An Atmosphere of Strength

by Roger LaPointe

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Creating an atmosphere of strength is hard to do, in today’s world.

More people are lifting weights than ever before, but strong people are still called “dinosaurs” and lifting heavy weights is called “old school”. It’s no wonder that desk jockeys are flocking to obstacle course races and other events that are considered tough.

Humans need a challenge.

We also need a place to train for that physical challenge. It’s not politically correct to say that we need to push ourselves. There are some of us left that don’t want to be in a contest where everyone gets a medal. We actually want to know who did the best and what was that best lift or the best time, because those of us who crave a challenge want to beat that guy in the next event.

If this is you, then you need to build the most useful and inspiring training atmosphere that you can. This concept applies to what you have on the walls of your gym. One of the charts you need is a Kilo Conversion Chart. You don’t want to enter that next contest to find that they are using kilos and you lift in pounds, or vise versa, and you don’t know what your opening attempts should be.

Check it out:

Don’t delay. Start your personal challenge now.

Live strong, Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”

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