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Gold Cup

by Steve Gardner
Al Myers of the USA is presented with the Howard Prechtel Memorial Trophy at the 2013 IAWA Gold Cup, only the 2nd time the cup has been presented, Al won with an outstanding Power Row of 145 kilos.
What an outstanding event the 2013 Gold Cup turned out to be! despite losing a few entrants […]

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My reflections on the Gold Cup

by Al Myers
Steve Gardner (left) and Denny Habecker (right) – two VERY IMPORTANT men in the IAWA.
I’ve just returned from the 2013 IAWA Gold Cup in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  It was an exciting weekend!!  Today I’m going to give some of my reflections of “the cup”.  This is not intended to be a meet report […]

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York Adjustable Krusher

by Al Myers
Denny Habecker and his York Adjustable Krusher.
When I was at Denny’s last month for the USAWA Presidential Cup I got to spend some more time in the Habecker’s Gym.  I really enjoy private club gyms as they have character (unlike commercial gyms), and often have interesting pieces of equipment in them that […]

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Presidential Cup

by Al Myers
Participants in the 2013 USAWA Presidential Cup (left to right): Al Myers, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, & LaVerne Myers
The second annual Presidential Cup only brought four lifters to the platform, but it was filled with some outstanding lifting performances in the host site, Habecker’s Gym.  This USAWA Championships […]

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