Records now online

by Al Myers

As some of you may have noticed, the USAWA Record List is now available on the USAWA website.   It is placed under the top heading section “record list”.  I will try to keep an  updated version of the record list uploaded.  The record list is very large PDF of the excel file.  It may take a while for some systems to download it.   There are now over 10,000 records in the USAWA Record List.

It has also been awhile since I have updated the Century Club, a listing that includes all lifters that have over 100 USAWA Records.  It’s been over a year since I have published this update – but since there has been no real changes in it, there has not been much reason to do so. The “top ten” is exactly the same order, and no one new has been added.  The BIG NEWS of the list is that Denny Habecker has become the FIRST USAWA lifter to top 500 records!  That’s a big number, and has given Denny a huge lead over Art Montini.  The biggest placing changer in the Mens Club has been Dean Ross, who has moved up two places to number 11.  Ruth Jackson is closing in on Noi – and I predict will pass her within the next couple of years.  The sad news is USAWA legend John Vernacchio has dropped out of the Century Club, leaving the total number at 24.

(as of July 19th, 2014)

1 Noi Phumchona 261 263 +2
2 Ruth Jackson 213 180 +33
3 Mary McConnaughey 117 117 0

(as of July 19th, 2014th)

1 Denny Habecker 501 480 +21
2 Art Montini 445 425 +20
3 Al Myers 421 411 +10
4 John McKean 290 291 -1
5 Dennis Mitchell 278 266 +12
6 Frank Ciavattone 268 265 +3
7 Joe Garcia 247 238 +9
8 Bob Hirsh 229 229 0
9 Chad Ullom 210 200 +10
10 Bill Clark 207 198 +9
11 Dean Ross 188 155 +33
12 Howard Prechtel 174 174 0
13 Dale Friesz 159 160 -1
14 Jim Malloy 156 153 +3
15 Scott Schmidt 150 151 -1
16 John Monk 148 148 0
17 Ed Schock 138 138 0
18 Chris Waterman 137 137 0
19 Rudy Bletscher 126 131 -5
20 Mike Murdock 113 107 +6
21 Bob Geib 101 102 -1

Club Championships

by Al Myers

The Club Championships has been sanctioned and scheduled!    I consider this meet as one of our “signature events” in the USAWA since it is a Championship Event, and these are the meets that really need to be contested every year. The Club Championships began in 2010 with the Ambridge Barbell Club hosting it the first couple of years. Dave Glasgow, the leader of the Ledaig Heavy Athletics, promoted it last year and has made plans to promote it this year as well!

The Club Championships is much different than other competitions. It is NOT an individual competition, but rather, a club competition. The scores of three members of a club are “added together” to form a club score. This way clubs are pitted against each other, with each member making their own contribution to their club. Awards will be given out on a “club basis” – there will be no individual recognition at this event.

The rules for the Club Championships are pretty straightforward:

1. Each Club brings  three lifters to compete. Clubs may enter with less than three members, but will be at a disadvantage when scores are added together. A club may enter more club members than three, but only the top three will be added for the “club score”.

2. Club members MUST be registered with their club of participation (as documented on the membership roster).

3. Adjusted Point scores are added together to form a club score.

4. Club with the highest Club Score is awarded the Club Champion.

The Ledaig HA’s has been a big club player in the USAWA over the past few years. Now since Dave has his new training facility built I expect even more involvement with promotions. I consider Ledaig as one of the TOP CLUBS in the USAWA. At the 2012 IAWA World Championships, their club won the team title at the Championships (combined pt scores of all members participating). That’s a big club win – winning Worlds!!!! In 2011 Ledaig won the team title at the USAWA Nationals in Kirksville. At Nationals in Las Vegas they were awarded the Runner Up Club of the Year in the USAWA.  In 2012, they won the Club of the Year Award in the USAWA.

I’m really excited about this year’s Club Championships. I truly believe the success of the USAWA lies with club involvement. Meets like this one foster that involvement. Year’s ago it was important to lifters to be “part of a club” when going to competitions. Club spirit was high – and lifters often competed in their club shirts showing their support to their club. I want to bring that feeling back, and this meet is a great way to do that. It should be an honor for a club member to get selected to represent their club at the Club Championships. Let’s make this a great meet!


2014 USAWA Club Championships
Saturday, July 19th, 2014
Ledaig Heavy Athletics Training Facility
Rainbow Bend, KS

Sanction – USAWA

Entry Fee – None

Weighins: 9:00 AM

Start time: 10:00 AM


Clean and Jerk – One Arm

Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip

Trap Bar Deadlift

There will be a record breaker session after the competition if anyone is interested. Award certificates will be awarded to the winning clubs. There is no entry form, but please contact Dave prior to the event if you are entering a team at . The directions to the meet are:

GPS Coordinates are: Decimal coordinates (latitude, longitude):