Atomic Athletic

by Al Myers

This is the logo for Atomic Athletic.

I was very excited when Roger LaPointe, owner and operator of Atomic Athletic in Bowling Green, Ohio, contacted me about promoting a USAWA competition in conjunction with his Great Black Swamp Olde-Time Strongman Picnic.  This event has been an annual event at Atomic Athletic for several years, and draws in lots of people interested in all aspects of strength.   I really wish I would have been  able to attend this event on May 14th, but I had previously made another commitment on this date.  So I’ll have to miss it this year – but hopefully, Roger will sanction another USAWA event next year and I can make it!! 

Now for a little more on Roger’s company – Atomic Athletic.  Atomic Athletic sells a full line of strength related products, and caters to the serious weightlifter.  Atomic Athletic has an outstanding website (   Check it out – and you will be surprised how comprehensive it is in regards to product selections.  You can buy high quality weightlifting bars, premium weightlifting plates, and about any piece of equipment you might want.  He also sells DVD’s, books and training courses, and even gym charts!  My favorite sections are the “Retro Strength” and “Classic Gym Equipment”.  These two areas have stuff like this for sale - kettlebells, lifting harnesses, iron boots, Indian clubs, sledgehammers, block weights, and heavy bars.  Atomic Athletic is the only company that I know of that sells a heavy lift bar.

Atomic Athletic has the full endorsement of the USAWA!  And because of this – Atomic Athletic has been added to the commercial links on the USAWA Website.

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