Wrist Roller Tip From Hackenschmidt

by Roger LaPointe

Roger LaPointe trains the wrist roller in strict fashion. (caption by webmaster)

George Hackenschmidt was one of the greatest wrestlers and weightlifters of all time. While his writings on weightlifting were relatively limited, if you take every word very seriously and actually do everything he recommends, you will get extremely strong indeed.

The wrist roller is a tool to which Hackenschmidt devotes more than an entire page and a two illustrations, in his book “The Way to Live”. Here is one tip, “…roll it round with both hands, winding up the cord. Continue until the weight is wound close up and then unwind to full length. Both wind and unwind with continuous and also with reverse rollings. Continue until tired. The rolling movement to be always steady and gradual.” p. 61


Mistake #1: The Unwinding Phase
I see a lot of lifters cheat with wrist rollers. There are a lot of different techniques for seriously training with a wrist roller, but don’t cheat. The only person you are cheating is yourself. Make sure you take the unwinding phase as seriously as the winding phase. Sure, gravity WILL take that weight to the ground, but it is your job to resist gravity, using a strong, secure grip and the full range of motion.