Lift that Killed World’s Strongest Man

by Roger LaPointe


The Cannon Lift ultimately did him in. Of course, it was a 1000 pound cannon, not any ordinary object and Warren Lincoln Travis was no ordinary man. Travis was actually on the platform doing a show, at 66 years old, when he finally kicked the bucket. He was engaged at an exhibit at Coney Island, and the last show was about 12:30 AM, July 13, 1941… long before the days of steroids.

SIGNATURE LIFTS: The Travis Secret

Everyone wants to know how a guy like Warren Lincoln Travis could get so strong. After all, it is not every 66 year old who can lift a 1000 pound cannon, which he had done many times before it finally killed him. Harness lifting was the Travis secret. In fact, it was the specifically the hip lift that he was most known for. On the occasion of Travis’ 66th birthday, Siegmund Klein and Milo Steinborn witnessed Travis completing 1000 repetitions with 1000 pounds in a mere 40 minutes. He did it in sets of 50 and 75 reps with a little rest between. Richard K. Fox, the owner of the National Police Gazette dubbed Travis “The World’s Strongest Man”, giving him a diamond encrusted that was part of the reward for anyone who could best Travis. No one ever did.

The Warren Lincoln Travis Challenge was well publicized and the USAWA has had several contests with those lifts. For now, all you need to know is that Travis’ specialties were the back lift, harness lifts and finger lifts.

Ready for the Travis path? If so, then start with this video:

Then proceed on to this kind of equipment:

Now you are moving toward real strength.

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