A Shark Tearing Flesh

by Roger LaPointe

Atomic Athletic Wrist Roller

Have you ever studied how a shark tears flesh? It is more than just a bite. The shark grabs flesh with its mouth and then twists the limb and grinds the teeth in a smearing motion. A sharks teeth cut like a serrated knife while wrenching the animal against the natural bio-mechanical direction of that limb’s joint. If the shark’s prey does have the ability to resist, let’s say it’s a person standing in shallow water, the jaws quickly reach bone and then tear the tendons and ligaments.

Learn from the shark! Your grip will naturally seize any object like the jaws of a shark. You just need to develop your grip to be as strong as its jaws. The linear motions we are used to working with, in the Western World, are simply not enough. Amazingly, we have a simple tool that has been a part of the Western world’s body building physical culture that is so under utilized it will make you sick! While the simple wrist roller has been sold as an also-ran gizmo for packing a “All-In-One” bodybuilding kit, for kids to open at a birthday party, the martial arts masters of the East have been making full use of this awesome tool! Now it is your turn. Get your Atomic Athletic Firestorm Wrist Roller Now! Make your forearms burn with just the right workout. Whether your sport is combat MMA or grappling on the grid iron, football or fighting, you need this kind of force on your side. Your opponent certainly will be using one.

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Made of the same North American hardwood as the best baseball bats, white ash, you know it’s strong. Our beautiful fire red stain and clear lacquer finish ensure years of serious use.

Length: 21” Solid Hardwood
Grip Diameter: 1 1/4”
Kernmantle Cord Length: 10 FEET

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All the best, Roger LaPointe

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