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Team Championships

[ August 11, 2012; 1:00 pm; ] by Al Myers


[caption id="attachment_9568" align="aligncenter" width="444" caption="Rudy Bletscher (left) and Mike Murdock (right) perform a very difficult team lift in last years Team Championship, the Team One Arm Dumbbell Press. "][/caption]

Due to some other local strength event conflicts, the date for the 2012 USAWA Team Championships has been moved […]

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Dino Days Record Day

[ August 12, 2012; 5:00 pm; ] by Al Myers


Meet Director: Al Myers and the Dino Gym

Meet Date: Sunday, August 12th, 2012 10:00 AM-4:00PM

Location: Dino Gym, Abilene, Kansas

Sanction: USAWA

Entry Form: None – just show up

Entry Fee: None

Lifts: Record Day – Pick any lifts you can set a USAWA record in!

Contact me at if you have […]

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Garage Days, Revisited

By Jarrod Fobes
Jarrod Fobes in action winning the 2009 AAU Freestyle Judo National Championship in the 210 pound division.
Long ago, back in a dark, distant past called “the late 90’s” things were very different. Starbucks was called coffee. Everyone could buy a house. And there was virtually no grappling training to be had in […]

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Breath, Stupid!

by Thom Van Vleck

Thom blowing up a hot water bottle till it burst. We all know Thom is the EXPERT when it comes to breathing, as he is "full of hot air". (photo and caption courtesy of the webmaster)
Recently my Mom returned from the doctor.  She was incredulous about what he had told her. […]

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Back Extensions

by Al Myers
The top picture is the starting position for a Back Extension, while the lower picture is the finishing position.
This is an excellent “finishing movement” to a heavy night of deadlifting and squatting. On top of that, it is an Official USAWA Lift!  It is in our Rulebook and but TOTALLY ABSENT in […]

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