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Teeth Lifting

by Al Myers
Art Montini Teeth Lifting at the 2013 USAWA Presidential Cup in Lebanon, PA.
Since the announcement of the Teeth Lift in the Dino Challenge in January it has received some discussion in the USAWA discussion  forum.  Probably the “most talk” the Teeth Lift has ever received in the USAWA!   The inclusion of the Teeth […]

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Gold Cup

by Steve Gardner
Al Myers of the USA is presented with the Howard Prechtel Memorial Trophy at the 2013 IAWA Gold Cup, only the 2nd time the cup has been presented, Al won with an outstanding Power Row of 145 kilos.
What an outstanding event the 2013 Gold Cup turned out to be! despite losing a few entrants […]

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Kennedy Lift

by Al Myers
Here's an Old Time Strongman performing a variation of the Kennedy Lift by utilizing a Hand and Thigh Bar attached to a regular bar.
I’ve received  a few questions regarding the nature of the “Kennedy Lift” following my announcement of the Dino Gym Challenge, which includes a lift by this name.  It was one […]

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Ironman Lost…and FOUND!

by Thom Van Vleck
Thin style Ironman 50lb plate
There were Ironman triathlons, Iron Man comics, Black Sabbath singing “I am Iron Man”, Iron Man movies…but when I think of Ironman…I think of Peary Radar’s old magazine and all the equipment he made over the years.  In the JWC training hall we have had a pair of […]

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