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Top Lifts of 2013

by Al Myers
Art proudly displaying his homemade Teeth Bit!
Today welcomes in a New Year, and  with it comes the excitement of another very promising year in the USAWA.   2013 had to be one of the best EVER in the history of the USAWA.  There were many great competitions and great individual performances.  Of the 22 […]

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One Hand Snatch

by Arthur Saxon
Position 1 – One Hand Snatch
Place yourself in position 1 (see illustration), and as you pull strongly with the right hand and shoulder, press as hard as you can with the left hand on the left knee.  Then when the weight has reached a fair height, dip beneath same, the eyes to be […]

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Saxon Snatch

by Al Myers
Dino Gym member Tyler Cookson performs a Saxon Snatch.
Another lift contested at the Dino Gym Challenge will be the Saxon Snatch.  This was a popular strength feat done by the Old-Time German Strongman Arthur Saxon.  Even though Saxon was best known for his Bent Pressing and Two Hands Anyhow, he was quite […]

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