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John McKean
Melvin Wells (left) easily took "best arms" awards at Mr America contests by training just two, strictly performed All-Round lifts. On the right is that years winner,for comparison sake, the famous Jack Delinger.
Our very first USAWA Hall-of-Famer, John Grimek, originally developed his amazingly thick arms from heavy, STRICT presses and equally good form […]

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The Bully

by Thom Van Vleck
I recently read a story about an author who tracked down a kid that had been a bully to him in his youth.  He talked about how his father had died and he was placed in a private boarding school.  His one connection to his father was a wrist watch that he […]

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Colorado RB

Dan Wagman is back in action, performing a USAWA record lift in the Wrist Curl! (photo courtesy Dan Wagman)
By Dan Wagman, PhD, CSCS
MEET REPORT:  2014 Colorado Record Breaker
On December 27, 2014 four lifters got together at Denver Martial Arts (DMA) for record-breaking attempts in varied types of all-round lifts. Jarrod Fobes, our meet director, trains […]

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Art’s Birthday Bash

[ October 18, 2015; 10:00 am; ] by Al Myers

2015 is barely underway and in the mail today I received a sanction request from Art Montini announcing his 2015 Annual Birthday Bash! Art’s Birthday Bash is the longest running sanctioned event in the USAWA (besides our Nationals). Last year Art celebrated his 87th birthday and he’s already in training for […]

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A New Year!

by Thom Van Vleck
I know it’s kind of a thing that most of us who lift regularly get fed up with the New Years resolution bunch crowding into the gym and bugging us for training advice that they’ll never use.  At least that’s my perspective but let’s look at this positively.
First of all, when is […]

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