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National Postal

by Al Myers
Congratulations to all the lifters that took part in the 2013 National Postal Championships!!!  It was a well represented meet – with a total of 19 lifters taking part.  Gabby Jobe was the lone female entrant – and for that she gathered the title of National Postal Champion.  […]

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New England RB

by Frank Ciavattone
Following are the results of the New England All-Round Weightlifting Association Record Breakers Day December 1st, 2012.  Jim Fuller from Augusta, Maine came during a snow storm, not only did he perform outstanding lifting records, but watching him after the meet perform some other feats of strength that amazed everybody.  Newcomer, Colleen Lane, […]

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Macomb Fall RB

by Al Myers
Meet Results:
Macomb Fall Record Breakers
Salvation Army Gym
November 10th, 2012
Meet Director:  Tim Piper
Officials (1 official system used):  Tim Piper, Thom Van Vleck
Trenton Paul – BWT 74.5 KG, AGE 18 years
Reflex Clean and Push Press:  82 kg
Reflex Clean and Jerk: 90 kg
Tim Piper – BWT 88 kg, AGE 42 years
Clean and Jerk […]

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Gold Cup

by Steve Gardner
IAWA 2012 GOLD CUP – Castlemilk Gym, Glasgow, Scotland – Saturday 3rd November
Group picture from the 2012 Gold Cup
A great event with 29 lifters, 28 breaking and setting new IAWA World Records with some terrific performances across the board- Countries represented: USA Scotland England and Finland. Well done to Andy Tomlin and Matt […]

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