World Championships

by Al Myers

2013 IAWA World Championships

Mark and I enjoying some "beach time" on Scarborough Beach near Perth, Western Australia, while there for the 2011 IAWA World Championships.

The entry form and meet details have been released for the 2013 IAWA World Championships.  Mark Haydock, of Preston, England, will be this year’s meet director and host.  Mark runs an all round club, the Houghton Barbell Club. Mark has been very involved in IAWA and has attended many World Championships.   He was the Overall Best Lifter in the 2009 Championship in Lebanon, PA.

All it takes for a USAWA member to enter the IAWA World Championships is to be a USAWA current member.  There are NO pre-meet qualifications to enter. Just fill out the entry form completely and send it to Mark, then book your flight to England.  That’s it! The entry deadline is August 31st.

The meet is a two day meet (Saturday October 5th & Sunday October 6th).   In the Info Sheet Mark has given several suggestions for places to stay.  The lifts for the World Championships are:


Clean and Press

Continental Snatch

Pullover – Straight Arm

Vertical Bar Deadlift – 1 Arm, 2″, One Hand



Clean and Jerk – Dumbbell, One Arm

Deadlift – Trap Bar

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – 2013 IAWA World Championships Entry

INFO SHEET (PDF) -  2013 IAWA World Championships Info

New England RD

by Al Myers



Frank Ciavattone "setting up" to pull a big Jefferson Lift at the 2012 IAWA World Championships.

Date: December 1st

Meet Promoter: Frank Ciavattone

Location: Frank’s Barbell Club, Walpole, Massachusetts

Gracie Judo Club RD

by Jarrod Fobes


Gracie Judo Club Record Day


Gracie Judo Club
8250 Unit 9 Coal Mine Ave.
Littleton, Co 80128

Date:  December 1, 2012

Meet Director: Jarrod Fobes


Phone Number: 720-202-7857

Entry: No entry fee

Start Time: Weigh-ins at 9:30, lifting starts at 10:00.

Gracie Judo Club is a dojo first and a weight club second, so our equipment is very minimalist. We have an Olympic barbell, two Olympic-style adjustable dumbbells, a dumbbell walk handle, a pull-up bar, and about 300lbs of weights (no fractional weights). So you may set any number of records you would like, as long as we have the equipment!

Macomb Fall RB

by Tim Piper


Tim Piper "in action" at the 2012 USAWA National Championships in Las Vegas. Tim did outstanding - placing 6th overall!!!

November 10th, 2012 the Macomb Salvation Army will host its second USAWA record breaker meet of the year.  This meet will actually follow directly after another meet, the American Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Macomb Push/Pull meet set for the morning.  We thought it might be nice for both federation lifters to mix together a bit and share in this day of strength.  Both organizations are aligned on their stance against drug use so we thought it could be a win-win.  Come out in the morning to watch, or compete, in the bench press and deadlift and stick around for some record attempts in the all-rounds.  We already have some lifters who are planning on both events that day!

Hope to see some out-of-towners at the meet but even if you can’t make it we will do our best to set as many records as we can and make the USAWA proud.

ENTRY FORM (PDF) – Macomb Fall Record Breaker

Gold Cup

by Al Myers


Members of the Castlemilk Gym Club at the 2010 IAWA World Championships, which they hosted.

I’m very excited to finally announce the plans for this year’s IAWA Gold Cup, to be held at the Castlemilk Community Centre in Glasgow, Scotland.  I have been to the Castlemilk Gym a few times now, and each experience has been a very enjoyable time!  They have a very active all-round lifting club, with members that are very enthused about All Round Weightlifting. The promoters of this year’s Gold Cup are Andy Tomlin and Matthew Finkle (as listed on the entry form), but I know the promotion of this will be an entire club affair, so no details will be left unattended.  This is the FOURTH time that the Castlemilk Gym Club has hosted the Gold Cup ( also in 2009, 2004, & 1999).  David McFadzean was the promoter in 2009 and Willie Wright was the promoter in 2004. 

One “special addition” to this year’s Gold Cup will be a CHALLENGE EVENT.  This idea was the “brainchild” of Andy Tomlin and myself after last year’s Gold Cup in England at the awards banquet (after a few too many if I may say…).   A debate ensued  involving which country had the best One-Arm Deadlifters, one thing lead to another, and a challenge was made. We decided it could only be decided on the platform – thus this year’s Gold Cup Challenge of the TEAM TWO MAN ONE HAND DEADLIFT CHALLENGE.  

Another very nice addition to this year’s Gold Cup is the day trip to the see the Dinnie Stones the day following.  The Castlemilk Gym Club is making all the travel arrangements for this trip.  The cost is 15 pounds, which is to defray the expenses of renting a van and fuel.  So if you also want to get your chance at lifting the Dinnie Stones – this is your opportunity!! 


Event: 2012 IAWA Gold Cup

Venue:  Castlemilk Community Centre, Glasgow, Scotland

Meet Promoters:  Matthew Finkle and Andy Tomlin

Date:  November 3rd, 2012

ENTRY FORM (word document): 2012 Gold Cup Entry Form

ENTRY FORM (pdf):  2012 Gold Cup Entry Form

Presidential Cup

by Al Myers

The USAWA President has just announced a new exciting meet within the USAWA – THE PRESIDENTIAL CUP.  This Record Day will be promoted by our USAWA President, Denny Habecker, and will be the prestige record day promoted by the USAWA.  Hopefully this will develop into an annual event that recognizes outstanding achievement in record days, which allow lifters to perform their favorite (or best) lifts for USAWA record. 

The Presidential Cup will follow along some of the same guidelines as the Gold Cup, which is the IAWA meet which recognizes outstanding performances by lifters in the lift/lifts of their choosing.  The Gold Cup started in 1991 under the direction of then-IAWA President Howard Prechtel.  However there will be some differences in the guidelines of the USAWA Presidential Cup:

  • The Presidential Cup is hosted annually by the USAWA President only.
  • Must be a USAWA member to participate.
  • A lifter may choose any official USAWA  lift/lifts (number set by the President) to set a USAWA record/records  in.
  • The lifter must open at a USAWA Record Poundage on first attempt.
  • The top performance record lift of the entire record day,  which will be chosen by the President, will be awarded the PRESIDENTIAL CUP.

So you can see, this is quite different than most record days.  This meet is NOT about setting a large number of USAWA records, but rather a record lift that is WORTHY of consideration to win the Presidential Cup.   You would be best set to save your energy for the lift you most excel in, and put it into THAT lift alone.  Also, the choice of the winner  will be left up to Denny as to what lift IMPRESSES him the most – so factors like bodyweight and age will be factored into his decision.  Denny is an honest, trustworthy person who I KNOW will make an impartial decision in choosing the winner.  Also, the winner of the Presidential Cup is not open to debate – because the President’s choice is the FINAL DECISION -  and it’s all about impressing the President.  However, I’m still going to play it safe and bring a gift.


USAWA Presidential Cup

Saturday, August 25th

Meet Director:  Denny Habecker

Location: Habecker’s Gym, Lebanon, PA

Lifts:  Bring your best lift for record!

Start time:  10 AM,  with weigh-ins before this

Entry Form:  None, but advance notice is required.  Denny may be reached by email –

Salvation Army Gym RB

by Tim Piper


2012 Salvation Army Gym Record Breaker

Sanctioned by: USA All~Round Weightlifting Association


WHEN:      July 21st , 2012

WHERE:    Salvation Army, 505 N. Randolph, Macomb, IL

TIME:        WEIGH-IN: 9-10 a.m.     Lifting Starts at 10 a.m.

ENTRY FEE:      $10, any extra donations will help support the Salvation Army Gym

ELIGIBILITY:    Open to drug free lifters Note: must register for USAWA

($25 fee payable to USAWA) on or before meet day

AWARDS:  may have medals, trophies, or t-shirts, to be set at a later date

RULES:  USAWA rules for all lifts attempted

ENTRY FORM (PDF):  2012 USAWA record setter

Movement Summer Meet

by David Dellanave


Date: July 28th,  2012

Location: The Movement Minneapolis, Plymouth

Weigh-in: 9-9:45am

Lifting: 10am


Clean and Press – Heels Together

Steinborn Lift

One Arm Dumbbell Press

Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip (Double Overhand Axle Deadlift)

Contest is free, but advance registration is required and can be done online at

Drug testing along USAWA guidelines.

Ledaig Record Breaker

by Dave Glasgow



14/15 JULY-2011









Team Championships

by Al Myers


Rudy Bletscher (left) and Mike Murdock (right) perform a very difficult team lift in last years Team Championship, the Team One Arm Dumbbell Press.

Due to some other local strength event conflicts, the date for the 2012 USAWA Team Championships has been moved up a couple of weekends this year.  As usual, this meet will be part of the Dino Days Weekend held at the Dino Gym.  For several years now the Dino Gym has had one weekend a year where we celebrate our Dino Days.  It is a full weekend of fun, both lifting and socializing.  Saturday night is an open invite to anyone who wants to come share in our evening BBQ, sponsored by the Dino Gym. You do not need to be a “gym member” to take part in this fun.   I’m planning on making this years Saturday evening party a “trial run”  for the big party I’m planning after the World Championships in October at my place.  So plan on staying after the meet for this!!!  One thing those of us in central Kansas are known for – it is our BBQ.  I’m thinking of a menu now of burgers, brats, grilled chicken, brisket, and possibly even ribs.  Add in some hot baked beans and potato salad for sides, and brownies and homemade ice cream for dessert and we got a meal that ought to fill everyone up.  All washed down with beer of course!  (I shouldn’t be writing this story right before lunch!!!)

But onto the meet details (the real reason we are getting together haha).   This year I picked 4 lifts that I think anyone could team up to do.  The lifts will be: Clean and Jerk – One Arm, Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip, Bent Over Row, and the 12″ base Deadlift.   I am sure that the Dino Gym will field at least 3 teams for this meet.  I have been somewhat disappointed in the attendance in the past Team Championships.  So this year I’m going to be CALLING OUT some other clubs to REPRESENT.  To start with there is NO REASON clubs like the JWC, Jobes Steel Jungle, Clarks Gym, the Ledaig AC, and KCStrongman are not in attendance.  These clubs are all within easy driving distances of this major USAWA competition.  It has been my dream since I started hosting  the Team Championships several years ago that the this meet would be one of those fun meets that lifters would not want to miss.  This meet doesn’t really put any pressure on you as a lifter.  After all if you don’t do well you can always blame it on your partner!!!!


Dino Days Record Day

by Al Myers


Meet Director: Al Myers and the Dino Gym

Meet Date: Sunday, August 12th, 2012 10:00 AM-4:00PM

Location: Dino Gym, Abilene, Kansas

Sanction: USAWA

Entry Form: None – just show up

Entry Fee: None

Lifts: Record Day – Pick any lifts you can set a USAWA record in!

Contact me at if you have any questions

Jobe’s Steel Jungle RD

by Jesse Jobe

Jobe’s Steel Jungle Records Day

Jesse Jobe competing last month in the Battle in the Barn. Jesse and his club, Jobes Steel Jungle, plan to host their first USAWA function on May 20th.

Date: Sunday, May 20th

Start Time:10am-whenever we get done.

Entry Fee: none

This will be my first USAWA meet that I will be running, so I wanted it to be something fun and a little informal. I figured a records day would be the perfect opportunity to get some people to come and have a good time.

This will be in my personal gym at my home. We will be able to accommodate almost every type of lift except the heavy lifts.

Also if people are interested I would like to have a grill out after the lifting or during. So if you could bring something to drink or grill if you have a preference.

Advance notice that you plan on attending would be appreciated.

Contact: Jesse Jobe at

Art’s Birthday Bash

by Al Myers



Art Montini, age 84, at the 2011 IAWA World Championships in Perth, Australia. Next year at his Birthday Bash he will turn 85 and be eligible for a whole new set of masters records in the 85-89 age group.

Art Montini will again be celebrating his birthday by hosting a record breaker meet at Ambridge BBC in Pittsburgh.  This competition is a long-standing event which Art has promoted for many years.  The Ambridge Gym is a place of beauty, and is stocked with gym equipment that should be in a Weightlifters Museum.  If you have not been there for a competition – this is your chance!  There is NO entry fee (but donations are taken to pay for the meet insurance).  Art does set a limit of 5 records per lifter to insure that the record day finishes in good time. Last year this event was well attended and I expect this year will be the same.  Art does request that you send it your entry form so that he knows how many lifters to expect.


ENTRY FORM (PDF) – Art’s Birthday Bash Entry Form

Heavy Lifts Championships

by Roger LaPointe



The 2012 USAWA Heavy Lifts Championships will be hosted by Atomic Athletic.

Atomic Athletic is proud to host this years 2012 USAWA Heavy Lifts Championships. The Heavy Lifts Event will take place the day of the Atomic Athletic Great Black Swamp Olde Time Strongman Picnic, in the morning, before the picnic festivities begin.

The Heavy Lifts Championships will consist of 3 Heavy Lifts: The Hand & Thigh Lift, the Neck Lift, and the Hip Lift.

Registration for the Event is open, but you must be a member of the USAWA to compete. You can download the membership form below.

Saturday, May 12th, 2012
Weigh in begins at 9am.
Lifting begins at 11am.

Entry Form (pdf) – 2012HeavyLiftsRegistrationForm

Monster Garage Meet

by Larry Traub



Sunday, April 29th

Oakes Road, Georgetown, Indiana

11:00 am – 12:30 pm weigh in – 1:00 pm start

No advance registration – entry forms completed at weigh in

All lifters must buy a USAWA card at a cost of $25

ENTRY FEE – contestants must bring food for pitch in meal that will follow the competition. Bring meat for you and your family, date, etc. Lifters weighing 160 and below should bring a salad dish to be shared, lifters 160 – 230 should bring a side dish and of course those above 230 should bring desserts.

Meet t-shirts will be available.

USAWA rules will be followed. This is a raw contest. (No supportive shirts, suits, or knee wraps)

Drug testing under USAWA guidelines

Advance notice that you are planning on attending would be appreciated.

Contact Larry Traub at or call 502 299 3138

Postal Championships

by Al Myers

USAWA National Postal Championships

Dates:  Between December 1st and December 31st, 2012

Entry form must be postmarked by January 5th, 2013

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Clean and Press – Reverse Grip

Squat – 12” Base

Deadlift – 2 Dumbbells

Entry Form (pdf) -  2012 National Postal Championships Entry Form

Delaware Valley Postal

by Al Myers

USAWA Delaware Valley Open Postal Meet

Dates:  Between September 1st and September 30th, 2012

Entry form must be postmarked by October 5th, 2012

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Clean and Press – Heels Together

Snatch – 2 Dumbbells

Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip

Entry Form (pdf) – 2012 Delaware Valley Open Postal Meet Entry Form

Middle Atlantic Postal

by Al Myers

USAWA Middle Atlantic Open Postal Meet

Dates:  Between June 1st and June 30th, 2012

Entry form must be postmarked by July 5th, 2012

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Clean and Push Press – 2 Dumbbells

Snatch – From Hang

Curl – 2 Dumbbells, Cheat

Entry Form (pdf) - 2012 Middle Atlantic Open Postal Meet Entry Form

Eastern Open Postal

by Al Myers

USAWA Eastern Open Postal Meet

Dates:  Between March 1st and March 31st, 2012

Entry form must be postmarked by April 5th, 2012

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Bench Press – Feet in Air

Squat – Front

Continental to Belt

Entry Form (pdf) – 2012 Eastern Open Postal Meet Entry Form

OTSM Championship

It doesn't get any more MANLY than Pro World Champion Dan McKim in his Kilt. Come to the Strength Weekend, put on a kilt and compete in the Games on Saturday, then the Old Time Strongman Championships on Sunday! Dan has competed in Kirksville before and I hope to have him back this year.

by Thom Van Vleck


Last year we had our inaugural OTSM Championship at the JWC Training Hall (AKA “Modern Day Torture Chamber” or “My basement”).  I thought it went pretty well and as a result I want to make this an annual event.  The date will be October 14, 2012, with the start time being 10:00am (weigh in’s will happen at 12:00am the morning of the meet or between 9 and 10am before the meet).   The location for the meet will again be the JWC Training Hall.  However, there may be an exception.  Last year we had 10 strongmen show up.  This year if I get enough signed up before hand I plan on returning to the venue we used for the 2011 USAWA Nationals (the old Williard School Gymnasium).   I would say anything over 15 competitors would cause me to have to make that call as my gym was pretty crammed with 10 lifters.  That will be a nice problem to have!  

Now, a quick history lesson.   This event will be held the day after my Scottish Highland Games.  In 1999 when I first started that event I had a strongman contest the next day.  If you competed both days you won an “Iron Man Award”.  I did that for several years and at one point hit 33 competitors for the strongman event!   Then I had a sharp decline and then dropped it until Al Myers and I talked about me holding an OTSM event.  I thought “PERFECT”!  I can bring back the Iron Man weekend!   So, that is why this event will be held on a Sunday and on that date as my Highland Games will be held on October 13th.  Setting dates locally is a real challenge for me due to several big events in Kirksville around that time.  If I held it any other weekend there would be almost NO WAY anyone could get a motel room.  So, that’s why I was limited to that date. 

Since this event is the day after my Highland Games it’s a chance to compete in both!  You know you always wanted to dress up in a kilt!  Now’s your chance!   So sign up for both!  Special Iron Man award for those who survive both days.  This isn’t a “participation award” this is a SURVIVED IT award! 

Now, for the meet information.  I plan on having shirts and awards, plus water and drinks available to the lifters.  I plan on the following events:

Anderson Squat
Cyr Press
Apollons Lift
Bob People’s Deadlift

Lifts will be finalized after Nationals in June after the USAWA Nationals and the annual meeting.  Entry is $25, but if you enter both the Highland Games ($25) and the OTSM you get both entries for $40 (saving $10).   Three attempts per event, total poundage will determine weight class winners.  Overall best lifter will be determined by weight and age formula per USAWA rules.

OTSM entry form – 2012 Old Time Strongman Entry Form

Kirksville Games entry form – 2012 Kirksville Highland Games Entry Form

Contact Thom Van Vleck at or 660 341 1755 for details.

World Championships

by Al Myers


Chad Ullom (left) and Al Myers (right) will be the co-promoters of the 2012 IAWA World Championships. As you can tell by this photo, these two "jokers" know how to have a fun time so put this meet in your plans as it's FOR SURE going to be a GREAT TIME!

It seems just  like the “other day” when Chad and I put in a bid for these World Championships at the 2010 Worlds in Pennsylvania, and now the meet is being OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED. I am very excited about this opportunity to bring the IAWA World Championships to my hometown.  Initially, Chad and I thought we might have this big meet in Kansas City, but after more thought, we decided it would be more fun to have this meet in the place where we do our training – the DINO GYM & TRAINING CENTER.  It’s no fancy Hilton ballroom, but I know it is a place where most all-round lifters would “feel right at home” lifting weights.  After the great show the Australians put on in Perth this past year, we have a “tough act to follow”!  I promise to everyone that we will do our best to make this an enjoyable Championships, and make your trip to Kansas worthwhile.  We don’t have the  pristine beaches to show off like Peter and Robin showed us in Perth, or any castles to show off like the English and Scots have, so please don’t get your expectations too high for any exotic vacation in Kansas!  At least this meet is in October so we will avoid the hot, dry 100 Degree F days of the summer.

Chad and I tried to pick a broad selection of all-round lifts for this meet. I know it is hard to pick lifts that please everyone, and after hearing all the “moans and groans” when I read this list of lifts at this past years meeting, I hope at least SOMEONE likes them.  The meet will be a 2-day meet.  The lifts are:

Day 1: Saturday, October 6th

Reverse Curl (Curl -Reverse Grip)
One Hand Clean and Jerk (Clean and Jerk – One Arm)
Pullover and Press on Floor (Pullover and Press)
Steinborn (Steinborn Lift)

Day 2: Sunday, October 7th

Two Hands Snatch – 2 Inch Bar (Snatch – Fulton Bar)
One Hand Hacklift (Hack Lift – One Arm)
Straddle Deadlift (Jefferson Lift)

I included both the IAWA official name (the first one) and the USAWA official name (the name in parenthesis) of the lifts to minimize confusion.  I plan for this meet to be a 2-platform, 2 session meet each day. I also want to mention that this World Championships will be a BIG ONE because it is the anniversary of the 25th IAWA World Championships. Several “special awards” will be given to recognize lifters that have made significant contributions to the  IAWA throughout our history. So for that reason alone, this is a meet you DO NOT want to miss.  More details will follow, but for now I just want to get the meet announced so everyone can make plans to join us at the Dino Gym the FIRST WEEKEND OF OCTOBER.

2012 IAWA Worlds Entry Form (pdf) -  2012 World Championship Entry Form

Minnesota All Round Meet


by David Dellanave

The Movement is proud to host the first USAWA lifting meet in Minnesota, hosted by the first weightlifting club in Minnesota!

The USAWA was formed to continue the tradition of the old-time strongmen.  There are over 150 recognized lifts in the rule book, so anyone can find a lift they find fun and exciting to train.  Some records have been on the books for many decades, and others fall every year.  The USAWA has a drug testing policy to encourage drug free lifters and considers that a point of pride.  There has never been a weightlifting club in Minnesota, and we are very excited to continue this tradition and grow the weightlifting club.

 The meet will be held at The Movement Minneapolis – Plymouth on March 3rd.  Weigh-in at 9:30am, lifting begins at 10am.

Lifts to be contested:

Jefferson Deadlift – “This lift is also known as the Straddle Deadlift. The rules of the Deadlift apply except that the bar will be lifted between the legs, with a leg on each side of the bar. The lifter may face any direction and feet placement is optional. One hand will grip the bar in front of the lifter while the other hand will grip the bar behind the lifter. The bar may touch the insides of either leg during the lift. The heels are allowed to rise as the bar is lifted, but the feet must not change position. The bar is allowed to change directions or rotate during the lift.”

Dumbbell Snatch – “The rules of the Bar Snatch – One Arm apply except one evenly loaded dumbbell is used. The dumbbell may start at any position on the platform. The dumbbell is allowed to rotate during the lift and may finish in any degree of rotation.”

Axle Clean & Push Press – “The rules of the Clean and Press apply with these exceptions. The heels and toes may rise during the press.  However, the feet must not move. The legs may bend during the press to initiate upward movement, but the legs must straighten simultaneously with the completion of the press. The rules of the Clean and Push Press apply except a Fulton (2″/Axle) Bar is used”

Bent Over Row – “The lift will start at the lifter’s discretion with the bar placed on the platform in front of the lifter. The lifter will grip the bar with an overhand grip with the palms of the hands facing the lifter. The width of grip spacing and feet placement is of the lifter’s choosing, but the feet must be in line with the bar. The body must be in a bent over position at the waist. The upper body must not straighten past 45 degrees parallel to the platform at any time during the lift or it is a disqualification. The legs may be bent during the lift and upon the completion of the lift. The bar is lifted to touch the abdomen or torso by bending the arms. The bar must touch the abdomen higher than the belt, or the navel if a belt is not worn”

Dinnie Lift – “Two weight loadable Vertical Bars with ring handles attached are used in this lift. The maximum height from the floor to the top of the lifting rings is 21 inches. One Vertical Bar’s weight MUST not exceed 75% of the other. Any style of lifting may be used. The lift ends when the lifter is upright and motionless. The lifter may have the Vertical Bars at the side, or may straddle them. A time limit of 1 minute is given to accomplish a legal lift. The weights may be dropped within this time limit, and the lifter may reset and try again. An official will give a command to end the lift. Lifting straps of any kind are NOT allowed!”

At the conclusion of the meet events, we will open the competition up to break any USAWA or IAWA (International) record you think you can break.  There are very few events that we do not have the equipment for, so we will accomodate virtually any lift that you want to do.

The meet entry is completely FREE but you must be a USAWA member.  The $25 membership fee can be paid the day of competition.

Lifting uniform: Shorts and shirt or one-piece lifting singlet.  A belt may be worn and must not exceed 12 centimeters or 4-3/4 inches in width.

Exact rules and weight classes are in the rule book if you are curious, otherwise all rules will be explained the at the competition.

Grip Championships

by Al Myers


Mark Mitchell, of the Dino Gym, put up the best Pinch Grip of the 2011 USAWA Grip Championships with a fine lift of 174 pounds.

The USAWA Grip Championships will be hosted again this year for the second time by the Dino Gym on the second weekend of February.  As per requirement of the USAWA, all events in this USAWA Grip Championships will be official lifts of the USAWA.  A complete “different set” of lifts have been selected this year which should provide a challenge to all entrants.  This Championship is the premier grip competition within the USAWA during the year.  I want to remind everyone that traditional USAWA scoring is used in this competition, which may be different than other organizations scoring.  The “total pounds” of all the lifts are tallied together, and then amended using the Lynch Formula for bodyweight and age corrected for the lifter’s age.



Dumbbell Walk
Deadlift – Fulton Dumbbell, One Arm
Deadlift – Fingers, Index
Deadlift – No Thumb, One Arm
Vertical Bar Deadlift – 2 Bars, 2″


For entry form – 2012 Grip Championships Entry Form

Dino Gym Record Day

by Al Myers


Meet Director: Al Myers and the Dino Gym

Meet Date: Sunday, February 12th, 2011 10:00 AM-4:00PM

Location: Dino Gym, Abilene, Kansas

Sanction: USAWA

Entry Form: None – just show up

Entry Fee: None

Lifts: Record Day – Pick any lifts you can set a USAWA record in!

Contact me at if you have any questions

National Championship

by Al Myers



For the first time in a long time, the venue of the upcoming National Championship was not selected at the National Meeting.  It was voted to be left up to the USAWA Executive Board to “line up a venue” for our organizations most prestigious meet of the year.  This will be only the second time the USAWA Executive Board also served as a Meet Director.  The first was the 2011 Heavy Lift Championships held in York last spring which was overwhelmingly successful.  Lets hope this “second time around” will top the first.

Now to the big announcement for the 2012 USAWA National Championships – IT WILL BE HELD IN LAS VEGAS ON JUNE 30th, 2012.   Yes, that’s right – Las Vegas!!!  John Broz, of Average Broz’s Gym, has graciously allowed us to use his gym’s facilities for the day so we can host our big meet.  John is a very seasoned Olympic lifter and coach, and has been around serious weightlifting his entire life.  He has a great gym set up for hardcore lifting.  Plenty of room, plenty of iron, numerous platforms – so pretty much everything we need to have a FIRST CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS.   All we need to do is show up with awards and meet T-shirts, and plenty of lifters to lift.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  I also want to mention that this coming year (2012) is a very big year for the USAWA.  This Nationals will mark the 25th anniversary of our organization.  It is only appropriate that we celebrate this occasion with having our National Championships in a “destination location”, of which Vegas is perfect for.  I wouldn’t be surprised if our turnout is bigger than normal for this Championships, because all it takes for me is an excuse to go to Vegas, and this serves perfectly.  I have been to a powerlifting meet once in Vegas years ago, and I still remember that trip as one of my favorite meet trips.

We (the Executive Board) plan to organize several group activities for any lifters who want to participate following the meet.  Details of these activities will become available at a later date when they are decided upon.  We will also pick a host hotel so we can all stay at the same place.  I plan to look into providing  travel arrangements for the lifters to the meet from the hotel.  The details of this will also come at a later date.   I plan to have several “special awards” to present on top of our regular yearly awards.  This will make this meet all that more memorable.   My advice is to mark this day on your calendar and take some days off for vacation right now because this is a USAWA National Championship you will not want to miss!


2012 USAWA National Championships
Saturday, June 30th
Average Broz’s Gym, Las Vegas, Nevada


Clean and Jerk – One Arm
Curl – Reverse Grip
Pullover and Press
Hack Lift – One Arm
Jefferson Lift

FOR ENTRY FORM (PDF): 2012 National Championships Entry Form


Club Challenge

by Al Myers


The Ambridge VFW Barbell Club will be the hosts for the 2012 USAWA Club Challenge.

It’s hard to believe but this will be the THIRD YEAR for the USAWA Club Challenge.  It seems like just yesterday that John McKean and myself  “dreamed up” this meet, and now I would have to say that it has become one of the most prestigious meets on our calendar.  This meet will again be held on the second weekend of March, as it has been the last two years.  The Ambridge BBC will be the hosts again – directed by the Ambridge BBC FATHERS -  Art “the MAN OF STEEL” Montini and John “the BIG FISH” McKean.  These guys know how to conduct a quality competition.  They both have been prior National Meet Directors in the USAWA. 

This competition is different than most “other competitions” within the USAWA.  It is titled the CLUB CHALLENGE for a reason, because it is not about individual performance, but rather club performance.  Each club is invited to bring a three person team representing their club, and the accumulation of each lifter’s individuals scores will be added together to form a TEAM SCORE.  If you can’t get three people together for the competition, you may come with a team of two, or just by yourself.  But doing that is like John has said in the past, “bringing a knife to a gunfight” because you will still be scored against the other 3 person teams. But come regardless, because you will have a fun enjoyable day lifting weights. 

Even though it is preferred to have all members registered to the same club, this is not mandatory.  If two clubs want to “join together” and form a team that is acceptable.  Our main goal of this competition is to encourage club participation within the USAWA.


Date:  Saturday, March 10th

Venue:  Ambridge BBC

Meet Directors:  John McKean & Art Montini

Entry Fee:  None

Start Time:  1:00 PM

Sanction:  USAWA


Swing – Dumbbell, One Arm

Pullover and Press

Hack Lift

There is no entry form for this competition. If interested, contact myself (at or John McKean.

Deanna Springs Meet


Deanna Springs Memorial Meet

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  8 AM

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts:  Crucifix, Cheat Curl, Deanna Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, and Hip Lift

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202.

Zercher Strength Classic


Zercher Strength Classic

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  8 AM

Start Time: 10 AM, January 29th will be a second day if entries 1st day exceeds 8 lifters

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts:  Leg Press, Deadlift – One Arm, Deadlift – Heels Together, Hack Lift, Continental Clean and Jerk, Clean and Press – Heels Together, Zercher Lift, Steinborn Lift, Neck Lift, Hip Lift, Harness Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, and Bench Press – Feet in Air

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202