Flaming Indian Clubs

by Roger LaPointe

Flaming Indian Clubs!!!

I called Larry, an old friend, this morning. Just when I thought I had heard it all, Larry had another awesome story with visual impact to spare. Larry doesn’t even use “weights” for his weightlifting anymore. In fact, he gave away all of his barbell and dumbbell plates. Of course, resistance training is still part of his life and that means I have to ask him what he is doing now.

ROUTINE? Anything but…

Indian Clubs by Atomic Athletic.

Indian clubs are an integral part of Larry’s current training routine. We talked about some of the endless variations of club swinging. One key is how some practitioners get lazy and try to go too heavy with their clubs. Now, there is heavy and then there is heavy. Larry was talking about EGO heavy, where you start seeing the clubs flop around, or even sit on the shoulders. While being dangerous, it’s also not very helpful.

“So Larry, how do you recommend dealing with ego laziness? Are you a spiked club kinda guy?” Spiking clubs is something that you will occasionally see in the Kushti Wrestling schools in India, where there can be a hundred or more nails sticking out of the club. It provides incentive not to let the club get too close, but I don’t think insurance companies cover that sort of tool.

“No, of course not, Roger. That could lead to sliced up shoulders and blood. Nope. My Dad used to light his on fire.” “Really?” I replied. “Oh yeah,” he said, “he used wood ones that he coated with some kind of fuel. Then he would train at night in our back yard. It was one heck of a display. It really lit things up. Of course, I don’t recommend that. But he always said that it ensured perfect form. I like to think about that when I use clubs today. My form always improves.”

Next time you are training with your clubs, imagine they are on fire. Your form will get a little more precise as well.

All the best, Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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