Time to Hit the Beach

by Roger LaPointe

The book "Traditional Training Legendary Strength", by Roger LaPointe

Late night TV is never so good as when it is time to hit the beach! I love it.

We have our own video. One regular customer, named Andy, said, “Disturbingly funny! I couldn’t stop watching it… How do you come up with this stuff?”


Manly Mints

So there I was, up late with the new cat we just adopted. The show I was watching ended and up comes the shot of super hot women wearing next to nothing and drenched in enough fake sweat to make the director of “Airplane” proud. These DVDs had the best name I have seen in years, which I am changing here to “Craziness”. It made all the usual claims about losing huge amounts of weight in a very short time, etc. You know the commercial. It seems like there is a new one every week and they are all the same.

I have been on sets where they film those commercials. I have known some of the actors. I have even worked with some of the producers and business owners who put that stuff together. Their formula sells DVDs. It’s amazing that there are so many people who fall for it. You know all those tricks that you suspect? You probably don’t know the half of it, but you do know the real secret. If you are reading an Atomic Athletic Bomb Proof Bulletin, then you know the secret.

The real secret is no secret at all. Every one of those producers, writers and actors know the secret too. The secret is hard work over a long period of time. Sure, there are details where we can all constantly work at improving our methods of getting “strong & sexy”, or whatever the infomercials claim, but it starts with hard work.


I have been getting a lot of questions about who the guy is in the background cover photo of my book, “Traditional Training Legendary Strength”. Everyone says the same thing, “That guy looks old school tough. Is he some buddy of yours from the 60’s? What was he taking?” Well, I know that guy took the long road and was all natural. I know because the photo was taken nearly a hundred years ago. His name is Bobby Pandour. The full photo is on page 13.

Learn how to get powerful and strong in the most efficient ways possible. Work hard. Keep training hard for the entire long road. Remember to believe what you already know. It is possible to naturally become incredibly strong and tough, you just have to stick to it and constantly work at improvement.

Knowing the secret, WE can confidently hit the beach. Later, we can go back to laughing at the late night infomercials.

Enjoy the beach.

Live strong, Roger LaPointe