Monthly Archives: February 2013

Grip Championships

by Al Myers
Troy Goetsch lifting 260 pounds on the One Hand 2" Vertical Bar Deadlift. Troy won BEST MENS OVERALL LIFTER at the 2013 USAWA Grip Championships.
Since the first OFFICIAL USAWA Grip Championships in 2011, this meet has seen more lifters entered each year.  2011 had 8 lifters, 2012 had 11 […]

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Joe the Turk OTSM

[ April 27, 2013; 9:00 am; ] by Tim Piper
“Joe the Turk” Old Time Strongman Meet
“Joe the Turk” was the first “strongman” in Macomb Illinois. He came to town as a part of the Salvation Army, ran the crooked mayor and his henchmen out of town, and some accounts claim he actually took over the ousted mayors duties for a short […]

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