Choosing Indian Clubs

by Roger LaPointe

Roger and a couple of his BIG Indian Clubs!

Boy oh, boy.  I am so glad the new web site is up and running.  Now I can start addressing some of the most popular questions. If you have not been to look at the Atomic Athletic web site recently, here is a link:

#1 QUESTION: What size Indian Clubs should I buy?

Atomic Athletic has a full supply and selection of Indian Clubs.

Obviously, if you are a 100 pound woman, you will be using clubs smaller than what a 300 pound man is going to use.  However, I can give you some advice that will apply, regardless of your basic strength level.

1. Everyone needs to learn technique.  Start smaller than what you think you will ultimately work up to using.  Just because you regularly use 50 pound dumbbells, does not mean that you can use a 50 pound Indian club.  In fact, I would say that the ratio is more like 4:1.  I will use 100 pound dumbbells for some exercises, but I don’t use anything heavier than 24 pounds as a club.

2. Roger, you use 24 Pound Persian Meel type Indian clubs, so do you still use lighter clubs?  Yes.  I start every workout with an antique pair of 1 1/2 Pound wooden clubs.  I work up from there.  Just like dumbbells, you would do different exercises with 10 pounders and 100 pounders, but both are useful, even within the same workout.

3. Based on my body size, how heavy will I be able to go with Indian Clubs?  Well, I am 5′3” & 160 pounds and I can use up to the 24 Pound Meels, but I have met 300 pound guys who can’t do much of anything with 12 Pound Meels – until they have learned the technique.  I have also worked with some women, who have great technique that can use 12 Pound Meels as well as doing an hour with 2 Pound HIP Clubs.  So, take that for what it is.