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Black Angus MacAskill

by Thom Van Vleck
Angus MacAskill with a normal sized man.
I enjoyed hearing stories when I was a kid.  You know…good, old fashioned story telling.  Television was around, but with one channel the viewing was limited and since we live in a very rural area story telling in my family was a huge form of entertainment. […]

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Perfect Powerful Pulls

by John McKean
Little known Pennsylvania lifter Jim Dorn of the 1963 era pressing 300 pounds!
Audience chanting called a halt to the proceedings at the 1963 Senior National Weightlifting Championships. No, not due to a poor judging decision, nor a new record lift. Rather the mere appearance of a little known 181 pound wonder named Jim […]

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Shoulder Drop Continued…..

by Al Myers
Last month when Thom wrote that “controversial” story on the Shoulder Drop I thought maybe there would be some hotly discussed forum debate on it – but there wasn’t!!!  I guess that goes to show that the Shoulder Drop is not an All Round Lift that warrants attention, and most lifters really don’t […]

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All-Round Peak Contraction

by John McKean
Maxick – the famous muscle control artist.
Each thigh was bigger in circumference than the lifter’s entire inseam measured. And those legs were CUT ! My good friend Santos Martinez was famed for his olympic lifting and physique wins here in Pittsburgh during the early 1960s, and later for powerlifting. Usually weighing 198 […]

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