Monthly Archives: September 2013

News Update for 2013 IAWA Worlds

by Steve Gardner
Information for those attending the IAWA Worlds in Accrington.
5.30pm to 7.30pm the IAWA World Council Meeting will take place at the Lifting Venue (Hollins Tech College).
Scales should be available for practice weigh ins.
At 7.30pm the group will move along to the Main Bar at the nearby Dunkenhalgh Hotel as a meeting point […]

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Where do we go?

by Eric Todd
The USAWA has been around for 26 years.  To my knowledge, there is no other governing body for all-round lifting in the USA, and only a small splinter group in the UK outside of our world organization, the IAWA.  Anybody who is anybody in all-round in America is a member of the USAWA.  […]

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