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Kennedy Lift

by Al Myers
Here's an Old Time Strongman performing a variation of the Kennedy Lift by utilizing a Hand and Thigh Bar attached to a regular bar.
I’ve received  a few questions regarding the nature of the “Kennedy Lift” following my announcement of the Dino Gym Challenge, which includes a lift by this name.  It was one […]

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Straddle Deadlift (Jefferson Lift)

by Al Myers
Chad Ullom performing a 550# Jefferson Lift at the 2012 USAWA National Championships.
The last lift of the TWO DAY competition will be the Straddle Deadlift, or the Jefferson Lift as it is often called in USAWA competitions.  This is another “classic” All Round Lift and has been contested often in World Meets. 
The […]

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Jefferson Lift Origin & Techniques

by Roger LaPointe
Jefferson Lift
So you want to build some crazy back and leg strength?
Try out the Jefferson Lift, also called the Straddle Deadlift in Great Britain.
I have loved the Jefferson Lift since the day I first started lifting. My Dad taught it to me as, “the best and safest way to squat.” Well, it’s not […]

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Jefferson Lift Technique

by Al Myers

Bob Hirsh has the ALL TIME best Jefferson Lift in the USAWA, with a lift of 702 pounds in the 80KG class set at the 1996 Buckeye Record Breakers.
I received an email the other day asking a few questions regarding technique for the Jefferson Lift.  I thought this was a very appropriate […]

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