Monthly Archives: January 2013

Cloud Hands of an Angell

By John McKean
Steve "THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR" Angell, on holiday, performing Tai Chi on the beach of Sri Lanka.
“THUMP!!” Ohhh, seein’ stars and feelin’ pain! This new training equipment is gonna kill me yet!
Strangely enough, I’d not yet started my morning workout; rather, good wife Marilyn was busily twirling her arms in our kitchen, intent […]

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2012 USAWA Year In Review

by Al Myers
The 2012 Year In Review is dedicated to the late, great John Vernacchio.
For the fourth year now, I have done a 2012 USAWA Year In Review.  This book contains all of the information that has been placed on the USAWA website throughout the prior year.  If a blog was written – it […]

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