Give’em The Finger

by Roger LaPointe

The Set-up for the Finger Lifts.

Ever wanted to just give the whole world the finger? Yeah. I know. You do things your way, because that’s the way you like it.

Well, you be pretty sure you have some of the strongest fingers when you give’em the finger. Atomic Athletic has some tips and tools. One of the tools is a serious steel lifting ring.

3 Tips for Finger Lifts
1. Start off light. That’s every single workout. You don’t want to pop a tendon.
2. Exercise & Competition are two different things. Don’t use other fingers for support. Don’t train individual fingers for 1 Rep Maxing, unless that’s your thing…
3. Stretch your fingers before AND after this exercise, not just before and after your whole training session. Feel free to ignore this one, if you don’t care about fine motor skills, like typing.

We actually sell two different sizes, just specify the one you want in the Customer Instructions section of the order: choices are big or small. They are the same price.

All the best, Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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