Bathroom Key Lift

by Roger LaPointe

The Bathroom Key at Atomic Athletic.

EVERYTHING becomes a game at Atomic Athletic… A lifting game.

PHOTO 1: Michael Codding is contemplating how badly he really needs to go to the john. One too many bathroom keys have disappeared here at Atomic Athletic, so we went one step further than the gas station attendant route. Yes, that is one of the base pipes that a fire hydrant would fit onto. It is just as heavy as it looks…

PHOTO 2: The bathroom key farmers walk is one of the dreaded events at the Atomic Athletic warehouse gym. What the heck! It’s only 110 pounds. However, Michael Codding starts his walk with an eager look on his face.

PHOTO 3: Fortunately, we did NOT have to mark a spot of failure in this farmers walk. We keep two pens for that purpose, one yellow and one brown. The bathroom key is heavy and control is really the issue here. Everything is a workout at Atomic Athletic.

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All the best, Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”