Bull Moose Thick Bar Training

by Roger LaPointe

Local strongman competitor and long time Atomic Athletic customer, Andy Titkemeier is deadlifting his brand new Bull Moose Rotating Thick Bar in the photo to the left.

Thick bar training is really becoming popular. Check out the photo of this amazing thick bar we are selling, then check out this great little workout.


Here is a very simple workout, but fantastic workout for your entire body, that will also fry your forearms and grip. All you need is a thick bar and plates, preferably they should be bumper plates.

Warm-up with a little jogging and/or Indian Club swinging
Thick Bar Hang Cleans 5 sets of 5
Thick Bar Power Clean & Press 5 sets of 5
Thick Bar High Pulls 3 sets of 3 (You should really be feel this in your forearms by now.)
Thick Bar Deadlifts 5 sets of 2
Thick Barbell Curls 3 sets of 10
Roman Chair Sit-ups 5 sets of 10
Stretch, especially the hands, wrists and forearms

This will be sound very strange, but start your first hang cleans with just the empty bar. Add weight with every set and don’t remove any weight until you get to the curls. You will have to make small jumps in weight as you are doing 18 sets. When you get to the deadlifts, use a conventional grip and you will be maxing out on that last set. It will really help to have a thick bar that rotates when you are doing the Olympic type movements.

Our Thick Grip Bar will make you feel strong as a Bull Moose!

Live strong, Roger LaPointe