Membership Roster

The following individuals have paid their yearly membership fees to the USAWA and have properly filled out and signed the USAWA membership application, which includes the Drug Testing Waiver. The Individual Membership Application includes the Official Club Affiliation of the individual.  If a person wishes to change Club Affiliation during the year, this form must be filled out again with the updated club information and resubmitted.

The individuals on this Membership Roster are current members of the USAWA for 2014. Membership in the USAWA is for the calendar year, which starts on the first day of January and ends on the last day of December. Current membership is required in the USAWA to compete in any USAWA  sanctioned event or competition. Meet Directors are responsible for making sure that the competitors in their event or competition are current USAWA members. If meet results are turned in for individuals that are not current USAWA members, these lifters will not be listed in the meet results  and will not be eligible for placings or USAWA records. Failure to insure that lifters are current USAWA members  by a meet director in a USAWA sanctioned event may result in the meet sanction being revoked.

This Membership Roster will be kept up to date so Meet Directors can use it to verify current memberships, and for individuals to confirm their membership status in the USAWA.   THE USAWA  NO LONGER ISSUES MEMBERSHIP CARDS AND HASN’T FOR OVER THREE YEARS SO DON’T ASK ME THIS ANYMORE.


(Includes Club Affiliation and Join Date)


Abry, Jared- April 15th

Beversdorf, David (Clarks Gym) – March 29th

Bryan, Barry (Habecker’s Gym) – January 6th

Ciavattone Jr., Frank (Franks BBC) – January 17th

Ciavattone III, Frankie (Franks BBC) – January 17th

Ciavattone, Jeff (Franks BBC) – January 17th

Ciavattone, Joe Jr. (Franks BBC) – March 15th

Ciavattone, Joe (Franks BBC) – March 15th

Clark, Bill (Clark’s Gym) – January 1st

Cook, Greg (KC Strongman) – November 1st

Crozier, Bill – June 17th

Dallalis, Paul (Frank’s Barbell Club) – September 27th

Delaney, James (Frank’s Barbell Club) – January 1st

Diggs, Crystal – February 26th

Dunlap, Cale (Dino Gym) – Dec 5th

Durante, Richard – September 27th

Ellis, David (Frank’s Barbell Club) – August 26th

Emslie, David (Clarks Gym) – March 29th

Fobes, Jarrod – February 28th

Foster, Lance (KC Strongman) – January 1st

Freides, Steve – October 20th

Fuller, James (JR’s Strength Emporium) – September 19th

Garcia, Joe (Clarks Gym) – January 1st

Geib, Bob (Prechtel Athletic Club) – September 27th

Glasgow, Amber (Ledaig HA) – January 1st

Glasgow, Dave (Ledaig HA) – January 1st

Glasgow, Kenny (Ledaig HA) – January 1st

Habecker, Denny (Habecker’s Gym) – January 1st

Habecker, Judy (Habecker’s Gym) – January 1st

Hahn, Dave – May 3rd

Hancock, Matthew (Frank’s Barbell Club) – August 17th

Hopps, Jessica (Frank’s Barbell Club) – January 1st

Jackson, Ruth (Body Intellect) – January 1st

Kahn, Helen (Randy’s Gym) – January 2nd

Kressly, Doug (Ledaig HA) – January 18th

Kressly, Draven (Ledaig HA) – July 19th

Kressly, Jera (Ledaig HA) – July 19th

Kressly, Logan (Ledaig HA) – January 18th

Lane, Colleen (Franks BBC) – January 17th

Lucht, Jenna (KC Strongman) – November 1st

Lucht, Mike (KC Strongman) – November 1st

Malloy, Jim – January 1st

McAuliffe, Brendan (Franks BBC) – January 17th

McCarthy, Matthew (Franks BBC) – January 17th

McKean, John (Ambridge BBC) – October 10th

Mitchell, Dennis – January 1st

Montini, Art (Ambridge VFW BBC) – January 1st

Murdock, Mike (Ledaig HA) – January 1st

Myers, Al (Dino Gym) – January 1st

Myers, LaVerne (Dino Gym) – January 1st

Myers, Molly (Dino Gym) – January 1st

Piper, Tim (Salvation Army Gym) – January 16th

Poore, Clint – March 7th

Richards, Taylor (Franks BBC) – January 17th

Ross, Dean (Dino Gym) – January 1st

Rowland, January – April 1st

Santangelo, Stephen – August 31st

Sees, Susan (Prechtel Athletic Club) – September 27th

Smith, Randy (Randy’s Gym) – January 2nd

Spayd, William (Joe’s Gym) – January 29th

Springs, Al (Clarks Gym) – February 20th

Thompson, Keith (KC Strongman) – February 8th

Todd, Eric (KC Strongman) – January 18th

Traietti, Matthew (Franks BBC) – August 9th

Traub, Larry (Ledaig HA) – January 1st

Tully, Scott (Dino Gym) – February 8th

Ullom, Brianna (Dino Gym) – January 1st

Ullom, Chad (Dino Gym) – January 1st

Van Vleck, Thom (JWC) – February 18th

Wagman, Dan (Body Intellect) – February 8th

Whitstone, Alex (Ledaig HA) – July 19th

Wildes, Robert – February 24th

Wilkens, Kurt – January 1st


2015 Membership Roster

Freides, Steve

Habecker, Denny (Habecker’s Gym)

Habecker, Judy (Habecker’s Gym)

Jackson, Ruth (Body Intellect)

Malloy, Jim

Mitchell, Dennis

Myers, Al (Dino Gym)

Myers, Molly (Dino Gym)

Prior, Derek (Cast Iron Training)

Prior, Theo (Cast Iron Training)

Ross, Dean (Dino Gym)

Todd, Eric (KC Strongman)

Ullom, Chad (Dino Gym)

Wildes, Robert


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