The Man Cave Concept

by Roger LaPointe

Framed posters are a great addition to man caves.

Wouldn’t you think that a Man Cave would have some cool fitness equipment?

“Man Caves” have apparently become big business. I was at Home Depot and saw a book on building a man cave and there is even a magazine devoted to the Man Cave. Strangely, I expected at least one of them to include weightlifting equipment, or maybe a heavy bag.
All the popular literature seems to show a man cave as being more like a modern drinking establishment, where you supply your own keg and pay the cable bill. I like large screen televisions too, but my idea of a man cave would be a place for getting drunk with my buddies.

I have been building man caves for years. Of course, they were called weight rooms. Here are some ideas for past cool man caves, for the active guy. These are tips beyond just putting in good stereo speakers.

1. Personal Flavor: For Christmas, I just gave a buddy from school an original James Bond “Thunderball” framed record album, for his weight room. Yep, it had some of that cool 60s art that makes you think of what makes James Bond cool and he is a serious fan. That old 33 1/3 rpm album art was out of this world. He also has some of my Atomic Athletic posters and reproduction, as well as original, instructional wall charts. Whatever you put up, frame it.

2. Good Looking Equipment: Try to think like an architect when putting together your man cave weight room. For example, maybe instead of the standard black heavy bag, you put in a red or dark brown leather one. I have even done custom 3 strand rope and pulley systems using antique barn or ships pulleys to hang the bag. We have put in adjustable height speed bags that have the classic worm screw for adjustment and butcher block type wood board.

3. Actually put in lighting and paint that is nice and bright. Don’t be afraid to actually use “white” paint. Just because your wife is calling it the man cave doesn’t mean it has to be dark and dingy.

4. Weights: Before you even move in your weights and your bench, or whatever, make sure they are clean. Here is a tip, if you have rusty old weights, clean them with a wire brush and some brake cleaner from the auto parts store. Then repaint with some cheap spray paint. If you are buying a new piece, like a bench or power rack, don’t be afraid of equipment colors other than white. Personally, I have been repainting my equipment a lime green candy coat with wrinkle black accents. Of course, we can run automotive paints here in the Atomic Athletic shop, but I have done that for other people as well.

5. Lastly, you should have some respect for yourself and at least paint those basement block walls, or put some dry wall up in your garage.

All the best, Roger LaPointe
“Today is a good day to lift.”