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Gold Cup

by Steve Gardner






Rules of the Gold Cup Competition

1.  All Lifters MUST be Current IAWA Members

2.  Lifters who are current World Record Holders can attempt a new World Record for the ‘GOLD CUP’ (The first attempt on the platform has to be for the new World Record!)

3.  Lifters who are not current World Record Holders are eligible to lift for the ‘Silver Cup’ for a National or Club Record or a new Personal Best

Gold Cup Promoter: Steve Gardner – 18 Holly Road, Barton under Needwood, Staffs. DE13 8LP England Tel: 01283 713464 or 07960960509 E Mail:

Lifting Venue: Powerhouse Gym, The Pakistani Community Centre, 228 – 231 Uxbridge Street, Burton on Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3LA England

Banquet Venue: The St. Andrews Suite, Branston Golf & Country Club, Branston, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire DE14 3DP, England


Any lifter from home or abroad that will be looking for accommodation, please contact the promoter as soon as possible and he will deal with your accommodation needs, finding the best lodgings at the best price to suit you!

Competition Entry Fee: £35                                           Banquet Fee: £17.50

The Banquet will also be the venue for the 2011 Induction to the IAWA(UK) Hall of Fame

For Entry Form – 2011 IAWA GOLD CUP

Black Swamp Meet

by Al Myers



Roger LaPointe, of Atomic Athletic, is hosting an All-Round Weightlifting Meet on May 14th.  Roger is not new to the USAWA as a meet director, as he has hosted a couple of competitions in the past – but it has been a few years.  I am REALLY GLAD to see him get back into the USAWA fold by promoting this meet!  Roger owns a very unique equipment company, Atomic Athletic,  that caters to lifters wanting to buy unique equipment that we as All-Rounders would appreciate.  He also sells about anything else that a lifter would need.  Take a little time and check out his website for his business -   Atomic Athletic.  

This meet will feature two popular all-round lifts – the One Hand Deadlift and the Clean and Push Press.  This day will be more than just a meet.  Roger has planned a picnic and other Strongman Shows to compliment the meet.  It sounds like a great day of fun!! 

Great Black Swamp Olde-Time Strongman Picnic Promotional Poster.

For an entry form, click here -  Black Swamp Meet Entry Form

National Postal


2011 National Postal Championships

Dates: Between December 1st and December 31st, 2011

Entry form must be postmarked by January 5th, 2012

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee: None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Clean and Jerk – 2 Dumbbells

Curl – Reverse Grip

Jefferson Lift

For an entry form – 2011 National Postal Championships Entry

Delaware Valley Postal


2011 Delaware Valley Open Postal Meet

Dates: Between September 1st and September 30th, 2011

Entry form must be postmarked by October 5th, 2011

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee: None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Push Press – From Rack

Swing – Dumbbell, One Arm

Zercher Lift

For entry form -  Delaware Valley Open Postal Entry

Middle Atlantic Postal


2011 Middle Atlantic Open Postal Meet

2011 Middle Atlantic Open Postal

Dates: Between June 1st and June 30th, 2011

Entry form must be postmarked by July 5th, 2011

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee: None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Clean and Press – Reverse Grip

Curl – Dumbbell, Cheat, One Arm

Continental to Chest and Jerk

For an entry form – Middle Atlantic Open Postal Entry

Art’s Birthday Bash










ENTRY FEE: Donations to help pay for insurance

LIFTS: Your choice of FIVE. SET or BREAK existing records



Click here for a pdf entry form – Art’s Birthday Bash Entry

Monster Garage Meet

by Larry Traub


1st Annual Traub Monster Garage

Powerlifting and USAWA Record Breaker

Larry Traub, of the Ledaig Heavy Athletics, competed last year in the USAWA Grip Challenge. This spring Larry will promote his first ever USAWA competition.

I’ve been promising St. X Alumni an annual powerlifting contest and picnic at my home since I retired from coaching a couple years ago. The initial interest wasn’t quite what I thought it would be and my life has been full with kids getting married and grandkids arriving. Well, this year I decided to proceed but to expand the concept to an open contest. I am targeting not only St X alums but anyone involved in the old River City Powerlifting club from when I was in the gym business in the early 80’s. I am also hoping for participation from others who I have met along the way. My best friend and college roommate, Dave Glasgow will be traveling from Kansas to compete. Dave was my first workout partner some 40 years ago and we still seem to get a workout or two together a year. I’m hoping Ray Ganong the strength coach at U of L who has been a friend and a mentor of mine and also a friend of St. X Powerlifting might be interested. Tom Chapella a local throws coach who had a huge influence on my son’s success in shot and discus has shown an interest. Tom has a son who is in all likelihood the strongest Down’s syndrome lifter in the world who will be an inspiration to everyone involved. Basically, I’m looking for lifters that I have some connection with in the lifting world. If you are interested and you have a workout partner or someone you are training, then they are welcome.

I sanctioned this through USAWA (United States All-round Weightlifting Association). I got involved with them through my friend Dave Glasgow and I knew right away that this group created the lifting atmosphere I was looking for. USAWA has over 150 competition lift in all types of age categories and weight classes, but the traditional power lift are not included. The actual power lifting contest will be “exhibition lifts” as far as their organization is concerned, but afterwards there will be a record breaker where anyone involved can attempt to break some of their records. We will also be using their formula to determine place winners in the power lifting contest. The whole contest is on formula with coefficients for age and bodyweight. I will be giving modest awards for outstanding squat, bench press, and deadlift as well as the top five finishes on total.

Check out the USAWA ( website for more information. It is very well organized and there are daily postings. I am planning on competing in their national contest in June.

As the information says, there is no advance registration necessary, but drop me a line at and let me know your intentions. If it doesn’t work out for you this year then start training for future years. I intend to make it an annual event on the last Saturday of April.


1st Annual Traub Monster Garage

Powerlifting and USAWA Record Breaker

Sat April 30th

1485 Oakes Road Georgetown Indiana

8:00 am weigh in – 10:00 start

No advance registration – entry forms completed at weigh in

All lifters must buy a USAWA card at a cost of $25

ENTRY FEE – contestants must bring food for pitch in meal that will follow the competition. Bring meat for you and your family, date, etc. Lifters weighing 160 and below should bring a salad dish to be shared, lifters 160 – 230 should bring a side dish and of course those above 230 should bring desserts.

Meet t-shirts will be available.

USAWA rules will be followed. This is a raw contest. (No supportive shirts, suits, or knee wraps)

Drug testing under USAWA guidelines

Andy Goddard Postal

by Steve Gardner


Andy Goddard Tribute Postal Competition 2011

The Andy Goddard Tribute competition this year will be on two different lifts: (Alt Grip Bench Press – Straddle Deadlift) but still based around the Bench Press – Deadlift theme (they were Andy’s favourite lifts).  As last year, this competition will be open to all and everyone who wants their name and results to be listed in Andy’s memory.  Lifters can be listed in the official IAWA members record claim set of results, or in the listings for those not current members who just want to take part.


1) All results must be sent in to Steve Gardner ( by the END OF MARCH

2) All results must be clearly recorded to show if the lifter is

a) a current IAWA member or not, and

b) If the lifts were performed before 2 or 3 referees (which will be good for record claims) or

c) If the lifts were performed before just one referee which will be acceptable for the competition (but not record claims)

Good luck and lets get lifting in Andy’s memory!

Heavy Lift Nationals

by Al Myers


Welcome USAWA to York Barbell!!!

This is an upcoming USAWA meet that you will not want to miss!  For the first time ever, the USAWA will host an All-Round Weightlifting Meet at the meca of American Weightlifting – the YORK BARBELL COMPANY!  York Barbell retail manager Mike Locondro has invited us to be part of a very special day in York on May 21st.  Mike is reviving the tradition started many, many  years ago by Bob Hoffman in sitting aside a day to invite EVERYONE who is interested in lifting weights to come together at York for a day of enjoyment.  Bob Hoffman’s annual weightlifting picnics at York were always sensational, and created memories that have withstood generations of lifters.  Mike is very familiar with the USAWA, having competed himself several times throughout the 90’s.  It was very generous of him to invite us to be part of this day. This will be a special day in more ways than one.

For the FIRST TIME, we (the USAWA) will be competing in a BIG STAGE ENVIRONMENT.   That is why I proposed to the USAWA Executive Board to have our Heavy Lift Nationals on this day.  These lifts are very crowd pleasing – lifting BIG weights in OLDTIME lifts.  Due to time and space constraints, we will have only 3 hours in the main auditorium to complete our competition so this year only 3 heavy lifts will be contested – the Neck Lift, the Hand and Thigh Lift, and the Hip Lift.  If our competitor list is over a dozen, we will run two platforms. Entries will have to be in advance in order for us to plan accordingly.  I expect there will be LOTS of spectators throughout the day so this will give us the opportunity to showcase our unique lifting skills to many people.  In the afternoon (from 2 PM to 6 PM) we will move to the York gym area and  have a record day.  However, most of our purpose will be to demonstrate the many All-Round Lifts of the USAWA and talk to people coming through the show.  This will be our chance to “show the World” what the USAWA has to offer.  Hopefully, we will be able to recruit some new lifters to our organization.

The main purpose of this day is raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  All proceeds from this event will go to this organization.  The Wounded Warrior Project is a nonprofit organization that helps injured service men and women in physical rehabilitation.   They have a Disabled Sports Project that introduces wounded service members to new sports activities that help in their physical recovery.  Truly a noble cause.  As I said, this day will be a special day in more ways than one!

There will be several other activities going on this day besides our involvement.  The highlight of the day will be the York Barbell Hall of Fame induction of Slim “The Hammer Man” Farman, which will occur during the noontime ceremony.  Other strength demonstrations will be going on – strongman demos, bending demos, a kettlebell instructional session, etc.  Plus – I heard there might be a raffle.  You need to add in a tour of the York Hall of Fame and York Museum,  and visit the retail store.  As I said earlier, this is one meet you do not want to miss!

FOR ENTRY FORM – 2011HeavyLiftNationals

Club Challenge

by Al Myers


John McKean and Art Montini of the Ambridge VFW BBC are the hosts for the 2011 USAWA Club Challenge.

After the overwhelming success of the USAWA Club Challenge last year, John McKean has announced plans to host this unique team competition again this year.  The date has been set – March 12th.  The Club Challenge will follow  along the same guidelines as last year.   This competition is a “team” competition – with each club bringing three members whose adjusted points will be added together to form a “team score”.  No awards will be given for individual performance.  The Challenge will occur at the famous Ambridge Barbell Club in Ambridge, PA.  John has set an afternoon start time to allow for lifters to fly in the morning of the meet.  This is a great opportunity for all USAWA Member Clubs to show their “team spirit” by pitting themselves against other clubs in the USAWA.  Even though I would like to see teams composed of USAWA members who list their club as their affiliated club on the membership roster, this is not required.  So if you are the only one from your club that wants to attend and you can find two other team members, that is allowed. If a club wants to bring more than one team – that is ok as well.  The Ambridge BBC is a very interesting gym, and contains equipment that you will not see anyplace else!  Plus after the meet, John knows the best places to eat in town and you will not be disappointed in the post-meet celebration!

2011 USAWA Club Challenge

Date:  Saturday, March 12th

Venue:  Ambridge BBC

Meet Director:  John McKean

Entry Fee:  None

Start Time:  2:30 PM

Sanction:  USAWA


Bentover Row

Deadlift – 2 Bars

Neck Lift

There is no entry form for this competition. If interested, contact myself (at or John.

Goerner Deadlift

by Al Myers



The Goerner Deadlift has been rescheduled!!!  Bill Clark has sent me a letter giving me permission to reschedule the Goerner Deadlift Dozen plus One at the Dino Gym sometime this month.  The problem is that the month of December is getting away from us!!  I want to keep the annual tradition of the Goerner Deadlift alive, but we are out of weekends in December.  On the weekend of the 18th, Dave is having his record day and then after that we are into the holidays.  So after mulling it over trying to find a  date for it, I have come to the conclusion that only one day is workable  – December 14th. I plan to hold the Goerner Deadlift  in conjunction with the Tuesday Night workout at the Dino Gym!!

Goerner Deadlift Dozen plus One

Time:   Tuesday Night, December 14th, 5:00 PM

Location:  Dino Gym

Entry:  No entry fee or entry form,  but you MUST notify me ahead of time if you plan to attend

National Championships

by Thom Van Vleck



Al Myers doing a 440 pound Zercher lift in the 2003 USAWA Nationals. The Zercher Lift will be part of the 2011 Nationals to honor the Oldtime Missouri Strongman Ed Zercher.

The 2011 USAWA National Championships will be hosted by the Jackson Weightlifting Club in Kirksville, Missouri!  I have a series of articles planned to keep everyone up to date on this meet so check back often.   Here is what we have decided to this point.

Date: June 25th, 2011

Location: Kirksville, Missouri (exact venue to be decided)

Cost: Entry $50  (plus up to date USAWA membership)

Banquet: $25 per couple or $15 per person (Catered by Western’s Meat Market….a local legend for great food)

Awards: Plaques for age group and open winners, medals for all participants, and a special award for the best lifter

Shirts: Shirts will be provided to all entrants (details on design to come….but it will be special).

Travel & Lodging: (866 CAPE AIR) has daily flights from St. Louis to Kirksville for $49, so you can get from anywhere in the world right to town!  There are several motels such as the Budget Host, Holiday Inn Express, Knights Inn, Comfort Inn, Super 8, and Days Inn in Kirksville and just south of town is the Depot Inn in Laplata, Missouri which is next to the Amtrak Station that connects from Chicago and Kansas City. There is another Amtrak station just an hour north that connects to Denver and Chicago and points beyond.  

Format: Morning Session and Afternoon Session.  Morning Session will begin at 10:00am.  Afternoon session will follow with a one hour break after the Morning Session is completed.  Morning and Afternoon Sessions will be determined by opening attempts.

Lifts: (performed in this order)

Snatch – Dumbbell, One Arm

Curl – Cheat

Pullover and Push

Continental to Chest – Fulton Bar

Deadlift – 12″ Base

Zercher Lift

I spent a lot of time thinking about these lifts.  I wanted to have at least one Fulton Bar lift and at least one Dumbbell lift.  I wanted to have a pure power lift (12″ Deadlift) and a pressing movement (Pullover and Push).  I wanted to have the Zercher because Ed Zercher is perhaps the best known Old time strongman from Missouri and me being a good ol’ Missouri boy and the fact that my Grandfather-in-law knew and lifted with Ed….well, that was a must!   Oh, and what about the Cheat Curl….well….I just like it!!!!

Start making plans and training now!!!


National Grip Championships

by Al Myers



Andy Durniat won the 2010 Dino Gym Grip Challenge. Will he return to defend his title and win the FIRST EVER USAWA National Grip Championships? In this picture Andy is setting the USAWA All-TIme best lift of 140 kilograms in the One Arm No Thumb Deadlift.

The Dino Gym Grip Meet was such a HUGE SUCCESS last year -  we decided to do it again this year.   The tradition of grip challenges have been around quite a while in the USAWA – thanks to Kevin Fulton’s grip meets.   However, this year the USAWA has taken  grip competitions to “a new level” as the USAWA Executive Board approved this meet as the USAWA National Grip Championships.  This is the FIRST TIME the USAWA will have a Grip Nationals – the start of a NEW tradition that I hope will continue for many years.

Considering this is a National Championships, a few things had to be done with this meet in order to fulfill our established USAWA rules of conducting a championship.  First of all, only Official USAWA Lifts can be in a Nationals – thus NO exhibition lifts.  However, we have a host of great grip lifts in our Rule Book so this was not a problem.  Second, traditional scoring will be done with age and body-weight corrections on the “total weight” lifted.  And thirdly, all individual body-weight classes and age divisions will be contested for National Championship Awards.

The lifts are:

Pinch Grip

Vertical Bar Deadlift – 1 bar, 2″, One Hand

Deadlift – Middle Fingers

Deadift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip

Deadlift – 3″ Bar

The 2011 National Grip Championships will be on Saturday, February 12th, 2011. Luckily this year the second weekend of February avoided Valentine’s Day!  For an ENTRY FORM (pdf) – NationalGripEntry

Dino Gym Record Day

by Al Myers



Meet Director: Al Myers and the Dino Gym

Meet Date:  Sunday, February 13th, 2011  10:00 AM-4:00PM

Location:  Dino Gym, Abilene, Kansas

Sanction:  USAWA

Entry Form:  None – just show up

Entry Fee: None

Lifts:  Record Day – Pick any lifts you can set a USAWA record in!

Contact me at if you have any questions.

Eastern Open Postal

by Al Myers


Eastern Open Postal Meet

Dates:  Between March 1st and March 31st, 2011

Entry form must be postmarked by April 5th, 2011

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Bench Press – Alternate Grip

Squat – 12” Base

Deadlift – Dumbbell, One Arm

PDF Entry Form – EasternOpen

Dino Gym Challenge



by Al Myers

I am excited to announce this year’s Dino Gym Challenge.  Every year I change “the theme” of the Dino Challenge to keep it refreshing and interesting.  This year is no exception.  For the FIRST TIME, the USAWA will sanction a Strongman Competition.  All lifts done will be exhibition lifts – meaning they are NOT USAWA official lifts, and they will not be “record eligible”.   That is one neat thing about the USAWA, our rules allow competitions to be sanctioned with exhibition lifts.  There is not a better way to “try out” a new lift than having it in a competition for everyone to contest.  To me, this seems like the BEST WAY to form an opinion of a new lift (before it is presented for lift approval).  But I’m getting off track, this ANNOUNCEMENT is for a different type of Strongman Competition than what most people are used to.  This competition will be based on OLD-TIME STRONGMEN and the feats they did in their performances or shows.  There won’t be any aluminum kegs, steel logs, concrete stones, or adjustable steel yokes in this one.  I consider those implements as MODERN strongman stuff!!  Guys like Arthur Saxon and Hermann Goerner didn’t have access to those kind of things!

I picked 5 events for this competition based on 5 famous strength feats of 5 well-known Old Time Strongmen. The events will be:

1. Goerner Stroll – Carry two barbells one rod (16.5 feet)

2. Louie Cyr Press – One dumbbell overhead with one hand, anyway. May use both hands to get it to chest.

3. Apollon’s Lift – Overhead lift with 2″ bar, anyway. We will use my replica.

4. Dinnie Lift – Two loaded VBs with ring handles. One must be loaded 75% or less than the other.

5. Saxon Snatch – Snatch with a loaded plank, 3″ thick

I also want to point out that this competition will be DRUG  TESTED, so all competitors will be drug-free just like these Old-Time Strongmen were!  The rules of the USAWA will apply, which will make this Strongman Competition slightly different than the format of other Strongman Comps.  The lifter will get three attempts on each event, and the lifter will PICK the weight they want to try.   This way ANYONE can compete and perform within their capabilities and not be limited by “set equipment weight”.  Each lifter’s maximum weight per lift will be added, forming a TOTAL POUNDAGE, which will be adjusted to points using the USAWA’s adjustment guidelines for age and bodyweight.

Put this EVENT on your schedule and be part of something new!!  All lifts will be further highlighted in future USAWA Daily News stories on the website.

ENTRY FORM – DinoEntry2011

JWC Record Breaker



by Thom Van Vleck

Oct. 29 we will be attempting a feat never before seen in the USAWA.  Quite frankly, I wonder what I was thinking when I dreamed this up!  We will attempt to break 100 USAWA records in about 2 hours for charity.

Last year I had my first ever JWC Record day and we had a blast.  This year I decided to combine it with our annual school fundraiser to try and get pledges for each record we break.  This money will go towards funding the Faith Lutheran School.  This school has over 150 students from preschool to 3rd grade.  Most of these students don’t attend our Church, and many do not have a Church home at all.  So the money is more than just about giving to a Church but to a school that reaches out to many different families and children.

I have decided to call it “Lifting Faith” because we are lifting weights to benefit Faith Lutheran School.  I already have several athletes who have committed to this feat and I am looking for more!  There is no entry fee and no awards, just the satisfaction of not only breaking individual records, but being part of a 100 record breaking day,  AND raising money for a good cause.

I will be going out and getting pledges for each record we break.  If we break 50 records and I have pledge totaling $10 per record, we raise $500 and if we break 100 records it will be $1000!  So, it’s important that we break as many as possible with the maximum being 100!  I will have loaders and spotters there and I will have a lifting platform and a warm up platform.  We will likely have over 500 people, most of them kids,  in attendance and towards the end, we will be the CENTER of the event!  I will have someone running a tote board to update progress and multiplying that by pledges to show an every rising dollar amount.  I will have an emcee and a PA system.  At the end, the JWC will do our strongman show as part of a finale the evenings festivities.

All YOU need to do is BE THERE and be READY to break some records!!!!!

Contact me as soon as possible to verify your attendance.  I need all entries by Oct. 25th, NO LATE entries due to the need to develop a flow chart of records.  Also, due to the time limits, when it’s your time to lift, you need to be ready!  We will be moving quickly!!  No chain lifts, only platform lifts!

Be a part of the record day to beat all record days!

Here is my contact info:

Thom Van Vleck

660 341 1755

Deanna Springs Meet

MEET ANNOUNCEMENT – Deanna Springs Memorial Meet

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  11 AM

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts:  Crucifix, Cheat Curl, Deanna Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, and Hip Lift

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202.

Zercher Strength Classic

MEET ANNOUNCEMENT – Zercher Strength Classic

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  8-9 AM

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts:  Leg Press, Deadlift – One Arm, Deadlift – Heels Together, Hack Lift, Continental Clean and Jerk, Clean and Press – Heels Together, Zercher Lift, Steinborn Lift, Neck Lift, Hip Lift, Harness Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, and Bench Press – Feet in Air

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202.

Goerner Deadlift

MEET ANNOUNCEMENT – Hermann Goerner Deadlift Dozen plus One

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  8-9 AM

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts:  Deadlift – Heels Together, Deadlift – 2 bars, Hack Lift, Jefferson Lift, Deadlift – One Arm (with both), Deadlift – One Arm, No Thumbs (with both),  Fingers Deadlift – Index, Fingers Deadlift – Middle, Fingers Deadlift – Ring, Fingers Deadlift – Little, and Reeves Deadlift

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202.

Backbreaker Pentathlon

MEET ANNOUNCEMENT – USAWA Heavy Lift National Championships and Schmidt’s Backbreaker Pentathlon

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  8-9 AM

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts: Neck Lift, Hip Lift, Hand and Thigh Lift, Harness Lift, and Back Lift

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202.

Clark’s Gym Record Day

MEET ANNOUNCEMENT – Clark’s Gym Record Day

Meet Director:  Bill Clark

Date:  Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Venue:  Clark’s Gym, Columbia, Missouri

Weigh-ins:  11 AM

Entry Fee: None

Entry Form: None

Awards:  None

Membership:  Must be a current USAWA Member

Lifts:  Pick your own lifts to set or break a  USAWA record

To enter, a confirmation must be sent to Bill Clark by the Tuesday preceding the meet.  Bill can be reached by phone: 573-474-4510, Fax: 573-474-1449, or mail:  Bill Clark, 3906 Grace Ellen Drive, Columbia, Missouri, 65202.

National Postal Meet

Meet Announcement

2010 National Postal Championships

Dates:  Between December 1st and December 31st, 2010

Entry form must be postmarked by January 5th, 2011

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Clean and Press – Heels Together

Curl – Cheat

Deadlift – 12” Base

Entry Form pdf – National Postal

Delaware Valley Postal Meet

Meet Announcement

Delaware Valley Open Postal Meet

Dates:  Between September 1st and September 30th, 2010

Entry form must be postmarked by October 5th, 2010

Must be a current USAWA member to be eligible for competition

Entry Fee:  None

Official USAWA rules apply as outlined in the Rule Book


Bench Press – Reverse Grip

Squat – Front

Continental to Chest

Entry Form pdf – Delaware Valley Open Postal Meet Entry Form

Ledaig Record Breakers Day


by Dave Glasgow





18 JULY-2010

10:00 A.M.










17 JULY-2010


Team Nationals

Meet Announcement -

the 2010 USAWA Team Nationals

by Al Myers

Defending 2009 USAWA Team Champs Al Myers and Chad Ullom.

I  will be hosting the 2010 USAWA Team Nationals again this year on Sunday, September 19th.   This will be the fourth year the USAWA has had Team Nationals.  I am hoping for more participation this year – and I have picked a selection of lifts that should be accommodating to everyone.

This year’s lifts are:

Maxey Press

Bench Press – Hands Together

Rectangular Fix

Trap Bar Deadlift

Different divisions will be contested – the 2-Man, 2-Woman, and the 2-Person.  The 2-Person division consists of a man and woman team.  USAWA scoring will be used as required by our rules for all National Competitions. A record day for Team Lifts ONLY will held after the meet.

This coming  fall of 2010  marks the 5 year date that the Dino Gym lost a great friend and training partner in Bob Maxey.  There is not a training session that Bob is not remembered by all of us. His weightlifting belt still resides untouched on the mantle, and its presence still gives us motivation to train, much like Bob did when he was  in the gym pushing us to lift harder with his boisterous words of encouragement.   So, in remembrance of Bob, I have included the USAWA lift named after him – the Maxey Press. The Maxey Press is a strict press out of the rack with a Fulton Bar.  This was one of Bob’s favorite lifts.  This will be the first time it will be held in a competition as a Team lift.

Another unique lift that will be contested will be the Team Trap Bar Deadlift.  I just recently built a specialty bar for this purpose.  As far as I know, the Team Trap Bar Deadlift has NEVER been contested before so any records set will be the first ever.  I know everyone will enjoy this lift.

The Team Nationals will be held in conjunction with our gym’s annual Dino Days Weekend.  On Saturday, we will be hosting a Highlander Games, sanctioned by NAHA.  After the games on Saturday, we will be having a big backyard BBQ that evening. So, this is just another reason to put this date on your calendar!

Entry Form for Team Nationals – TeamNationals2010

JWC Straight Weight Team Challenge

by Thom Van Vleck

I have just received word from USAWA Secretary Al Myers that my application to hold a team challenge postal meet has been accepted.  This will be a postal meet that will consist of 5 lifts and 3 men per team.  Total weight lifted by all three men will be the deciding factor of victory.  The time frame will be from the first of July to the end of August.  No age or bodyweight adjustments…just “Straight Weight” lifted, hence the meet name.

The lifts will be:

1. Continental to the Chest

2. Push Press from the Rack,

3. Shoulder Drop

4. Cheat Curl

5. 1” Vertical Bar Deadlift w/2 bars.

The JWC team members will be Thom Van Vleck, John O’Brien, and Josh Hettinger.

I know that the Dino Gym has already answered the challenge and I hope that other USAWA members will put together a team and join us.  I have already highlighted the Shoulder Drop and I will be doing stories on the other lifts soon!

Art’s Birthday Bash

by Al Myers

Meet Announcement

Art’s 20th Annual BIRTHDAY BASH






ENTRY FEE: Donations to help pay for insurance

LIFTS: Your choice of FIVE.

SET or BREAK existing records








Entry Form -Art’s Birthday Bash 2010

USAWA National Championships



June 26th and 27th, 2010

Note: You must be a current USAWA member to compete

Closing Date :  May 26, 2010



CITY_____________________STATE_____ ZIP_______



AGE__________           DATE OF BIRTH_____________

USAWA MEMBER:   Yes  /  No

SHIRT  SIZE___________________________

WEIGHT CLASS_________________________________

DIVISION ENTERING [age group: i.e. open & 40+]_____________________________

In consideration of your accepting my entry, I hereby release all claims for damages, losses, and injuries that I may hold against the USAWA., the Lebanon Senior Center, Meet Directors, all officials and assistants while taking part in the 2010  USAWA Championships  Also I fully understand the USAWA drug testing policy and will  fully avail myself if selected and not hinder the officials in the execution of their duties.


PARENT’S  SIGNATURE [if under 18 years of age] _________________________



The Banquet will be a picnic in Habecker’s back yard. Donations accepted.

Mail entry to Denny Habecker, 637 N. 11TH Ave., Lebanon, Pa. 17046

Schedule of  Events

Venue :                                    Lebanon Senior Center , 710 Maple St.  Lebanon, Pa.

Weigh-ins :                              7:30 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. –Saturday and Sunday

Lifting  starts :                        9:30 A.M.

Lifts :

Saturday – June 26, 2010

Vertical Bar Lift – 1 Bar, 2”, One Hand

Pullover and Push

Clean and Jerk – One Arm

Deadlift – Trap Bar

Sunday – June 27, 2010

Snatch – From Hang

Deadlift – One Arm

Clean and Press

Zercher Lift

Entry Fee – $50.00 [ $70.00 for 2 Divisions]

T-Shirt Included

Awards: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each weight class and

Age  divisions for Masters, Juniors, and Women,

Based on total poundage lifted.

Best Lifter Awards for each age group in Masters,

Juniors, Senior [20-39], and Women by Formula


IAWA World Championships

2010 World Championships
Entry Information

by Al Myers

2009 World Meet Promoter Denny Habecker (on left) presenting a 2009 World Championship Medal to 2010 World Meet Promoter George Dick (on right).

The 2010 IAWA World Championships will be held on October 2nd and 3rd. The entry information for the 2010 IAWA World Championships has been added to the Event Calendar. It will be directed by George Dick of the Castlemilk Gym Club. The Castlemilk Club last hosted the World Championships in 2006. The meet will be held at the Castlemilk Club in Glasgow, Scotland. If you want a “trip of a lifetime” – make it to Scotland for this meet. George and the Castlemilk Club will put on a TOP QUALITY MEET – that is for certain. On top of this – the meet can be combined with a vacation. There are several historic sites to see in and around Glasgow.

Entry Form (pdf) – 2010WorldIAWA

World Team Postal

by Steve Gardner, IAWA President

Meet Announcement

World Team Postal 2010

I have announced plans for the World Team Postal Event, and following on last years success hopes to increase the numbers taking part this year.  REMEMBER: Although it is a Team Postal, Individual Lifters can still post their totals for inclusion in the World Postal Rankings! Lifts to be completed by End of September.  Entry forms will go out in the July Journal (or Download Entry Form).


Snatch – One Arm

Pinch Grip – Two Hands

Bench Press – Feet in Air

Deadlift – Ciavattone Grip

Following the success of the 2009 Team Postal event (33 lifters and ten teams took part) I am going to try and double this years participation. In 2009 we had teams from Australia, USA, and England, and this year we hope to build on that, this year already Spain have asked to take part!  I will distribute score sheets via the various Newsletters and Journals. The lifts will be: The One Hand Barbell Snatch (indicate which hand used), The Two Hands Pinch Grip Lift, The Bench Press Feet in the Air, The Ciavattone Deadlift. The tournament is being run as a team match where teams will consist of three lifters, they may be Juniors, Open Lifters, Masters or Ladies or any combination of the afore mentioned, as all lifters results will be age and body weight amended etc. The lifts can be performed any time in 2010 BEFORE the end of September. The lifts must be performed before at least two IAWA Officials, who MUST also sign the score sheet. The competition will be run as a usual IAWA event with a rising bar. Teams or Groups can enter any number of lifters into the competition, and the top three amended scores will formulate a first team etc. Any individual members left will still have their totals configured into the results which will also be produced to give individual rankings on all lifts and totals, and all divisions and body weights.Lifters who are not members of a group, team or club can still submit their results so long as they can get their lifts officiated, and all results will form the rankings as described in the above paragraph.The score sheets should be completed using kilos where possible, but the organiser will convert pounds to kilos if needs be, BUT please make sure all sheets are completed accurately and legibly. You will notice there are four boxes per lift to correspond with 4 attempts per lift if required, the best lift of the 4 should be circled.If lifters require certificates, please affix an e mail address in the appropriate box on the score sheet, and these will be submitted by e mail for you to print off. The score sheet can be copied off as many times as you wish to submit as many teams or lifters as you wish. There is no fee attached to this competition. There are five lines on a score sheet to accommodate a team of three plus two others, if there are six lifters, use two score sheets with one team on each etc. When the lifts are completed please submit without delay:

Entry Form – PostalEntryForm

Steve Gardner – 18 Holly Road, Barton, Staffs. England DE13 8LP or by E Mail to:

IAWA Gold Cup

Gold Cup Date is Announced

by Al Myers

2010 Gold Cup Meet Director Frank Ciavattone

The date for the 2010 Gold Cup has been announced.  It will be held on November 6th, 2010 in Walpole, Massachusetts. Longtime USAWA promoter and top All-Time All-Round Heavyweight Frank Ciavattone will be the meet director.  It is great to have Frank promote another prestigious meet.  Frank has promoted two National Championships (1996 and 1998) and knows how to put on a great meet. The USAWA membership needs to really support the Gold Cup when it is in the United States – so put this date on your calendar now!  Frank has given us more than enough notice on this so lets not let him down.