the discussion and vote on rulebook changes.  Al read a list of changes that have been brought up during the prior year, which included: 1. allow knee bend in the shoulder drop, 2. matters of appeal should be presented to the secretary in writing who will then present the issue to the executive board for a vote to be decided by majority, 3. allow the chain to touch the body in the teeth lift but not be supporting the weight, 4.  for the Anderson Squat, rules of the squat apply to bar position on the back, 5. Remove the rulebook wording of allowing rosin as this is often confused with tacky, 6. Add “if a lifter fails at an attempt, the lifter may call for the same weight on the next attempt”.  Discussion centered around the proposed rule change on the shoulder drop. The question was asked who proposed this rule change, and Al responded that it was requested by Thom Van Vleck, which brought laughs from several in the group.   Arguments in favor were given to include the safety issues of having the knees bend.  Since Thom was not in attendance and could not support his argument to the group, Al explained that having the legs straight can make the lift dangerous, as he had witnessed Chad have a near death experience doing the shoulder drop at Thom’s place  with straight legs. Al then mentioned that this whole Chad catastrophe was filmed and is now on YouTube.   Arguments against included causing a deviation away from the written IAWA(UK) rule which also requires straight legs. Denny moved to accept all the proposed changes, with the exception of the shoulder drop change which would be presented to the IAWA Technical Committee to be discussed and voted on.  Dean gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The last agenda item was asking for bids for the 2015 USAWA Nationals.  Denny stated that York Barbell has expressed an interest of us hosting a meet there  next year in conjunction with their strength extravaganza.  Denny had presented this to the EB prior and had full support on this bid.  Al moved to accept this bid, with Denny acting as the meet director.  Dean gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  At this point our allotted time was done in the meeting room.  Dennis moved that the meeting be adjourned, Dean gave a second, and it passed unanimously.   The meeting ended at 7:00 PM.

2013 Minutes

by Al Myers, USAWA Secretary


The 2013 USAWA Annual National Meeting was called to order by President Denny Habecker at 6:30 PM, Saturday, June 29th at the residence of the Habeckers.  Roll call was taken and there were 14 members in attendance:  Al Myers, Denny Habecker, Chad Ullom, James Fuller, Frank Ciavattone, Dennis Mitchell, Bob Geib, Susan Sees, Randy Smith, Judy Habecker, Scott Schmidt, Dick Durante, Colleen Lane, and Art Montini.  Minutes from the 2012 meeting  in Las Vegas were read by USAWA secretary Al Myers.  Chad moved to accept the minutes with a second by Scott Schmidt.  The minutes passed unanimously.  A treasurer report was then read by Al Myers. A 2013 income and expense report was discussed, along with a 2013 budget which has been previously reviewed and approved by the USAWA executive board. Highlights of the report included a net loss for 2012 of $631.18, and budget plans for how to not lose money for the USAWA in 2013.  Memberships for 2012 were 116 members, which membership dues is the largest source of income for the organization. Bob moved to accept the report, James gave a second, and it passed unanimously. The Officials Report was next read by Denny Habecker, on behalf of the Officials Director Joe Garcia who was not in attendance.  Highlights included the addition of two new Level 2 officials, Chad Ullom and Thom Van Vleck, and the status of 7 officials who let their official certification status lapse by not renewing by retaking the Rules Test.  The report ended with an apology from Joe for not being able to be in attendance, as he had business conflicts.  Chad moved to accept the report, James gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  Next  was the Website  Directors Report by Website Director Al Myers.  Highlights included the reporting over over 1000 blogs on the website, the average hits on the site being over 500 daily, and the status of the online USAWA store which has generated $900 in annual sales last year.  The report included the hope to eventually get sponsors to help offset the website expenses.  Frank moved to accept the report, Scott gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The next report was the reading of the Records Directors Report by Denny Habecker, again on behalf of Joe Garcia the Records Director.  Highlights of the report included the addition of over 750 records over the past year, trivia record information on the amount of records in different catagories, and the top USAWA record holders.  Joe ended by mentioning that if anyone wants a copy of the record list they should just send him an email and he will send them a current list in Excel format.  James moved to accept the report, Chad gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The Awards Directors Report was read next by Awards Director Al Myers.  Highlights of the report included how the awards program works,  the purpose of it, with the main purpose being the presentation of the annual USAWA awards.  A budget of $1000 is allocated to the awards program, and in 2012 that entire amount was used to buy the awards presented on behalf of the USAWA.  Chad moved to accept, James gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  Next up was the report from the Drug Enforcement Director Chad Ullom.  Chad stated that 20 drug tests were conducted over this past year at 8 competitions, with no positive tests found.  Discussion included one statement from Scott Schmidt that Chad’s report was very comprehensive, which generated  a very chuckles from the membership. Bob moved to accept the report, Scott gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The last report was the Postal Meet Directors report read by Al Myers on behalf of John Wilmot, who was not in attendance. Al read a letter to the membership from John in which John stated his goals in developing the postal meets and how he feels they have been well received over the past year, and how he greatly supports the postal series concept which includes a yearly ranking of all lifters who have competed in at least one of the quarterly postal meets.   Chad moved to accept the report, Scott gave a second, and it passed unanimously. Next up on the agenda was the discussion and proposal of one new lift to the membership, the Hackenschmidt Floor Press.  This new Old Time Strongman lift was originally proposed to the Executive Board by Al Myers following it being contested as an exhibition lift in the Dino Challenge Old Time Strongman meet in January.  A written rule for the lift was read which had been previously reviewed and approved by the Executive Board.  There was no discussion.  Frank moved to accept the lift, a second was made by Chad, and it passed unanimously.  Al then moved that the records set at the Dino Challenge be accepted as records retroactively, as the same rule was used at that time for this lift.  Chad gave a second.  There was no discussion and an unanimous vote in favor was taken. At this point, a call to the membership was made by USAWA secretary Al Myers if anyone had any official USAWA lift they would like to see presented to IAWA to be voted on for official IAWA lift status at the IAWA meeting.  This is mandated by the USAWA rules if new lifts are to be presented to IAWA on behalf of the USAWA – they must receive majority membership support at the annual meeting before being presented.  No lifts were proposed by the USAWA memberships to be presented for IAWA lift acceptance.  The next order of business was the discussion of USAWA Rulebook changes.  Al read a short list of proposed changes, which included:  state 18″ max height for seat in seated clean and press, add scoring guidelines to the rulebook, add to measure to the bottom of bar in the Anderson Press, Peoples Deadlift, and the Anderson Squat, develop a different section for guidelines in the rulebook for the National Championships, and add a deadline for turning in meet results to the USAWA Secretary of 1 week following a competition/event or it will result in loss of sanction.  There was no discussion.  Chad moved to accept the rulebook changes, Judy gave a second, and it passed unanimously. Next was any other New Business brought up by the membership. Art brought up a discussion asking why two weighins are required for two day meets (one on each day).  Al explained that the rules state that weighins are not required both days, but a second day weighin is required if a lifter wants to set records on that day, but the first day weighin determines the official weight for the entire two day competition.  Arguments in support of having a one day weighin were made, with several feeling that  a lifters bodyweight is generally not much different the second day than the first.  Art then moved to allow for a weighin on the first day for two day meets which would allow records to be set on the second day under the weighin of the first day.  Scott gave a second.  Discussion continued with those opposed not feeling that it was fair to those current record holders who’s records could be broken by someone who did not weighin that same day as previously been required.  A vote was taken and the motion failed.  Five were in favor – Art, Scott, Dick, Chad, and James.  Nine were against – Al, Denny, Judy, Frank, Susan, Bob, Dennis, Randy, and Colleen.  The next item for discussion was brought up by Chad as to why the USAWA Record List was not on the website yet, considering this issue was discussed at last years Annual National Meeting as well.  Al responded with the same answer  he gave the prior year. Al stated firmly that three criteria must be met for the record list to be included on the website, which are: 1. only official USAWA  lifts recorded in the record list, 2. all lifts be named the same in the record list as in the USAWA rulebook, and 3. overall records kept that are required by the rulebook.   Al went on to state that these requests are minimal requirements for the record list, and if the current record list is placed online as is it would result in a barrage of questions and complaints to himself, the webmaster. Scott moved that these record list requirements be directed to Joe Garcia, the Record List Director, and that compliance is obtained in 90 days or the Executive Board has the authorization to find a replacement. The motion included that this directive be performed by President Denny Habecker. Frank gave the second. There was no further discussion and a vote was taken.  It passed unanimously.  The next agenda item was taking bids for the 2014 USAWA National Championships. Only one bid was submitted, and it was from Tim Piper of the Salvation Army Gym in Macomb, Illinois.  The bid was read by Al, since Tim was not able to be in attendance.  Al went on to state his support of Tim’s bid, and how he feels this would be an excellent venue for the Nationals.  There was no discussion.  Scott moved to accept the bid, James gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The last agenda item was the election of new officers and executive board members.  Elections are held in the USAWA every two years, on odd-numbered years.   Discussion included support of the current officers and executive board members, and nobody  in attendance voiced any desire to want to run for any position. Bob moved to retain the current officers and executive board members for another term.  Randy gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  Officers and Executive Board members include: President Denny Habecker, Vice President Chad Ullom, Secretary/Treasurer Al Myers, at large Executive Board member Dennis Mitchell, and at large Executive Board member Scott Schmidt.  This concluded the agenda items for the 2013 Annual National Meeting.  Chad moved to adjourn the meeting, James gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  President Denny Habecker declared the meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.

World Meeting Minutes

by Steve Gardner

The IAWA World Council Annual General Meeting – Friday 5th October 7.30pm Salina, Kansas, USA

Roll Call: Steve Gardner, Al Myers, Paula Delamata, Chris Bass, Frank Allen, Chad Ullom, Thom Van Vleck, Mike Murdock, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, George Dick, Janet Dick, Graham Saxton, Toni Saxton, Karen Gardner, Tim Piper, Dawn Piper, Dennis Mitchell, Flossy Mitchell, Bob Geib, Susan Sees, Frank Ciavattone, John Mahon, Sam Trew

Past Minutes:

The Minutes of the 2011 AGM were read and matters arising were discussed …The Lynch bodyweight formula had been extended to 180 kilos – The Power Row had been accepted as a new lift – International Venues were sanctioned for 2013..etc

Election of IAWA New Committee:

Steve Gardner stood down as International President after 12 years (having followed Howard Prechtel who did 12 years) and handed over to Al Myers of the USA.

General Secretary - Frank Allen

The IAWA Technical Committee: Dennis Mitchell (USA)  Denny Habecker (USA)  Al Myers (USA)  Steve Gardner (Eng)  Steve Sherwood (Eng)  Peter Phillips (Australia)

International Vice Presidents: USA= Chad Ullom and Denny Habecker, England: Steve Gardner, Scotland: George Dick, Australia: To be announced!

International Events Previously Sanctioned for 2013:World Championships – 5th & 6th October - Preston, England Promoter: Mark Haydock.
Lifts Day 1 = Clean and Press / Cont. Snatch / Straight Arm Pullover / O H Vertical Bar Lift
Lifts Day 2 = Squat / OH Dumbell C & Jerk / Trap Bar Deadlift

Gold Cup – 2nd November - Lebanon, PA, USA – Promoter: Denny Habecker

International Events Sanctioned for 2014:World Championships – first weekend October - Boston, Mass. USA – Promoter – Frank Ciavattone.

Gold Cup: Either…Steve Gardner in Burton, England or George Dick in Glasgow, Scotland (yet to be decided)

There had been no items of business put to the Technical Committee, so nothing further to discuss!

It was agreed that one minutes silence would be held before the start of the 2012 World Championships in memory of John Vernacchio!

Al Myers gave a short talk about the arrangements for the World Championships during the coming weekend

There being no further business, meeting closed at 8.30pm

2012 Minutes

by Al Myers, USAWA Secretary

Minutes from the 2012 Annual National Meeting

The 2012 USAWA Annual National Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM June 29th by USAWA President Denny Habecker at the Cantina Restaurant within the Silverton Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Roll call was taken by USAWA secretary Al Myers, with 14 USAWA members in attendance: Denny Habecker, Al Myers, Scott Tully, Darren Barnhart, Chad Ullom, Susan Sees, Dennis Mitchell, Judy Habecker, Dave Glasgow, LaVerne Myers, Art Montini, Dale Friesz, Larry Traub, and Bob Geib.  The only USAWA Executive Board member missing from attendance was Scott Schmidt.  The minutes from the 2011 Annual National Meeting were read by Al Myers.  Judy Habecker moved to accept the minutes, with a second by Chad Ullom, and they passed unanimously. Next up was the financial status report by USAWA treasurer Al Myers. A net profit of $1120.95 was reported for 2011.  Al presented a budget that was approved by the Executive Board which showed a budget of $5200 for 2012.  Judy Habecker moved to accept the treasurer report, with a Bob Geib second. The motion passed unanimously. The report of the Officials Director Joe Garcia was next.  Since Joe was unable to be in attendance, he prepared a report that was presented by Al Myers.  In Joe’s report, he stated that 9 new officials have passed the written exam.  He also stated that the organization should look into ways to improve practical judging experience, such as sitting with other certified officials to increase experience. Bob Geib moved to accept the report with a second by Chad Ullom.  It passed unanimously. The report from the website director Al Myers was next.  Al gave several website statistics, along with website registration numbers and website activity.  He also stated that the USAWA website is now approaching 1000 blogs, and includes all meet results since 2009.  Al also commented on the online store, which he estimated has made around $300 for the USAWA to date.  After the report, Chad Ullom mentioned that we should look into setting up a Paypal Account so that members can pay online.  Al remarked that he has looked into this and it could be easily set up, but explained there are charges with it that would have to be reflected in higher prices on the part of the USAWA.  Again, Bob Geib moved to accept the report with a second by Chad Ullom.  It passed unanimously.  The report from the Records Director Joe Garcia was again given by Al Myers on Joe’s behalf. Joe stated that there are now close to 10,500 records on file and so far this year over 500 records have been set.  Joe stated in his report that anyone wanting a copy of the record list should send him an email requesting it, and it would be sent by email free of charge.  If you want a paper copy, there would be a “price” with it.  Chad Ullom moved to accept the report, with a second by Judy Habecker.  It passed unanimously. The report by the Awards Director Al Myers was next. Al stated the fuction of the awards program, such as providing the USAWA yearly awards and any special awards given on behalf of the USAWA.  He stated that $850 was spent last year on the awards program, with the budget this year being $1000.  Chad moved to accept the report, Darren Barnhart gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The report from the Drug Enforcement Director Chad Ullom was next.  Chad reported that 8 USAWA events were tested last year at random, with around 15 lifters being tested.  No positive tests were reported. Judy moved to accept the report.  Bob Geib gave a second, and it passed unanimously. Next agenda item was the discussion and vote on 8 new proposed lifts which have all been reviewed and accepted by the USAWA Executive Board. These 8 lifts are: Peoples Deadlift, Anderson Press, Anderson Squat, Dumbbell to Shoulder, Bench Press – Fulton Bar, Curl – Reverse Grip, Deadlift – No Thumbs, Overhand Grip, and Total Poundage. The rules and descriptions of each of these lifts was read to the membership in attendance. There was discussion to name the Bench Press – Fulton Bar the “Tully Bench” since he was the one to propose it, but Scott refused that name stating that he “hates that lift”.  Darren moved to accept these new proposed lifts as official lifts, with a second made by Judy.  Al then moved to amend the motion by allowing any of these lifts done this prior year by these accepted rules to have any records set retroactively as official.  Chad Ullom gave a second on the amendment.  After no discussion, the amendment passed unanimously.  Then a vote was taken on the original motion and it passed unanimously, so these new proposed lifts are now official lifts and will be added to the rulebook. As required by the USAWA rules, Al asked if anyone had a lift, which included these new 8 lifts, that they would like to see presented to the IAWA for IAWA approval.  No motions were made so no lifts will be presented on behalf of the USAWA this year at the IAWA general meeting for IAWA lift approval. The next agenda item was the proposed rulebook changes.  This list of  proposed rulebook changes had been previously approved by the Executive Board. Several changes were proposed in individual rules that were clarifications of rules.  The big item was adding a provision to the Officials Section, which would now require all new officials undergo a practical training period of 3 events after passing the written rules test before attaining certified official status. Another proposed rule change outlined a method for keeping track of repetition records based on Lynch Points. Darren moved to accept the proposed rule changes with a second by Scott Tully.  There was no discussion and it passed unanimously.  The next agenda item was proposed bylaw changes, all of which have received previous unanimous support by the Executive Board.  The changes involved raising sanction fees and club dues to $30, and assigning a USAWA Postal Director who would be responsible for organizing the USAWA Postal Series and the USAWA National Postal Meet. Darren moved to accept the new bylaw changes, with a second by Chad Ullom.  It passed unanimously.  At this point, Al moved to assign John Wilmot as the USAWA Postal Director since he has been unofficially performing this duty for several years now.  Included in Al’s motion was for the USAWA to sponsor the sanction fees for the events in the Postal Series.  Bob Geib  gave a second, and the motion passed unanimously. At this point in the meeting it seemed like everyone was in agreement on issues and everything was going smooth with no controversy. But all this changed with the next meeting agenda item – new business. Scott Tully started new business discussion with a proposal of allowing knee sleeves in all lifts within the USAWA.  After several “gasps” amongst a few of  the members in attendance and  several glances of awkward stares, a few members started voicing their disapproval of this.  Dale Friesz made several good points about how not allowing supportive equipment in the USAWA was a founding principle in the USAWA.  Art Montini also spoke against it for the same reason.  At this point, Darren explained how knee sleeves are not really that supportive and are worn mostly for safety reasons and joint protection.  Dennis Mitchell then spoke out against the use of knee sleeves, and made a good argument that by allowing knee sleeves it will just lead the way to more supportive equipment being allowed in the future.  Scott countered that by not allowing knee sleeves it is keeping most younger lifters from competing in the USAWA because they don’t want to ruin their joints and have to have joint replacements in the future.  Larry Traub made several good points in favor of knee sleeves, and commented that open patella knee sleeves are not really that supportive.  It was at this point Bob Geib moved to allow only open patella knee sleeves, with a second by Darren.  This was followed by comments by Al Myers that this issue is really bigger than just the USAWA, and should be a matter resolved by the IAWA.  Al remarked that if we would allow knee sleeves while the rest of IAWA doesn’t, it could disqualify any of our record lifts for World Record consideration. Bob Geib then withdrew his motion.  Chad Ullom then moved that we propose allowing knee sleeves to the IAWA technical committee, and that a proposal be written by the Executive Board to be submitted to the IAWA technical committe and that this issue be placed upon the IAWA general meeting agenda at the next world meeting.  Bob seconded the motion.  A vote was taken - 10 in favor (Denny, Bob, Chad, Darren, Scott, Larry, Dave, Judy, Susan and Dennis), 3 opposed (Art, Dale, and LaVerne) and 1 abstaining (Al).  It passed by majority vote.   The next new business item brought to the meeting floor was by Darren Barnhart, who started discussion on having the USAWA record list on the website so all members could have easy access to it.  Most members were in favor of this, and when this issue was directed to Al Myers, the webmaster, why this hasn’t happened he had to explain.  Al made a point to the membership that anything he will say he has already  said to the records director Joe Garcia concerning this issue.  Al stated firmly that for him to put the record list on the website three criteria must be met: 1. only official lifts in the record list, 2. all lifts named the same in the record list as in the rulebook, and 3. overall records kept that are required by the rulebook.   Most seemed in favor of this. Chad Ullom then moved that this order be made to Joe Garcia that these changes be made, and be done within 90 days.  Darren gave a second and the motion passed unanimously.  There was no other new business. The last agenda item was accepting bids for the 2013 National Championship.  Denny gave the lone bid.  Judy moved that the bid be accepted, Al gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The meeting ended by President Denny Habecker declaring the meeting adjourned after 2.5 hours.

Highlights of IAWA Meeting

by Steve Gardner

IAWA World Council Meeting – Friday 18th November – Perth, Australia

Confirmation of the 2012 IAWA International Events:
World A/R Champs – Sat/Sun 6th/7th Oct – Salina, Kansas, USA – Promoters: Al Myers and Chad Ullom
Gold Cup World Record Breakers – Sat 3rd Nov – Castlemilk, Scotland – Promoter: Andy Tomlin

Confirmation of the 2013 IAWA International Events:
IAWA World Championships – Accrington, England – Promoter: Mark Haydock
IAWA Gold Cup – Lebanon, PA, USA – Promoter: Denny Habecker

Acceptance of a new lift: A new lift in the Rule Book is E37 Power Row

Ammendment to an IAWA Lift: The following sentance was added to B 35 Bench Press Feet in the Air:
No extra support bench or similar equipment can be used for extra leg support.

If you wish to have the updated IAWA(UK) Rule Book as of November 2011 including these changes,
please contact Steve Gardner: steve-g@powerful.co.uk

Information on the 2012 World Championships Lifts from Al Myers and Chad Ullom:
Lifts Day One: Reverse Curl / 1H C+Jerk BBell / Pullover and Press / Steinborn
Lifts Day Two: 2 H Snatch 2″ Bar / 1 H Hacklift / Straddle Deadlift

Minutes from the 2011 ANM

by Al Myers, USAWA Secretary

Minutes from the 2011 Annual National Meeting

The 2011 USAWA Annual National Meeting was called to order by USAWA President Denny Habecker.  The meeting started promptly at 6:30 PM on June 24th in the Jackson Weightlifting Club’s Training Hall.  Roll call was taken and these 12 USAWA members were in attendance: Denny Habecker, Al Myers, Thom Van Vleck, John O’Brien, Rudy Bletscher, Randy Smith, Helen Kahn, Judy Habecker, Dennis Mitchell, Larry Traub, Chad Ullom, and Joe Garcia.  The first agenda item was the reading of the previous meeting’s minutes by USAWA Secretary Al Myers.  Although they were quite long and boring, Randy Smith still moved that they be accepted.  Chad Ullom provided the second and they were passed unanimously. The next item was the financial report by USAWA Treasurer Al Myers.  A net loss for the year of $1242.60 was reported.  A budget for 2011 was presented that had been prior approved by the Executive Board.  Chad Ullom moved to accept the report, with a second by Thom Van Vleck, and it was passed unanimously.  The next report given was by the Officials Director Joe Garcia.  Joe detailed the number of current officials, along with a suggestion that it was time to update the Officials Test. The next report given was by the Website Director Al Myers.  Several of the website statistics, along with some general comments regarding soliciting sponsorship for the USAWA by using the website as the means of giving our sponsors advertising exposure was reported.  The next agenda item was the report from the Records Director Joe Garcia.  Joe reported that the USAWA Record List is approaching 10,000 records.  He also gave some interesting statistics regarding the records.  The report from the Awards Director Al Myers was next.  The report explained the purpose of the award programs and what awards were given this past year on behalf of the USAWA.  Chad Ullom, the Drug Enforcement Director, gave his report next.  He explained our current drug testing program, and how it has been improved by testing more competitions and more competitors. 

The next agenda item was the discussion and vote on 6 new proposed USAWA lifts.  These six lifts were: the Appollons Lift, the Cyr Press, the Saxon Snatch, the Dinnie Lift, the Goerner Stroll, and the Jackson Press.  After a little discussion, Larry Traub moved these lifts be accepted, which was seconded by Judy Habecker.  An amendment to the motion was made by Al Myers to accept as USAWA records in these lifts any records that have been done during this past year under the proposed rules.  The amendment was seconded by Judy Habecker and the motion passed unanimously.  At this point a vote was called on accepting the proposed lifts and it passed unanimously.  At this point as required by our USAWA rules, a call from the floor was made to ask if anyone had an official USAWA  lift they wanted proposed to IAWA for acceptance.  Only one lift was proposed, and that lift was the Bent Over Row as proposed by Al Myers on behalf of John McKean.  Chad Ullom provided the second and it was passed unanimously.  The next item was several proposed USAWA Rulebook changes that was presented by Al Myers on behalf of the Executive Board.  Most of the proposed Rulebook changes were to bring the USAWA rules into compliance with the IAWA rules.  After reading all of the proposed changes, only one item caused the membership to be in disagreement, and that was the rule involving the Bench Press – Feet in Air.  The proposed change was to allow a bench to rest the lower legs on during the lift, as allowed by the IAWA.  Judy Habecker moved  to strike this proposed change from the list, with Chad Ullom providing the second.  A vote was taken and the motion was upheld with a vote of 8 in favor, 1 opposed, and 3 abstaining.  After some more discussion, Chad Ullom moved to accept the remaining Rulebook changes. Judy Habecker provided a second. Al Myers moved to amend the motion by adding that the new proposed rules take effect August 1st, to allow time for the updated Rule Book to be put on the website.   Judy Habecker provided a second, and the amendment passed unanimously.  A vote on the amended motion was then called for, and it passed unanimously.  The next agenda item was the development of an online store on the USAWA website.  Website Director Al Myers explained how this could benefit the membership by allowing purchase of USAWA promotional items, rulebooks, and other items off the website.  Also explained was the upfront expense of around $500-$1000 that would be required to make this happen to allow for the saleable items to be bought before they would be sold.  The membership seemed to be in agreement on this, and Chad Ullom moved that up to $1000 be used to develop an online store under the direction of Al Myers.  Judy Habecker provided the second and the motion passed unanimously.   The next agenda item was any other new business brought forth by the membership.  The discussion of lifetime membership was the only item brought up.  Several members were in disagreement on whether this would be beneficial for the USAWA.  After much discussion, Chad Ullom moved that this item be looked into further by forming a committee that would report back to the membership at the next meeting.  Rudy Bletscher provided a second and the motion passed unanimously.  The ad hoc committee that was formed consisted of Al Myers, Judy Habecker, and Randy Smith. 

At this point, USAWA President asked if there were any bids for the 2012 National Championships.  There were none.  Judy Habecker moved that the Executive Board be responsible for finding a venue for the next year.  Chad Ullom gave the second, and it passed unanimously.  The last item was the election of officers.  Judy Habecker moved that the current officers and Executive Board members be retained for another term. These officers include: President – Denny Habecker, Vice President – Chad Ullom, Secretary/Treasurer – Al Myers, at large Executive Board Members - Dennis Mitchell and Scott Schmidt.   Larry Traub provided the second, and the motion passed unanimously.  At this point Thom Van Vleck announced that the steaks were done and it was time to eat.  The meeting was in session for 1.5 hours.  Judy Habecker moved to adjourn, Chad Ullom provided a second, the motion  passed unanimously, and everyone quickly exited for the supper table.

Minutes of the 2010 Annual National Meeting

by Al Myers, USAWA Secretary

The 2010 Annual National Meeting of the USAWA was called to order by President Denny Habecker following the first day of competition on Saturday afternoon. Roll call was done by Secretary Al Myers with these members in attendance: Denny Habecker, Al Myers, Judy Habecker, Randy Smith, Kohl Hess, Art Montini, Chad Ullom, Scott Schmidt, Dale Friesz, Barry Bryan, Frank Ciavattone Jr., Frank Ciavattone III, and Dennis Mitchell.  The reading of the previous meetings minutes was done by Secretary Al Myers.  The financial report was next given by Treasurer Al Myers. The report from the Official’s Chairman Joe Garcia and Records Chairman Joe Garcia was not available to be provided to the membership, so no report was given. The Website Director Al Myers gave a report on the development of the new website and how it will be beneficial to the USAWA in the future.  Next agenda item was the discussion and vote on the new proposed bylaws developed  by the ad hoc committee of Al Myers, Joe Garcia, and Tim Piper. The committee had previously provided these bylaws to the membership for review, so the membership was aware of the contents before the meeting.  After a brief discussion, Chad Ullom moved to accept them, Dale Friesz provide the second, and the acceptance of the new bylaws  passed by an unanimous vote. Next item brought to the meeting floor was a discussion of the minimum age of officials.  No minimum age is specified in the USAWA Rule Book.  After much discussion, the membership agreed that the age of 16 should be this minimum age.  Denny Habecker moved, Dale provided a second, and the motion passed unanimously.  Dale Friesz brought up the discussion of the USAWA providing a Handicap Division, to provide a division for those to compete in that have a disability.  Most everyone in attendance agreed this was a good idea, but disagreements arose in how we as an organization would assess disabilities.  Denny moved that this be looked into by the Executive Board, and a Handicap Division be implemented by the Executive Board when the board is in unanimous agreement on the specifics. Frank Ciavattone III gave a second, and the motion passed by unanimous vote. The Hall of Fame committee that was formed at last year’s meeting  of Denny Habecker, Dale Friesz, and Dennis Mitchell gave their report next.  The committee proposed that induction occur when an athlete achieves 10 National Championships.  Also, in this was the development of a “contributor” Hall of Fame.  Discussion against this proposal included the argument that it doesn’t reward individuals that contribute to the USAWA in other ways besides just competing.  Those in favor stressed that this proposal would be very simple to keep track of lifter’s progress toward the Hall of Fame, without having to keep track of points. Al Myers moved that the Executive re-evaluate the point system, make some modifications with it, and when every member of the Executive Board is in agreement, it be implemented immediately. Chad Ullom put forth the second, and the motion passed unanimously.  At this point, Dale Friesz nominated Scott Schmidt for the Hall of Fame as he had already met the previous criteria to be in the Hall of Fame. Chad Ullom seconded the motion, and it passed by unanimous decision.  It was agreed that the ceremonial  induction of Scott Schmidt into the USAWA Hall of Fame will occur in November at the Gold Cup.  The next agenda item was the approval of 5 new lifts that have been proposed which were: the chin up, the pull up, the foot press, the turkish get-up, and the bent-over row.  After a short discussion, a vote was taken and these lifts were passed by unanimous vote. Next up was the approval of the Rulebook changes. Al Myers presented a list of proposed changes, most of which were small technical issues involving rules of the lifts that were omitted in the current Rulebook.  Everyone was in agreement on these.  The only significant issue included in this was placing an expiration on Level 1 test approved officials in which a 3 year limit will be placed on officials before being required to pass the Rules Test again. Level 2 officials and Level 1 experience approved officials are exempt from this.  Chad Ullom moved to accept these Rulebook changes, Randy Smith seconded the motion, and it passed unanimously. At this point, discussion arose about allowing knee wraps for the front squat and the 12″ base squat.  The argument for this was that knee wraps have already been approved by the membership for these two lifts at the 1997 meeting, but never implemented in the Rulebook.  Scott Schmidt moved that we allow knee wraps for these two lifts and this be put in the Rulebook.  Randy Smith seconded it, and the motion failed by a vote of 7 to 4.  Discussion resumed and it was brought to the membership’s attention that several records in the Record List for these two lifts were done with knee wraps since it was previously approved and it would be impossible now to determine which ones were set with them.  Scott Schmidt again moved that knee wraps be allowed in these two lifts, Chad Ullom provided a second, and the motion passed by a vote of 10 to 2.  The next agenda item was presenting the Special Awards.  Al Myers and Denny Habecker presented the awards. The Award recipients are as follows:  Athlete of the Year – Al Myers, Athlete of the Year Runner Up – Chad Ullom, Leadership Award – Bill Clark, Leadership Award Runner Up – Al Myers, Sportsmanship Award – Denny Habecker, Sportsmanship Award Runner Up – Art Montini, Courage Award – Dale Friesz, Courage Award Runner Up – Frank Ciavattone, Newcomer Award – David Glasgow, Newcomer Award Runner Up – Kohl Hess, Club of the Year – Dino Gym, Club of the Year Runner Up – Ambridge VFW BBC. The next agenda item was the election of two Executive Board members to a one year position.  Al Myers nominated Dennis Mitchell and Chad Ullom nominated Scott Schmidt.  Randy Smith moved that nominations be ceased and the nominees accepted by unanimous ballot.  Randy’s motion created confusion amongst the membership in his use of proper parliamentary procedure and after an uncomfortable period of silence, a second was made by Al Myers.   A vote was then taken and it passed unanimously.  Next up was the appointment of a Drug Enforcement Director for the USAWA.  Al Myers nominated Chad Ullom.  There were no other nominations, and it passed unanimously.  The appointment of an Awards Director for the USAWA was the next agenda item. Chad Ullom nominated Al Myers, and again there were no other nominations. A vote was taken and it passed unanimously.  The last agenda item was accepting bids for next year’s National Championships.  Only one bid was presented, and that bid was from Thom Van Vleck of the JWC.  Al Myers presented the bid on Thom’s behalf  and gave a persuasive speech to the membership on how “great a guy Thom is”.  A vote was taken and the bid was accepted by majority vote, with only one vote against. At this point and 2 1/2 hours later, the membership was beginning to become restless and  more interested in the huge sandwiches that Judy had prepared for us.  Scott Schmidt moved to adjourn the meeting, with Chad Ullom providing a second, and the vote passed unanimously.

Minutes from the IAWA World Council Meeting

by Steve Gardner

Picture left to right: IAWA President Steve Gardner, Meet Directors Judy and Denny Habecker

IAWA World Council Meeting

Held at 4pm on Saturday 3rd October 2009 – Lebanon PA. U.S.A.

Present: England: Steve Gardner Karen Gardner Mark Haydock Josh Haydock Roger Davis and John Kavanagh Scotland: George Dick USA: John Vernacchio Al Myers Chad Ullom Dennis Vandermark John Monk Frank Ciavattone Art Montini Bill Spayd Scott Schmidt Howard Prechtel Bob Geib Dennis Mitchell Denny Habecker

Apologies: Frank Allen (UK)

The Meeting was chaired by IAWA President: Steve Gardner

A discussion on the minutes of the World Council Meeting held in October 2008 at Burton on Trent, England, revealed two points that were due to be re discussed:

The Continental to the Belt

There had been a request for the lift to be considered as two different lifts … performed using an Olympic style pull…alternativley using a Zercher style. Dennis Mitchell reported that the Technical Committee were unanimous in their recommendation to the meeting that the lift be left as it is. This was reasoned as being a lift performed in the ‘Continental’ style meaning anyway or how. After further discussion on the matter a vote was taken, it was felt that part of the excitement of the lift was the fact it can be done in different ways. The proposal to the meeting being that the lift be left unchanged and just one lift …this was carried unanimously.

Age percentage for Master Lifters at the World Championships

It was suggested in 2008 that maybe the age percent allowance for Master lifters is not sufficient. A study was conducted by Steve Gardner and Graham Saxton from the UK and also by Al Myers from the USA. Both camps agreed that the current allowance sees the Master lifters fall away from the level playing field, after 60 to 70 years of age, and quite significantly after 80 years of age. Many different ideas and proposals were discussed, in the end a proposal was formulated that everyone present seemed happy with. The majority of the Technical Committee were present and also in agreement, and the proposal was passed. Proposal was that percentage starts at 40 as at present but at 66 years of age the lifter gets 2 percent per year instead of just 1 (only for those years over 66). It was noted that if it is felt in the future that this system does not work, we are at liberty to change back or change otherwise.

International Venues

The World Championships for 2010 is already set as Glasgow, Scotland in early October

Promoter is George Dick

George proposed the lifts for the competition to the meeting, and they agreed and passed:

Day One – 2 Hands Clean and Push Press / 1 Hand Barbell Snatch / Cont. to Belt / Steinborn

Day Two – Cheat Curl / 1 Hand Dumbell Press (opp Hand)/ Trap Bar Deadlift

The Gold Cup for 2010 – A proposal was made for Frank Ciavattone to run the event in Boston

In early November. Frank said he would look forward to arranging the competition – All agreed to sanction the application BUT there would be no heavy chain lifts without prior consultation with Frank

The World Championships for 2011 – A letter of application was received from the Australian IAWA group via Justine Martin to run the Championships in late September. The Promoter would be Peter Phillips. After discussion the meeting accepted and sanctioned the proposal.

The Gold Cup for 2011, an application was received from Steve Gardner to run the event in early November in England, if another venue in England was nor forthcoming. All agreed and sanctioned.

Any Other business

Dennis Mitchell informed the meeting that he had received a letter from Bill Chapman, asking that at future World Championships could two best overall Masters awards be given, one for under 60 years an one for over 60 years. It was discussed and agreed that promoters can do this if they wish, but our current situation is that it is up to the promoters as to which awards they feel inclined to present, and is not mandatory.

Dennis Habecker appealed to lifters within the IAWA organization to be mindful of sending in entries for competitions before the said entry deadlines, so as to assist the meet directors to be able to run the competitions.

There being no other business – The President: Steve Gardner,thanked all for their attendance and closed the meeting.

Highlights of the National Meeting

by Al Myers

After the chalk settled, and the lifters full from a BBQ of burgers and chicken, the USAWA membership sat down to have the National Meeting, presided over by USAWA President Denny Habecker. Several issues were on the agenda this year that if voted “yes on” could change the direction of the USAWA and the future of the organization. The first item brought up was the review of the bylaws. The USAWA has been working with bylaws that were developed when the organization began in 1987. In this time no changes have ever been made to the bylaws, despite the fact that the USAWA has been operating in a different fashion from what the original bylaws outlined. Much of this was the result of the failure of the USAWA to grow in numbers – and the original bylaws were written with the idea that the USAWA was going to be a large organization and thus would require complex governing bylaws. After a short discussion, a committee was formed to re-write the bylaws. Members of this committee are Tim Piper, Joe Garcia and myself. The next item brought to the floor was the process of Hall of Fame Induction. The previous system was a point system in which an individual must accumulate 1000 points, and upon reaching this number, would automatically be the Hall of Fame. One person was designated to keep track of everyone’s points. This system ceased to work when the individual in charge of it retired and no one took it over, and thus no one has been inducted since 2003. I presented a new Hall of Fame Induction form to the membership based on a nomination process whereas an individual would nominate someone and be the one responsible for figuring the nominees points, taking the pressure off of one individual. No motion was made to accept this new form. Again, a committee was formed to investigate this process and to report to the membership at next years annual meeting. The Hall of Fame committee consists of Denny Habecker, Dennis Mitchell, and Dale Friesz. The next item was a review of the Officials’ Test. Discussion included that the current rules test is too long and is discouraging people from taking it. As of now, only 8 individuals have taken the rules test in the past 3 years. This was countered by discussion pointing out the importance of having an extensive rules test with stringent criteria in order to become a qualified official, much like other sports organizations. Also included in this was reasons why a practical exam should be implemented. No motions were made. Joe Garcia volunteered to be the Officials’ Chairman. The next item was the approval of the new Rule Book. The Rule Book was updated and expanded on this spring, and was reviewed by several people. The approval of the Rule Book passed unanimously. The motion was amended to include a date of August 1st for the new Rule Book to take effect. The reason given for this was to give time so people could be made aware of it that do not have access to a computer. The proposed Rule Book has been available on the website for the past 6 weeks. The next item brought up was a review of the drug testing policy. Much concern was voiced by the membership about the considerable expense the testing program is costing the organization, and that other cheaper testing programs should be looked at. Amongst the discussion was the importance of maintaining an extensive quality testing program, which this program has done, and having outside individuals doing the testing instead of doing the testing in-house. A motion was made by Chad Ullom to continue with our current testing program and it passed by majority vote. The next item discussed was the future of the Strength Journal, which is published by Bill Clark. Bill Clark announced that he was resigning as publisher of the Journal, effective at the end of the year. Discussion included trying to convince Bill to have a change of mind, but it was to no avail. The next agenda item was election of officers. It started with Bill Clark announcing that he was resigning as Secretary/Treasurer after over 20 years in this capacity. A motion was then made by Bill Clark nominating Denny Habecker for President, myself as Secretary/Treasurer and Chad Ullom as Vice President. The motion was seconded by Randy Smith and passed unanimously. Included in this motion was that the new officers would take office at the beginning of 2010 to allow time for transition. The next item was a review of the record keeping process. Discussion included the possibility of having the Record List put on the website. Joe Garcia, the Official Record Keeper expressed concerns over bandwidth and whether this would be possible with the new website. This was discussed and agreed upon that it needed to be looked into further before the Record List would be put on the website. Joe and I agreed that we will work together on getting the Record List on the website. The next item was a review of the website. Discussion amongst the membership included wanting to have a message board, and being able to register online for membership and sanctioning. Next up was a review of club memberships and the discussion of team awards. In the past, club awards have been given out but this ceased when club memberships declined. As of now, the USAWA has 4 registered clubs. The membership agreed that this was not enough clubs to have an club award program. Next item up was a discussion of insurance. As of now, the USAWA does not provide insurance for sanctioned meets, nor has an insurance policy that would allow meet directors to purchase insurance for meets. Meet Directors must find their own insurance, or just go with out. Discussion included having this looked into and what the costs would be to the organization. No motions were made and no committee formed. The next agenda item was a review of the age adjustment, and whether the point correction was fair. This issue was brought up at the IAWA meeting last fall. Dennis Mitchell presented a survey done by the IAWA committee that was formed to study this. The study showed 1 percent was somewhat fair up to the age of 60, but after the age of 60 performance decrease was more rapid than 1 percent. Concerns were expressed by the membership that increasing the age adjustment for lifters over 60 may deter new young lifters from joining the USAWA. The majority of the membership felt that no change should be made, and this should be the USAWA recommendation to IAWA at the IAWA meeting in October. The next item was an issue brought forward by the Technical Committee concerning whether using the Zercher Lift in the Continental to Belt should continue to be allowed. This issue was brought up at the last IAWA Meeting requesting that the Continental to Belt should be divided into two lifts – the Continental to Belt and the Continental to Belt Anyhow. Discussion among members felt that by the definition of a continental using a Zercher Lift to get the bar to the belt is within the description of a continental, and there would be no point in separating them. This was also the recommendation of the Technical Committee. Next up was a discussion involving whether we should remain part of the IAWA, or join with the BSAG. Membership voiced overwhelming support of IAWA, and after a very short discussion, no motions were made. The next item was a motion made by Bill Clark naming the Overall Best Lifter Award at Nationals the Monahan Award, in honor and memory of Rex Monahan. It passed unanimously. The last item was asking for bids for the 2010 National Championships. Denny Habecker put in the only bid, and it was accepted unanimously.