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JWC Around the World!

by Thom Van Vleck
Brian Hare, top Highland Games athlete sporting his JWC hat while doing some stone lifting in ICELAND!
I have had a lot of fun (and sometimes frustration) putting on meets over the years.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed doing is creating new meet shirts, and sometimes hats for something different.  I have […]

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Battle in the Barn

[ March 25, 2012; 3:00 pm; ] by Eric Todd
Sunday, March, 25 2012 will be the inaugural “Battle in the Barn” which will be the third USAWA Old Time Strongman event. 

[caption id=”attachment_8098″ align=”aligncenter” width=”486″ caption=”Eric Todd will be the meet director for the "Battle in the Barn", the third Old Time Strongman Competition promoted by the USAWA. […] Read more

Hot Stove Workout

by Thom Van Vleck
A Hot Stove is where work gets done, and managing what's important means putting it up front or in back….managing your workout is the idea of this article.
I just wanted to share a workout plan I have for this winter.  As most of you know, I do a lot of throwing in […]

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Wayne Smith Update

by Thom Van Vleck
Wayne Smith, long time USAWA lifter and even longer time member of the Jackson Weightlifting Club was recently featured by me in two part website article.  Wayne also attended the USAWA Nationals hosted by the JWC in Kirksville this year.  Wayne has many friends in the lifting world and I thought maybe […]

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