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Grip Championships

[ February 8, 2014; 10:00 am; ] by Al Myers

[caption id="attachment_15131" align="aligncenter" width="386" caption="LaVerne Myers performing a 112# Dumbbell Walk at the 2012 USAWA Grip Championships under the watch of Denny Habecker (left) and Dave Glasgow (right). The Dumbbell Walk will be in this year's Grip Championships as well. "][/caption]

I will be hosting the USAWA Grip Championships again […]

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The Dumbbell Walk

by Al Myers
Darren Barnhart, of the Dino Gym, performing the Dumbbell Walk last Saturday at the Dino Gym.
Often in the Dino Gym when the workouts are over, different odd training toys get pulled out for impromptu challenges.  This happened the other day in the gym with an official USAWA lift, the Dumbbell Walk.  The […]

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