Articles from July 2012

Century Club Gets a New Member

by Al Myers

This may have been the record-setting lift that put Dean Ross into the Century Club at the 2012 USAWA National Championships in Las Vegas.

The BIG NEWS with the recent record-setting activity has been that the CENTURY CLUB now has a new member.  Just like I predicted in a blog a couple of months ago, Dean Ross has  joined this group of elite record breakers in the USAWA.  This is a big deal, and Dean has worked hard to accomplish this.  His lifting efforts at the 2012 USAWA National Championships “put him over the hill” in going over 100 USAWA records.  There is not a better place to accomplish something like this to make it a memorable event.  Congrats Dean – the next time I see ya in the gym I’m going to give you a big pat on the back!  Dean becomes the FOURTH Dino Gym member to make the Century Club.  

The Records List has received a “shake up” with the addition of National Records.  I thought about this for a while, should I include these new records in a lifters record count?  But it didn’t take me long to decide.   OF COURSE!  Setting a National Record is probably MORE IMPORTANT than others, and SHOULD be included.  If someone complains about this, I’ll tell them to show up at Nationals and set a few National Records for themselves, and then they’ll see that is no easy feat.   The addition of National Records got John Vernacchio back “in the club”.  John had recently “fell out” of the Century Club, but now he’s back.  With the addition of Dean and John, the Century Club now stands at 22 members. 

There weren’t  any change in the top rankers.  Denny still holds a comfortably lead over Art, 428 to 403.   I’m narrowing the gap on them very slowly, and now my count stands at 399.  Maybe I’ll make these two wily veterans of odd-lifting a little nervous so they’ll “kick up the pace”????  The addition of adding in National Records really helped Frank Ciavattone, Noi Phumchona, Bob Hirsh, myself, and Chad Ullom.  Chad “jumped past” Dale and Scott.  Now don’t you feel bad Chad for not letting Dale do another finger lift record at Nationals??? You must have known the record count and realized you were one ahead of him at the time!  Frank owns the most National Records, and it really upped his overall count, as it moved him from 8th to 6th, passing Dennis and Joe.  John McKean was holding around a 30 count lead last time sitting in fourth, but now there are several lifters “on his heels”.   John – it’s time for you to lay the fishing pole to the side and spend a little more time in the weight room getting ready for your next USAWA competition.

Who’s going to be the NEXT lifter to make the Century Club???  My guess is still on Mike Murdock.  If he gets a few this weekend at the Ledaig Record Breakers,  then he will be “set up” to make history at my record day in August.  I’m also “keeping my eye” on Dave Glasgow.  After his recent outstanding showing at the Nationals in which he broke several records, I’m putting him as an “outside  chance” of being the next to make the club. 

I also want to make a few comments about my opinion on breaking records.  If you are going to SET RECORDS – go all out doing it.  I don’t think it is very sporting just to take token efforts to set a large quantity of records at a USAWA record day. After all, anyone can find “blank spots” in the record list to fill with a record, just to add to their “record count”.   That’s chickenshit. If you do that you deserve a boot in the ***!   Be a real lifter and show the record list the respect it deserves!  Anytime I see a lifter set/break more than 10 records at a record day, I question their efforts in the records they set.  Any lifter who gives max effort on 10 lifts in a day should be spent.  Anymore than that and I start to wonder if  they are “sandbaggin” their efforts on their record attempts.  It’s not against the rules or anything, but I will tell you that I will be “talking behind your back” if I see this going on.  And words like sissy lifter, girly boy, etc will be in the conversation!!!!!

CENTURY CLUB (as of 7/14/2012)

1 Denny Habecker 428
2 Art Montini 403
3 Al Myers 399
4 John McKean 279
5 Noi Phumchona 268
6 Frank Ciavattone 256
7 Dennis Mitchell 254
8 Joe Garcia 248
9 Bob Hirsh 229
10 Bill Clark 203
11 Howard Prechtel 175
12 Chad Ullom 160
13 Dale Friesz 159
14 Jim Malloy 149
15 John Monk 148
16 Scott Schmidt 146
17 Ed Schock 142
18 Chris Waterman 137
19 Rudy Bletscher 128
20 Mary McConnaughey 117
21 John Vernacchio 106
22 Dean Ross 105

Update on the OTSM Championships for 2012

by Thom Van Vleck

2011 Group Photo....I hope to DOUBLE that number this year!

With the recent approval of new Old Time Strong Man events recently approved at the National meeting in Las Vegas I thought this would be as good a time as any to put in a plug for this year’s Championships.  Last year we had 10 lifters show for the contest.  This year I anticipate even more participants in this fun and exciting new area of lifting!  Regular readers of the website will know that I recently started a Weightlifting Club (see the article at the University I work at.  Many are interested in competing and helping out.  I have also been getting several inquiries from lifters who did not attend last year….so interest is looking good!

A great photo of Al doing the DB to the Shoulder, a newly recognized OTSM lift!

I recently ordered anvils for my awards.  These will be miniature anvils mounted on a base with the meet name and date.  The anvil has has become my “signature” award as it relates to the Jackson Weightlifting Club’s early beginnings and the lifting of Grandpa Jackson’s Anvil.  Which will be on hand if you want to lift a piece of family history!

So, click on the meet link on the homepage and download your meet entry today!   Make it a weekend and attend the Highland Games the day before the OTSM meet.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bob People’s Deadlift

by Thom Van Vleck

Bob Peoples doing some rack work showing the inspiration for the OTSM "Peoples Lift" (photo from

The Bob Peoples’ Deadlift was recently approved at the USAWA National meeting as an OTSM “official” lift.  You can take a crack at setting a record in this lift at the OTSM Championships to be held by the JWC in Kirksville, Missouri on Oct. 14 and entry can be found on the upcoming meets section on the USAWA homepage.  It is basically a Deadlift from 18″ off the ground instead of the standard Deadlift.  Here are the Official Rules:

Peoples Deadlift – This is a partial deadlift, where the bar height must not be over 18″ from the platform (measured from the top of the bar). The plates or bar may be supported on stands, rack supports, or blocks to obtain this height. The lifter must have the bar in front of the legs, as in a normal deadlift. The hands must be on the outside of the legs (NO SUMO STANCE) during the entire lift. Lifting straps or any other gripping aid is not allowed. It is NOT an infraction to drag the bar up the legs, bounce the bar up the legs, or support the bar on the legs during the lift (hitching). A one minute time limit is allowed for the lifter to make a legal lift, during which time a lifter may make multiple tries. Once the lifter is totally upright and the bar motionless, an official will give the command to end the lift.

Now, a little history.  I’m not gonna try an do a comprehensive history on Bob Peoples.  But if you know your lifting history you would know that Bob was one of the greatest Deadlifters in history.  Bob was pretty strong all the way around, but his best lift was the deadlift and he came with many new and innovative ways to do the lift.  One of these things was to utilize the power rack, which formed the basis of the Peoples lift.  He also utilized heavy negatives using a hydraulic lift on a tractor to reset the weight and he also used a ring while on a platform that allowed him to drop well below what you would with a regular deadlift.  It honestly looks like the forerunner of the Trap Bar!

Try your hand at the Peoples Deadlift!  Sign up for the OTSM today!!!!

25 Year Performance Award

by Al Myers

Award winners for the 25 Year Performance Award - Al Myers (left) & Art Montini (middle). Denny Habecker (right) presented this award during the USAWA Awards Ceremony.

It was a great honor to “share the stage” with Art Montini in receiving the 25 Year Performance Award.  This award went to the 2  lifters who have won the most Overall Best Lifter Awards at the National Championships over the 25 year history of the USAWA.  Art and I have 4 apiece.  My years – 2010, 2009, 2008, & 2006.  Art’s years were – 1995, 1993, 1992, & 1991.

I have a long ways to go to “fill Art’s shoes”.   Art’s last Overall Best Lifter Award in 1995 occurred when he was 67 years of age!  His first was when he was 63.  I have to do some checking to verify this fact, but I’m pretty sure that that he is the oldest lifter to ever win this prestigious title.  It is simply amazing everything Art has accomplished in the USAWA over the last 25 years, and when you realize that all of this lifting success happened after the age of 60 it even makes it more unbelievable!

25 Year Promotion Award

by Al Myers

USAWA President Denny Habecker and the "first Lady of the USAWA" Judy Habecker receiving the 25 Year Promotion Award.

Another “special award” presented at Nationals was the 25 Year Promotion Award.  This award went to the 4 Meet Promoters who have promoted the most National Championships over the 25 year history of the USAWA.  These 4 promoters each have promoted 3 Championship events.  They are:  Denny and Judy Habecker (2010, 2007, & 2000), John Vernacchio (2004, 1989, & 1988), Bill Clark and Joe Garcia (2001, 1997, & 1995), and Art Montini and John McKean (2002, 1999, & 1991). 

So to sum it up – these 4 promoters together have promoted about HALF of the National Champinships to date!  That’s worthy of a special award in my book!  Congratulations!!!

25 Year Participation Award

by Al Myers

Winners of the 25 Year Participation Award: Denny Habecker (left), Art Montini (middle), and Dennis Mitchell (right). Missing from this picture is Dale Friesz.

As part of our yearly USAWA Awards Ceremony, this year it included several “special awards”.  These were awards that were presented by the USAWA for accomplishments over the entire 25 history of the USAWA.  That’s quite a hard award to win – it is the result of years and years of effort and contributions!  The lifters that won these awards are the TRUE LEADERS of the USAWA, and it is only the right thing to do to thank them by recognizing them with these special awards.  The first 25 YEAR AWARD given out was the participation award.  This award went to 4 individuals – Dennis Mitchell, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, and Dale Friesz.  These guys have competed in over 80% of the USAWA Nationals in the 25 year history of the USAWA.  Dennis leads the pack with an amazing 24 of 25 (only missing the first year in 1988).   Denny has been in 23 of 25 (only missing the first two years, 1988 & 1989).  Art is third in this race with competing in 21 of 25 (missing 1997, 2004, 2006, & 2011).  Dale rounds out this field of “superstars” with a record of 20 of 25 (missing only 1988, 1989, 2000, 2006, & 2011).  I would have to say that these lifters have had “amazing runs” of National Championship entries and will be a “tough act” to follow for future USAWA lifters.   Congrats!!!!


by Al Myers

Overall Women's BEST LIFTER Susan Sees set the most records at the 2012 USAWA National Champinships, with a total of 18 new records.

I have finally found time to look over the records that fell at the 2012 USAWA National Championships.  I was quite surprised to see that a total of 83 records were set!  That is much more than I would have guessed, but then again, there was alot of exceptional lifting going on.  Of these 83 records, 26 were new NATIONAL RECORDS.  National records are records that are set only in competition events at the National Championships, and represent the highest amount of weight ever set in each weight class.  Age groupings are not recorded, but instead just the overall BEST RECORD  LIFT in each weight class.   As I’ve said previously in a Daily News Story, setting records at the National Championships is not like setting a record at a record day or small meet.  The officiating is TOP NOTCH (and always 3 officials are used) and the meet’s pressure makes setting records at Nationals harder – that is why this National Record List was developed. 

The women’s OVERALL BEST LIFTER Susan Sees set the most records.  Susan set a total of 18 records, 6 of which were National Records. The top 5 records setters were:

Susan Sees 18 6
Al Myers 12 5
Larry Traub 9 3
Dennis Mitchell 9 0
Dave Glasgow 7 1

For a complete list of records (PDF) – 2012 National Records

New Official OTSM Lifts

by Al Myers

Paul Anderson training the squat with his iron wheels in Toccoa, Georgia. Paul's name has been "tied" to two new USAWA OTSM lifts.

I’ve already covered one of the new lifts approved at the USAWA Annual Meeting (The Curl – Reverse Grip).  However, the big news in “lift approval” is the addition of several new Old Time Strongman lifts.  The following OTSM lifts are NOW official lifts in the USAWA:   People’s Deadlift, Anderson Press, Anderson Squat, and the Dumbbell to Shoulder.  These 4 OTSM lifts have all been performed in USAWA competition over this past year as exhibition lifts, but now they are official lifts.  Included in the motion at the meeting to accept these as new lifts was retroactively making any lift “record eligible” in these lifts that have been done over this past year.  The Peoples Deadlift was part of the “Battle of the Barn” OTSM competition held be Eric Todd this past March, with the Anderson Squat, Anderson Press, and the Dumbbell to Shoulder being part of the 2011 USAWA OTSM Championships held by Thom Van Vleck last fall in Kirksville.  In each circumstance, the lift was done according to the new accepted rules, so it seems only right to me that these past efforts  be recognized by potential records.

One thing that I like to see with new lifts is that they have been done a few times as exhibition lifts in USAWA competitions before they become official.  This way any “wrinkles” can be worked out in the rules, and only lifts will be presented for new lift status that have been “tried and tested”.  The days are long gone where a lifter can just present a new lift at the National Meeting to be accepted without any prior written rules in hand or Executive Board approval.  Now there is a SET POLICY in place (check the rulebook) so only lifts are presented that have been well reviewed.  Most of our rule problems, as well as stupid lifts (and I’ll name them if you want me to),  in the past have been caused by the hap-hazard way lifts used to be approved.  

The Rules for these 4 new OTSM lifts are below.  Soon they will be added to the Rulebook.

Peoples DeadliftThis is a partial deadlift, where the bar height must not be over 18″ from the platform (measured from the top of the bar). The plates or bar may be supported on stands, rack supports, or blocks to obtain this height. The lifter must have the bar in front of the legs, as in a normal deadlift. The hands must be on the outside of the legs (NO SUMO STANCE) during the entire lift. Lifting straps or any other gripping aid is not allowed. It is NOT an infraction to drag the bar up the legs, bounce the bar up the legs, or support the bar on the legs during the lift (hitching). A one minute time limit is allowed for the lifter to make a legal lift, during which time a lifter may make multiple tries. Once the lifter is totally upright and the bar motionless, an official will give the command to end the lift.

Anderson PressPress (with a standard Olympic bar) will be done from a dead stop position in the power rack from a height no greater than the height of the lifter when standing erect. Lifter may “bow” back to press the weight but must keep knees locked. The lift ends when the lifter is upright, arms locked, and demonstrates control of the weight. The lifter may press in an uneven manner and unlock unevenly. It is not a disqualification if the bar is lowered during the press, and afterwards the press resumes. The feet are not allowed to move. However, the lifter may raise the heels or toes during the press. Time limit of 1 minute is given for each attempt meaning the lifter may reset as many times as necessary to complete the lift. An official will give a command to end the lift.

Anderson SquatA squat (with a standard Olympic bar) done from a dead stop from a height not over two thirds the height of the lifter. Squat is completed when the knees are locked and the lifter is standing erect. Time limit of 1 minute is given for each attempt meaning the lifter may reset as many times as necessary to complete the lift. Knee wraps or knee sleeves will be allowed. An official will give a command to end the lift.

Dumbbell to ShoulderA Dumbbell will be taken from the floor to the shoulder using any method the lifter wants to employ. The dumbbell may be lifted with two hands, continental style, may be rested on the belt during the lift, by any part of the dumbbell. Hands may grip the plates, bar, collars or any part of the dumbbell. Any size plate may be loaded onto the dumbbell.The lift is completed when the lifter is standing upright, with the dumbbell resting on the shoulder, and the lifter demonstrating control. Both hands may remain on the dumbbell to complete the lift, or with one hand or both hands off the dumbbell. Time limit of 1 minute is given to complete the lift. An official will give a command to end the lift.

Nice Rack! Part II

by Thom Van Vleck

My "Babies!

Some time ago I wrote a USAWA story called “Nice Rack” and it was about a rack of York “Globe Style” Dumbbells that Bill Clark has at Clark’s Championship Gym in Columbia, Missouri.  I jealously admired those Dumbbells and wished I had a set of my own.

As luck would have it, I came across a set for sale through my USAWA friends, namely Larry Traub.  Larry had these and made me an extremely generous offer on them that I couldn’t refuse.  Soon enough, I had them in my possession (after a detour from South Carolina thru Indiana and back to Missouri….a small price to pay!).

The "Crown Jewels" of my collection, the legendary 100lb Globes.

I took off a layer of rust, then laid down a few coats of paint and white lettered the raised “York” and poundage numbers.

I am not a collector, these will be used in my training and by anyone who trains at the JWC!  But if you use them and drop them, you might end up with an Olympic bar as a necktie!   If you break them….notify next of kin!  So, next time you come by the JWC Training Hall…CHECK’em out!  Oh, and once again….Thanks Larry, you made me very happy and they will take these when they pry my cold dead hands from around them!

Athlete of the Year

by Chad Ullom

Al Myers (left) and Larry Traub (middle) - Athletes of the Year.

The final yearly recognition award that was given this year was our Athlete of the Year. This is the “MVP” of the USAWA.  Ironically, the winner and runner-up for the Athlete of the Year were both present and finished in the same order the next day! I wonder if that’s ever happened?!

Athlete of Year-Al Myers
Runner up-Larry Traub

Larry, a relative newcomer to the USAWA, has shown he will be a force to be reckoned with! At this point, Larry is still learning most of the lifts. With just a couple of pointers this year, he added 20 lbs onto his 1 arm clean and jerk! He’s nearly impossible to beat now with his pulling, pressing and squatting power. Give him some time to get more comfortable with more lifts and look out! Larry is the defending national champion and placed 2nd this year. He repeated his victory at the Monster garage meet. Hopefully we’ll see Larry in October for his first world championships. I’m sure we will open some eyes!

The winner of the athlete of the year is Al Myers. I can’t imagine that we had a more active lifter than Al in 2011. He competed in 12 Usawa/Iawa meets, not including record days!  Not only that, there were several others that he sat out to help, or that number would have been much higher. Here’s a quick rundown of 2011 of Al’s overall placings:

Dino Strength challenge-1st place
Grip Championship-1st
Club Challenge-1st place team Dino
Goddard postal (iawa)-1st place team, best overall lifter
Eastern Postal-1st
Heavy lift nationals-2nd
Team Nationals-1st place team Dino
Gold cup(iawa)-world record DL with daughter Emily
Strongman championships-1st
Delaware open-1st
Iawa World Championships, Australia -2nd overall.

That is quite a list! Most of us could go a few years and not be able to put that type of resume together! Al is a humble guy, you won’t see him point out his accomplishments. If I’m not mistaken, he currently sits 3rd all time on the USAWA record list and with that type of activity, it won’t be long before he’s on top. He is an increbible lifter and has been a great teammate, mentor, coach, travel buddy and hetero life partner to me:). Congratulations Al!

Bylaws Updates

by Al Myers

We had our first bylaws change since the new USAWA bylaws were approved in 2010.  The bylaws outline how the USAWA operates as an organization, and are available for anyone to see.  They are included in the back of a printed Rulebook, as well as included in the Rulebook section on this website.  The changes that were made were:

1.  Add a new article to establish a USAWA Postal Meet  Director with this description:

                ARTICLE ##  – Duties of the Postal Meet Director

  1. Organize the quarterly Postal Meet Series for the USAWA, with the final postal meet being the USAWA National Postal Meet Championships.  This includes the selection of lifts for each competition and providing an entry form for each competition.
  2. Provide the tallied scoresheet of these meets to the USAWA Website Director for announcement of the results.

2.   Raise Club Dues and Sanction Fees to $30.

A Bylaw change requires a 2/3rd vote of the membership (versus majority vote for rule changes).  This didn’t make a difference as both of these changes received a unanimous vote in favor.  I was really for adding a Postal Meet Director as one of the directorships in the USAWA.  The USAWA Quarterly Postal Series has been very successful in the USAWA over the past few years, mostly due to the efforts of John Wilmot.  Immediately after this new bylaw was approved, I moved to name OFFICIALLY John Wilmot as the Postal Meet Director, which received full support from the membership.  He deserves that title, especially since he has been acting in that capacity for the organization.  I also included in the motion to have the USAWA Postal Series competition be sanctioned by the USAWA (so John won’t have to spend his money to promote these meets for the USAWA).  He’s doing enough the way it is. 

The other issue of raising club dues and meet sanction fees to $30 is long overdue.  We have been charging only $10 for this since the beginning, and that fee is wildly out of date!  In fact it has been so low, that I have wondered if that is the reason people sanctioning meets have not been taking this process very seriously.  From now on, sanctions will not be approved until I receive that $30 fee. 

These bylaws take effect immediately. Changes have been in these applications to reflect these increased rates.

Club of the Year Award

by Al Myers

Group picture of the Dino Gym members accepting the USAWA Club of the Year Award.

The Dino Gym won the USAWA Club of the Year for the second time since the USAWA Award Program started.  It was a great honor for the Dino Gym to win this award again, especially since the increased club activity within the USAWA these last couple of years makes it harder to win an award like this one now.  Denny Habecker of Habecker’s Gym presented us the award, as is the custom of the past Club of the Year Award winner.  One of the stipulations in winning this award is that you are not eligible the following year for it, but instead have the duty of presenting the next year’s winner, or “passing the crown” in a sense.



I also was very glad that the Dino Gym was well represented at this year’s Nationals. I want to thank the guys who made this trip on behalf of the Dino Gym: Chad Ullom, LaVerne Myers, Dean Ross, Scott Tully, and Darren Barnhart.

The Ledaig Heavy Athletic Club accepting the Runnerup Club of the Year Award.

Runner up for the Club of the Year is the Ledaig Heavy Athletics.   The Ledaig Club has become a major force amongst USAWA Clubs the past couple of years.   Last year the Ledaig HA won the team title at the USAWA Nationals in Kirksville.  Team members Dave Glasgow and Larry Traub competed this year in Vegas as well.  Congrats to the Ledaig Heavy Athletics!

Repetition Records

by Al Myers

Another new rule that was passed at the USAWA National Meeting was a policy outlining repetition records.  Up till now, nothing was in place for this as a way of keeping track of these type of records.   Our USAWA rules have always stated that any official lift may be done for repetition, but a method for keeping track of these records was not defined.  The IAWA President Steve Gardner and I discussed this in length at the Worlds in Australia, and after several nights of “brainstorming” we can up with a good plan.  Included in this discussion was USAWA Prez Denny Habecker, Mark Haydock, Chad Ullom, and Art Montini.  So I feel that some of the greatest minds in the all-round lifting World was at work in coming up with this plan to deal with repetition  records (I just took notes by the way…). 

First, I want to outline some basic rules that have been in place in the Rule Book  for repetition records to give you a baseline:

K.  Repetition Lifts

Any approved lift may be done for repetitions, provided it is done according to the rules of the individual lift. Repetition lifts are allowed to be a part of any USAWA competition.

That’s it!!!  I’ve always seen how a “big problem” could arise if lifters actually got serious about establishing repetition records with this minimal rule.  Let me give this example: 

Lifter A: Weighs 190# and is 25
Performs a lift of 200 pounds for 9 repetitions

Lifter B:  Weighs 194# and is 33
Performs the same lift with 210 pounds for 8 repetitions

Which one should be the repetition record holder in the 90 Kilogram class???  Lifter A did more total reps, but lifter B used more weight on his lifts. Obviously some formula should be used to determine who gets “the spot” in the record list, because if you didn’t, you might as well list ANY repetition lift for record that is done, because of the infinite number of possibilities of choosing rep schemes with different poundages. 

Next I want to make a few comments (ok, my opinions) on how the IAWA deals with repetition records. In the IAWA rulebook there are only 8 lifts that can be officially done for IAWA repetition records.  These are: Repetition Cleans with Bodyweight, Repetition Presses with Bodyweight, Repetition Snatches with Bodyweight, Repetition Clean and Jerks with Bodyweight, Repetition Jerks with Bodyweight, Repetition Deadlifts with Bodyweight, Abdominal Raise for reps, Roman Chair Sit Up for repetitions. That’s the list – so you can see that the IAWA does NOT allow other official lifts to done for World Records. The first 6 lifts tell the amount of weight that must be used (bodyweight), but the last two do not specify anything (so it’s open-ended, with endless possibilities like the USAWA).  I can understand bodyweight deadlifts for repetition, but bodyweight snatches??? REALLY???  That’s most lifters goal for 1 rep in the USAWA/IAWA.  Obviously, there was not much thought put into the IAWA system for repetition records (my opinion), and is only a slightly better system than what the USAWA has (which is NOTHING, another opinion).

Now for the answer to “all this mess”.  This was the rule passed at the 2012 USAWA National Meeting to handle repetition records from now on:

Rule V. Records:  Records for repetition records will be kept for each official lift within the same weight classes and age groupings as individual records.  The method for keeping these records will be based on the bodyweight-corrected Lynch Points of the total weight lifted (reps times weight lifted), with the Lynch Points being used as the repetition record. This will allow the lifter to choose whatever weight and repetition scheme they desire in order to establish or set a repetition record.  The same weight must be used for each repetition.   There must not be any long pauses between repetition lifts, with this being based on the judgement of the official. The rules of the individual lifts apply, including the officials commands on each repetition.

It’s amazing all this can be resolved with one simple paragraph in the Rule Book.  This rule will be proposed at the IAWA World Meeting in October, so hopefully, the IAWA and the USAWA can be “on the same page” with this issue.  Now for the answer of who has the repetition record in the prior example:

Lifter A:  (200#) x (9 reps) x (.9199 Lynch Factor) = 1655.82 Lynch Points

Lifter B: (210#) x (8 reps) x (.9091 Lynch Factor) = 1527.29 Lynch Points

Lifter A gets the repetition record in the 90 KG weight class!!!!!  This method allows a lifter to make “the choice” of what weight and rep scheme they want to use – thus require a little strategy.  Each lift is different in the number of reps that can “comfortably” be done with more weight, and this decision is now left up to the lifter doing the repetitions.   

I listed the lifters age just to confuse you.  Age should not matter as all age groups should be represented in the repetition record list just like the individual record list, and the team record list. Records have never been age-adjusted, and they shouldn’t be.  I believe that the record list for repetition records should be a separate listing due to the uniqueness of it (just like with the team record list).  However, it will look EXACTLY like the individual record list in age categories and bodyweight divisions.  You may also notice that the rule calls for the lift to be done with the EXACT same rules as listed for the individual lift, including officials commands like the down command.  That’s the way it should be done – the right way!

The NEW Reverse Grip Curl Lift

by Al Myers

One of the new official lifts of the USAWA that was passed at the National Meeting  is the “Curl – Reverse Grip”.  This has caused some confusion (I’ve received a couple of emails on it already) as we already HAVE that lift as one of our official USAWA lifts!  The reason for this is a simple one – our rules for the Reverse Grip Curl has been drastically different than the IAWA rules for the Reverse Grip Curl!   A while back I wrote a blog stating the differences on this: .   The new Curl – Reverse Grip will go by this rule, which conforms to the IAWA rule for it:

Curl – Reverse Grip:   The rules of the Rectangular Fix apply, except that once the bar reaches the midway point it does not stop fixed, but continues to the finish position in one motion.

Need to reference this rule:

D24.  Rectangular Fix

This lift starts with the lifter standing holding the bar on the thighs at arms’ length, with the palms of the hands facing the lifter. Maximum hand spacing is shoulder width. Feet placement is optional. On a command by an official to start the lift, the lifter raises the bar by bending the elbows. The bar is raised to a position in which the lower arms are at a 90 degree angle to the body and parallel to the platform. The upper arms and elbows must maintain contact with the torso throughout the lift. The wrists must stay straight. Movement of the feet, raising the heels or toes, or swaying the body is not allowed. Once the bar is motionless, an official will give a command to end the lift.

Also in this proposal included a change of name for the “previous” Reverse Grip Curl that we have been doing in the USAWA.   It will now go by this name officially: Curl – Cheat, Reverse Grip.   All records will be preserved that have been set previously and this new name will be changed in the rulebook and record list.  However, the new Reverse Grip Curl is “now open” for any new records!  Interestingly, at Worlds this year we will be performing this lift according to the IAWA rules, thus the same rule as this new lift.  That is REASON NUMBER ONE we needed to approve this new lift.  You see, there are lifts that are official in the IAWA that are not official in the USAWA (even though the USAWA has several more that are not IAWA approved). It would seem odd to perform a lift at the Worlds on our own “home turf” that is not an official lift in the USAWA.   I know it seems confusing, but hopefully with time all of these differences will be reconciled.  Progress has been made on this over the past couple of years.

In summary, the Curl – Reverse Grip follows the rule of the Rectangular Fix and the Curl – Cheat, Reverse Grip follows the rule of the Cheat Curl.  The Executive Board briefly discussed calling this new lift the Curl – Strict, Reverse Grip  but decided against it.  Who knows – with time we might need that name if we ever decide to propose a Reverse Grip Curl following the rules of the Strict Curl???  Now THAT would make things confusing!!

Leadership Award

by Al Myers

TOP: Denny Habecker receiving the Runnerup Leadership Award (right), presented by Al Myers (left). BOTTOM: Chad Ullom "stepping in" to accept the Leadership Award in Thom Van Vleck's abscence (right). Again, the presenter is Al Myers (left).

Another very important award given out during the USAWA Yearly Awards Ceremony is the Leadership Award.  This Award is for individuals that have shown exceptional leadership qualities throughout the year in the USAWA.  Both of this year’s winners are indeed worthy of this award!  The Leadership Award Winners are:



It was a shame that Thom was not present in Vegas to receive this award, because of all that he has done for the USAWA it would have been nice for him to get this recognition first hand.  Thom has been very instrumental in helping with this website, as well as taking on the promotion of the USAWA Old Time Strongman Championships.  Last year he hosted the very first OTSM Championships and it was VERY successful. 

Denny should be a yearly candidate for this award because of the unselfish and unrelenting effort he constantly pours into the USAWA.  Being the USAWA President is a never ending job, and Denny performs it to perfection.  He deserves more credit than he often gets, so I was VERY excited to see him win this award and get this recognition.


Courage Award

by Al Myers

Dave Glasgow being awarded the Runnerup Courage Award at the USAWA Nationals (center). He was presented the award by Al Myers (left) and Denny Habecker (right). Missing from this picture is the USAWA Courage Award winner Dale Friesz.

The USAWA Courage Award goes to a lifter who “shows the courage to overcome an obstacle in order to return to competition.  This may be a comeback from an injury, or just having to deal with difficult personal issues but still shows the courage to compete in the USAWA”.  That is the way it is defined in the awards program information letter.  It might as well just say ” be like DALE FRIESZ” instead.   Dale takes courage to the extreme, and continues to lift weights when most (make that ALL) would have quit if they were in his situation.   I wasn’t “for sure” if Dale would be able to make it to this years Nationals, but he didn’t let me or the USAWA down on this.  Not only did he make the flight to Vegas, but he lifted in the meet and showed tremendous effort in all the days events.  He is a true warrior – and very, very deserving of this award.  It is only appropriate that he has now won it THREE YEARS IN A ROW!! That’s simply amazing, and is the only person to have won the same award every year since the award program has been in place.  The Courage Award winners were:



Dave Glasgow was a very fitting runner up to Dale.  Dave has had some physical difficulties as well this year (surgery on his arm), but most wouldn’t know about it.  Dave’s not one to make an issue of something like that.  It would have been easy for him to “take some time off” to milk his injury, but it didn’t seem to slow him down at all!  As soon as possible he was back on the lifting platform!! 

CONGRATS to Dale and Dave for winning this year’s COURAGE AWARD!

Sportsmanship Award

by Al Myers

Art Montini receiving the Runner Up Sportsmanship Award (center). The award was presented by Al Myers (left) and Denny Habecker (right). The Sportsmanship Award Winner Mike Murdock was not in attendance.

The Sportsmanship Award goes to individuals who have showed exceptional sportsmanship throughout the year.  It may be for overall conduct at all events, or by a specific example of exceptional sportsmanship.  This years winners are definitely worthy of this title!  Both of these lifters exhibit great sportsmanship at every competition, and are fine examples of the way lifters should conduct themselves at competitions. The winners are:



Mike was unable to make it to Nationals this year to accept his award, but Art was present to accept his.  I want to say a few words about both of these guys because these two lifters I have the greatest respect for.  I can’t count the number of meets that Mike has sacrificed his own days lifting to “help out” to insure the meet is ran well.  At my Dino Record Days this past spring Mike spent the day officiating the new lifters instead of doing the record lifts that he wanted to do.  I couldn’t have done it without him there!  Mike is one of those lifters that gives to the organization more than he takes.  That’s true sportsmanship.  Art, at age 84, has given as much to the USAWA as anyone.  How many lifters his age would have made the trip to the IAWA World Championships in Australia by themselves??  I’ll answer it – NONE besides him.  Art is always part of any “big event” in the USAWA or the IAWA, and this has been going on for many, many years now.  Both of these guys are very worthy winners of this award.  CONGRATS!!!

Newcomer Award

by Al Myers

Newcomer Award runnerup winner LaVerne Myers (center), with presenters Al Myers (left) and Denny Habecker (right). Newcomer Award winner Dean Ross was not in attendance to accept his award.

One of the exciting things that is done every year at the National Championships is awarding our USAWA yearly recognition awards.  This program started in 2009, and gives recognition to those lifters that have excelled throughout the prior year.  There are several award categories, and each winning recipient is chosen by the USAWA membership by a nomination/voting process.  This makes winning one of these awards all that much more special, because you know you are picked by your peers for it. 

The Newcomer Award goes to an individual that is new to the USAWA, or someone who is making a comeback in the organization.  It doesn’t have to be someone who just started.  This years winners have been involved in the USAWA for a few years, but both of these lifters have really “amped up” their USAWA involvement this past year.  The winners are:



Dean has been on “a roll” this year.  He has competed in numerous USAWA events this past year, including several Championship competitions (Team Championships, Grip Championships,  and the OTSM Championships).  There has not been very many local events that Dean has missed!   Runnerup went to LaVerne Myers, who made his “National Debut” at this years meet in Vegas. 

Congrats to both of these guys for winning the NEWCOMER AWARD!!

2012 Minutes

by Al Myers, USAWA Secretary

Minutes from the 2012 Annual National Meeting

The 2012 USAWA Annual National Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM June 29th by USAWA President Denny Habecker at the Cantina Restaurant within the Silverton Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Roll call was taken by USAWA secretary Al Myers, with 14 USAWA members in attendance: Denny Habecker, Al Myers, Scott Tully, Darren Barnhart, Chad Ullom, Susan Sees, Dennis Mitchell, Judy Habecker, Dave Glasgow, LaVerne Myers, Art Montini, Dale Friesz, Larry Traub, and Bob Geib.  The only USAWA Executive Board member missing from attendance was Scott Schmidt.  The minutes from the 2011 Annual National Meeting were read by Al Myers.  Judy Habecker moved to accept the minutes, with a second by Chad Ullom, and they passed unanimously. Next up was the financial status report by USAWA treasurer Al Myers. A net profit of $1120.95 was reported for 2011.  Al presented a budget that was approved by the Executive Board which showed a budget of $5200 for 2012.  Judy Habecker moved to accept the treasurer report, with a Bob Geib second. The motion passed unanimously. The report of the Officials Director Joe Garcia was next.  Since Joe was unable to be in attendance, he prepared a report that was presented by Al Myers.  In Joe’s report, he stated that 9 new officials have passed the written exam.  He also stated that the organization should look into ways to improve practical judging experience, such as sitting with other certified officials to increase experience. Bob Geib moved to accept the report with a second by Chad Ullom.  It passed unanimously. The report from the website director Al Myers was next.  Al gave several website statistics, along with website registration numbers and website activity.  He also stated that the USAWA website is now approaching 1000 blogs, and includes all meet results since 2009.  Al also commented on the online store, which he estimated has made around $300 for the USAWA to date.  After the report, Chad Ullom mentioned that we should look into setting up a Paypal Account so that members can pay online.  Al remarked that he has looked into this and it could be easily set up, but explained there are charges with it that would have to be reflected in higher prices on the part of the USAWA.  Again, Bob Geib moved to accept the report with a second by Chad Ullom.  It passed unanimously.  The report from the Records Director Joe Garcia was again given by Al Myers on Joe’s behalf. Joe stated that there are now close to 10,500 records on file and so far this year over 500 records have been set.  Joe stated in his report that anyone wanting a copy of the record list should send him an email requesting it, and it would be sent by email free of charge.  If you want a paper copy, there would be a “price” with it.  Chad Ullom moved to accept the report, with a second by Judy Habecker.  It passed unanimously. The report by the Awards Director Al Myers was next. Al stated the fuction of the awards program, such as providing the USAWA yearly awards and any special awards given on behalf of the USAWA.  He stated that $850 was spent last year on the awards program, with the budget this year being $1000.  Chad moved to accept the report, Darren Barnhart gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The report from the Drug Enforcement Director Chad Ullom was next.  Chad reported that 8 USAWA events were tested last year at random, with around 15 lifters being tested.  No positive tests were reported. Judy moved to accept the report.  Bob Geib gave a second, and it passed unanimously. Next agenda item was the discussion and vote on 8 new proposed lifts which have all been reviewed and accepted by the USAWA Executive Board. These 8 lifts are: Peoples Deadlift, Anderson Press, Anderson Squat, Dumbbell to Shoulder, Bench Press – Fulton Bar, Curl – Reverse Grip, Deadlift – No Thumbs, Overhand Grip, and Total Poundage. The rules and descriptions of each of these lifts was read to the membership in attendance. There was discussion to name the Bench Press – Fulton Bar the “Tully Bench” since he was the one to propose it, but Scott refused that name stating that he “hates that lift”.  Darren moved to accept these new proposed lifts as official lifts, with a second made by Judy.  Al then moved to amend the motion by allowing any of these lifts done this prior year by these accepted rules to have any records set retroactively as official.  Chad Ullom gave a second on the amendment.  After no discussion, the amendment passed unanimously.  Then a vote was taken on the original motion and it passed unanimously, so these new proposed lifts are now official lifts and will be added to the rulebook. As required by the USAWA rules, Al asked if anyone had a lift, which included these new 8 lifts, that they would like to see presented to the IAWA for IAWA approval.  No motions were made so no lifts will be presented on behalf of the USAWA this year at the IAWA general meeting for IAWA lift approval. The next agenda item was the proposed rulebook changes.  This list of  proposed rulebook changes had been previously approved by the Executive Board. Several changes were proposed in individual rules that were clarifications of rules.  The big item was adding a provision to the Officials Section, which would now require all new officials undergo a practical training period of 3 events after passing the written rules test before attaining certified official status. Another proposed rule change outlined a method for keeping track of repetition records based on Lynch Points. Darren moved to accept the proposed rule changes with a second by Scott Tully.  There was no discussion and it passed unanimously.  The next agenda item was proposed bylaw changes, all of which have received previous unanimous support by the Executive Board.  The changes involved raising sanction fees and club dues to $30, and assigning a USAWA Postal Director who would be responsible for organizing the USAWA Postal Series and the USAWA National Postal Meet. Darren moved to accept the new bylaw changes, with a second by Chad Ullom.  It passed unanimously.  At this point, Al moved to assign John Wilmot as the USAWA Postal Director since he has been unofficially performing this duty for several years now.  Included in Al’s motion was for the USAWA to sponsor the sanction fees for the events in the Postal Series.  Bob Geib  gave a second, and the motion passed unanimously. At this point in the meeting it seemed like everyone was in agreement on issues and everything was going smooth with no controversy. But all this changed with the next meeting agenda item – new business. Scott Tully started new business discussion with a proposal of allowing knee sleeves in all lifts within the USAWA.  After several “gasps” amongst a few of  the members in attendance and  several glances of awkward stares, a few members started voicing their disapproval of this.  Dale Friesz made several good points about how not allowing supportive equipment in the USAWA was a founding principle in the USAWA.  Art Montini also spoke against it for the same reason.  At this point, Darren explained how knee sleeves are not really that supportive and are worn mostly for safety reasons and joint protection.  Dennis Mitchell then spoke out against the use of knee sleeves, and made a good argument that by allowing knee sleeves it will just lead the way to more supportive equipment being allowed in the future.  Scott countered that by not allowing knee sleeves it is keeping most younger lifters from competing in the USAWA because they don’t want to ruin their joints and have to have joint replacements in the future.  Larry Traub made several good points in favor of knee sleeves, and commented that open patella knee sleeves are not really that supportive.  It was at this point Bob Geib moved to allow only open patella knee sleeves, with a second by Darren.  This was followed by comments by Al Myers that this issue is really bigger than just the USAWA, and should be a matter resolved by the IAWA.  Al remarked that if we would allow knee sleeves while the rest of IAWA doesn’t, it could disqualify any of our record lifts for World Record consideration. Bob Geib then withdrew his motion.  Chad Ullom then moved that we propose allowing knee sleeves to the IAWA technical committee, and that a proposal be written by the Executive Board to be submitted to the IAWA technical committe and that this issue be placed upon the IAWA general meeting agenda at the next world meeting.  Bob seconded the motion.  A vote was taken - 10 in favor (Denny, Bob, Chad, Darren, Scott, Larry, Dave, Judy, Susan and Dennis), 3 opposed (Art, Dale, and LaVerne) and 1 abstaining (Al).  It passed by majority vote.   The next new business item brought to the meeting floor was by Darren Barnhart, who started discussion on having the USAWA record list on the website so all members could have easy access to it.  Most members were in favor of this, and when this issue was directed to Al Myers, the webmaster, why this hasn’t happened he had to explain.  Al made a point to the membership that anything he will say he has already  said to the records director Joe Garcia concerning this issue.  Al stated firmly that for him to put the record list on the website three criteria must be met: 1. only official lifts in the record list, 2. all lifts named the same in the record list as in the rulebook, and 3. overall records kept that are required by the rulebook.   Most seemed in favor of this. Chad Ullom then moved that this order be made to Joe Garcia that these changes be made, and be done within 90 days.  Darren gave a second and the motion passed unanimously.  There was no other new business. The last agenda item was accepting bids for the 2013 National Championship.  Denny gave the lone bid.  Judy moved that the bid be accepted, Al gave a second, and it passed unanimously.  The meeting ended by President Denny Habecker declaring the meeting adjourned after 2.5 hours.

Bob Geib – New Inductee into the USAWA Hall of Fame

by Al Myers

Bob Geib (center) receiving his USAWA Hall of Fame Plaque. Presenters include Al Myers (left) and Dennis Mitchell (right).

The big HIGHLIGHT of the USAWA Annual Awards Presentation was the induction of Bob Geib into the USAWA Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame is the highest honor one can receive in the USAWA, and there is not a person more deserving than Bob Geib.  Bob has been involved with the USAWA since almost the very beginning.  Bob got started in the USAWA under the guidance of USAWA legend Howard Prechtel. I’m sure Bob spent many hours training with Howard in the Prechtel Athletic Club in Cleveland developing his skills with the all-round lifts. I know this because Bob has frequently mentioned Howard to me, and gives Howard credit for getting him involved in the USAWA.  Bob also often traveled with Howard to big National and World meets.  At this years Nationals, Bob even brought a plaque honoring Howard to the meet venue, so in a small way Howard Prechtel was a part of this years big 25 year celebration.

This brings the USAWA Hall of Fame membership to 23 members over our 25 year history.  So you can see it is hard to reach Hall of Fame status – that’s less than 1 new member every year.  This award is not just HANDED OVER – you have to earn it!   Bob has quite the resume of USAWA involvement.  Dennis Mitchell (a fellow Cleveland native who has known Bob for a long time) gave Bob’s  induction speech.  In his speech, Dennis summarized Bob’s involvement which I would like to share with you.

  • Competed in the USAWA Nationals 14 times -  2012, 2011, 2005, 2004, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991
  • Competed in the IAWA Worlds 9 times – 2005, 2004, 2002, 2000, 1999, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991
  • Competed in the Gold Cup 8 times – 2005, 2004, 2003, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1992, 1991
  • Bob promoted the IAWA Gold Cup in 2005 in Hawaii.  He also competed in the very first Gold Cup which was promoted by Howard Prechtel in 1991.  He has competed oversees 5 times – England three times, Australia once, and Scotland once.
  • Currently holds 77 USAWA records.

Soon I will write a complete biography on Bob for the USAWA Hall of Fame archives.  But in the meantime – CONGRATULATIONS Bob on this big honor.  You are now part of the elite USAWA crowd. You deserve it!!

Lean Mass Building Workouts

by Roger LaPointe

Adding Medicine Balls to your training program can help build lean muscle mass.

Summer is a time when you want to just pack on some great, quick lean mass. Try out this two workout combination. Take a day of rest between these workouts. There is a lot of lower body work here and you will feel it the next day. You will really feel it the day after Workout B. Give yourself two days of rest after Workout B, or just do some easy jogging or medicine ball work.

Workout A

Bodyweight Squats 3 sets of 10
Front Squat 3 sets of 10
Back Squat 5 sets of 5 up to 60%
Stiff Leg Deadlift 5 sets of 5 – see how high you can go using perfect form. You may hit 300 #, which would be great
Iron Boot Leg Ext. 2 sets of 20
Iron Boot Hanging Leg Curl 2 sets of 20
Hanging Frog Crunches 3 sets of 10

Workout B

Body weight squats
5 sets of 6 depth jumps
Isometrics in the power rack: Squat, Standing Press, Deadlift, Bench – in that order

Live strong, Roger LaPointe

National Championships

by Al Myers

Group picture of the 2012 USAWA National Championships (picture courtesy of John Broz).



So much happened over this past weekend in Las Vegas at the “25th Anniversary” of the USAWA National Championships that I don’t know where to begin!  I had been looking forward to this for a long time – and it’s hard to believe that it already over!   The first thing I want to do is thank the people who had a “big hand” in making this year’s National Championship a HUGE SUCCESS!  First – a BIG, BIG THANKS to John Broz of Average Broz’s Gym who hosted the meet venue.  John has an unbelievable facility in Las Vegas – complete with top notch equipment.  John was very supportive of us (the USAWA) and went out of his way to make sure that everything was in order for the meet to run successfully.  I HIGHLY recommend if anyone is ever in Vegas and needs a place to train – look up Broz’s Gym.  Without John’s support in this venture  this meet would not have been possible.  Next I want to thank two of my outstanding training partners for showing up to help – Scott Tully and Darren Barnhart.  These two made the trip to Vegas just to help – and help they did – judging, loading, and helping facilitate the meet.  Scott and Darren are the ones responsible for the meet getting over in a RECORD FOUR HOURS. Up next is the Habeckers.  Denny and Judy are “the backbone” of our organization and are always doing work behind the scenes to insure competitions run smoothly.  They hauled all the awards and tshirts to the meet, as well as Denny helping officiate and Judy doing all the scorekeeping and announcing. Finally, I want to thank Chad Ullom for organizing ”all the other stuff”.  Chad took care of all the details of organizing the evening fun, organizing the National Meeting,  as well as providing transportation to and from the meet.

I will keep this meet report to the meet itself. There were several other significant things that occurred – but I will save those for another days story.  A total of 13 lifters made this celebration – 12 men and 1 woman.  Susan Sees won the overall best womans lifter and I won the overall best mens lifter. Susan was “runner up” at last years Nationals, but this year she took the title! Congrats Susan!  It was a close battle between Larry Traub and myself for the mens overall, which went down to the last event.  Larry is one strong lifter, and at age 58, lifts like someone in their 20’s!  Chad Ullom came in a solid third, and only had one missed attempt all day. Fourth place went to the Ledaig AC leader – Dave Glasgow.  Denny Habecker came in fifth, barely ahead of Tim Piper.  It was  really tight to decide 7th from 8th place (only 5 adjusted points, the closest finish of the day), but Dean Ross came out in front of LaVerne Myers. The age group these two were in was  ”the hottest” contested age group of the day for best lifter awards. Denny had a ”tough fight” to beat out Dean, LaVerne and Bob.  Ninth place went to Bob Geib, with the “top ten” being rounded out by Dennis Mitchell.  However, the two lifters who placed 11th and 12th were the two who “took the show” in my book.  Dale Friesz and Art Montini are two tough ole’ ironheads who REFUSE to give up.  Dale has been facing some difficult physical issues lately and STILL showed up at Nationals and competed, and gave a gallant effort that most lifters in his situation would be mentally unable to do. Art at 84 years of age is living proof that you are NEVER too old to lift and compete in a big competition. Art had some issues with dehydration with the hot dry heat of Las Vegas (why would someone in their 80’s try to cut water weight before weighins??), but made a strong recovery to finish the meet.   Both of these guys are my heros – and give me inspiration to “keep after it” and not give up despite what I may be faced with, because it is NOTHING compared to what they deal with!

I really feel this Nationals will be one that will go down “in history” as one of the best USAWA National Championships of ALL TIME.  We will be talking about the events that unfolded this weekend for many years to come.  I really feel sorry for those that didn’t make it to this one – because I will say this – YOU missed out on a GOOD TIME!  And Happy 25th Anniversary to the USAWA!!!!!


2012 USAWA National Championships
Average Broz’s Gym
Las Vegas, Nevada
June 30th, 2012

Meet Director: Al Myers & the USAWA Executive Board

Scorekeeper: Judy Habecker

Announcer: Judy Habecker

Meet Venue: John Broz and Broz’s Gym

Officials (3 official system used):  Scott Tully, Darren Barnhart, Al Myers, Chad Ullom, Denny Habecker, Art Montini, Dennis Mitchell

Loaders: Scott Tully, Darren Barnhart, and lifters

Lifts: Clean and Jerk – One Arm, Curl – Reverse Grip, Pullover and Press, Hack Lift – One Arm, Jefferson Lift


 Lifter  Age  BWT  C&J  Curl  P&P Hack   Jeff  TOT  PTS
Susan Sees  49  211  22.5R  40  40  45R  80  227.5  216.97


Susan Sees: Clean and Jerk – One Arm 15L
Susan Sees: Curl – Reverse Grip 42.5
Susan Sees: Hack – One Arm 47.5R


Lifter Age BWT C&J Curl P&P Hack Jeff TOT PTS
Al Myers      45 240 65R 95 145 150R 250 705 605.39
Larry Traub 58 201 40R 75 105 102.5R 240 562.5 596.35
Chad Ullom 40 251 65R 95 140 145R 250 695 555.80
Dave Glasgow 58 246 50L 82.5 105 100L 182.5 520 495.04
Denny Habecker 69 194 35R 57.5 90 82.5R 132.5 397.5 469.78
Tim Piper      42 191 52.5R 60 102.5 100R 160 475 448.59
Dean Ross 69 265 30R 60 70 60R 155 375 375.57
LaVerne Myers 68 247 25L 65 65 85L 120 360 370.68
Bob Geib 69 270 30R 50 45 60R 135 320 317.66
Dennis Mitchell 80 152 12.5R 25 30 50R 90 207.5 308.96
Dale Friesz 71 160 7.5R 22.5 40 35R 67.5 172.5 232.62
Art Montini 84 173 0 0 0 0 60 60 84.59


Dale Friesz: Deadlift – Little Fingers 35
Dale Friesz: Deadlift – Index Fingers 45
Dennis Mitchell: Clean and Jerk – One Arm 12.5L
Dennis Mitchell: Pullover and Press 35
Dennis Mitchell: Hack Lift – One Arm 50L
Bob Geib: Hack Lift – One Arm 67.5R
Dean Ross: Hack Lift – One Arm 65R

NOTES:  BWT is bodyweight in pounds.  All lifts recorded in kilograms. R & L designate right and left arms. TOT is total kilograms lifted. PTS is adjusted points for bodyweight and age.


Womens Overall:  Susan Sees
Mens Overall:  Al Myers
Womens Master Overall:  Susan Sees
Mens Master Overall:  Al Myers
Mens Master 40-44 Age Group: Chad Ullom
Mens Master 45-49 Age Group: Al Myers
Mens Master 55-59 Age Group: Larry Traub
Mens Master 65-69 Age Group: Denny Habecker
Mens Master 70-74 Age Group: Dale Friesz
Mens Master 80-84 Age Group: Dennis Mitchell
Team Champion: Dino Gym (Al Myers, Chad Ullom, LaVerne Myers, Dean Ross)

Salvation Army Gym RB

by Tim Piper


2012 Salvation Army Gym Record Breaker

Sanctioned by: USA All~Round Weightlifting Association


WHEN:      July 21st , 2012

WHERE:    Salvation Army, 505 N. Randolph, Macomb, IL

TIME:        WEIGH-IN: 9-10 a.m.     Lifting Starts at 10 a.m.

ENTRY FEE:      $10, any extra donations will help support the Salvation Army Gym

ELIGIBILITY:    Open to drug free lifters Note: must register for USAWA

($25 fee payable to USAWA) on or before meet day

AWARDS:  may have medals, trophies, or t-shirts, to be set at a later date

RULES:  USAWA rules for all lifts attempted

ENTRY FORM (PDF):  2012 USAWA record setter

Movement Summer Meet

by David Dellanave


Date: July 28th,  2012

Location: The Movement Minneapolis, Plymouth

Weigh-in: 9-9:45am

Lifting: 10am


Clean and Press – Heels Together

Steinborn Lift

One Arm Dumbbell Press

Deadlift – Fulton Bar, Ciavattone Grip (Double Overhand Axle Deadlift)

Contest is free, but advance registration is required and can be done online at

Drug testing along USAWA guidelines.

Ledaig Record Breaker

by Dave Glasgow



14/15 JULY-2011









Goddard Postal LEG 2

by Al Myers



Our IAWA President Steve Gardner has just announced this years IAWA World Postal Meet.  Steve is always “changing things up” to make these postal meets interesting, and this year is no exception.  It will be contested in two LEGS, with the results of both added together to make the final standings.  This Postal Meet is in rememberance of English lifter Andy Goddard, who passed away a few years ago.  I had the great fortune of being able to meet and compete with Andy, and he was a person of utmost character.  He had a great passion for all-round weightlifting, and I’m sure he would have  been pleased to see this postal meet being contested under his name.  I commend Steve for keeping Andy’s spirit alive with naming this meet after him.

Now for the “twists” of this postal meet.  The first thing is that it is a TEAM COMPETITION with two lifters making up a team. So get one of your training partners to join you.  Any combination of lifters is allowed – between open, masters, junior or women.  The deadline for the first leg is the end of April, and the deadline for the second leg is the end of July.  Result must be submitted to Steve shortly after these deadlines.  He did not set a deadline for submissions, but please be respectful and get them in as soon as possible.  Results are to be emailed to him directly.  Results can be turned in recorded in pounds or kilograms, but make sure to indicate which on the scoresheet.  If for some reason a team can not “stay together” for both legs, it is acceptable to change teammates for the second leg.  But if this is done, you will be scored ONLY for the leg you did together.  You can not “make up” the prior leg, or get a stronger lifter for the next lifts in question.  All the lifts for the leg MUST BE DONE ON THE SAME DAY.  You cannot do just one lift per day!  Also, since this is an IAWA event, 3 Certified Offiicals must be used to judge the lifts  instead of the customary minimum of one as required by the USAWA.  The officials names must be recorded on the scoresheet.  The best way to do this is to have them sign the result sheet, and then scan the document to send to Steve so their signatures will be recorded as well.

The World Postal Meet gives everyone the opportunity to compete against lifters in other countries without having to travel.  The lifts can be done in your own gym, so there is not really any reason not to support this Postal Meet.  Now for the lifts for LEG TWO:

Steinborn (Steinborn Lift)

One Hand Clean & Jerk (Clean and Jerk – One Arm)

Zercher (Zercher Lift)

Result sheet for Leg 2 – AndyG 2  (word)   AndyG 2 (pdf)