Black Swamp Meet & Picnic Reminder

By Andrew Durniat

Saturday, May 14 in Bowling Green, Ohio is again the location of the Atomic Athletic Great Black Swamp Olde Time Strongman Picnic. This is the 5th year for the picnic and it stands to be the best one yet.

Old time strongmen and martial artists will perform amazing feats of strength and dexterity at the new Atomic Athletic building in Bowling Green, OH from 1PM to 6PM.  No where else have you seen performances like this!  Not since the Bob Hoffman Birthday Picnics at the old York Barbell has anyone seen a classic picnic like at Atomic Athletic.

There will be a Kettlebell Sport mini-clinic, performers bending steel and rolling up frying pans with there bare hands.  Martial Arts demonstrations and booths, Indian clubs, circus performers, barbell and kettlebell juggling.  The feats of strength will continue all day.

This year, Roger LaPointe, owner of Atomic Athletic has added a sanctioned USAWA record breakers meet.  Two lifts will be contested; One Hand Barbell Deadlift and the Clean and Push Press.

I will be going after the One Hand Barbell Deadlift Record of 475 lbs.  Training has been good, so if you have the day free, come to Bowling Green, Ohio and cheer everyone to big lifts.  I feel 500+ lbs. will be lifted.

(WEBMASTER’S NOTE:  Andrew Durniat graciously allowed us to “rerun” this meet reminder from his website DurniatStrengthTake a little time and browse through his website – it is filled with LOTS of interesting news and information. )

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