Raise Your Bucket

by Roger LaPointe

Have you ever tried lifting a bucket of water?  Or maybe you have done some roofing work? How about raising a bucket of tools?

Check out this video:

Illustration of Wrist Roller

Lifters from way back, like the Shaolin Monks, would look at a concept and study it from every possible angle. Yes, I called the Shaolin Monks lifters. If you look at the book, “72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple”, you will see “The Pot Lifting Arts”, which is simply raising a pot that is filled with sand, gravel or iron filings. Essentially, they are making an adjustable weight. Check out the illustration to the left, showing a monk using a wrist roller. Try it. What you are thinking of as a minor accessory tool is actually the tip of the ice berg. Have you really thought about what you can do with a rope?   The variations are endless, but you need to study the movements. The concept is not limited to the world of martial arts. I had seen wrist rollers for many years, but it wasn’t until I was actually working at the York Barbell Company that I started to seriously investigate the concept.

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