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Grip Championships

by Al Myers


Mark Mitchell, of the Dino Gym, put up the best Pinch Grip of the 2011 USAWA Grip Championships with a fine lift of 174 pounds.

The USAWA Grip Championships will be hosted again this year for the second time by the Dino Gym on the second weekend of February.  As per requirement of the USAWA, all events in this USAWA Grip Championships will be official lifts of the USAWA.  A complete “different set” of lifts have been selected this year which should provide a challenge to all entrants.  This Championship is the premier grip competition within the USAWA during the year.  I want to remind everyone that traditional USAWA scoring is used in this competition, which may be different than other organizations scoring.  The “total pounds” of all the lifts are tallied together, and then amended using the Lynch Formula for bodyweight and age corrected for the lifter’s age.



Dumbbell Walk
Deadlift – Fulton Dumbbell, One Arm
Deadlift – Fingers, Index
Deadlift – No Thumb, One Arm
Vertical Bar Deadlift – 2 Bars, 2″


For entry form – 2012 Grip Championships Entry Form

Grip Championship Deadline Change

by Al Myers

On February 12th at the Dino Gym, the FIRST EVER USAWA National Grip Championships will be held.  Previously, I had set a entry deadline of February 1st to enter.  I did this so I would know in advance what awards to have made.  I had planned to have nice Championship Medals  for this meet as I was hoping for a big turnout.  However, to date I have ONLY received 3 entries with the previous deadline less than 10 days away.  This is NOT enough entries to pursue nice custom made awards – so I have decided to REMOVE the deadline and change the awards to Championship Certificates instead.  If you plan to attend, I still would like to know in advance.   These changes have been made to the entry form.

Click here for an entry form – NationalGripEntry