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The Rolling Thunder

by Al Myers
USAWA Grip Star, Matt Graham, lifting 275 pounds on the Rolling Thunder in training this past weekend. (photo by Bob Burtzloff)
One of the popular “grip toys” introduced by Randy Strossen and IronMind Enterprises is the Rolling Thunder.  This grip device is different from anything else.  I have never read about any type of  […]

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Real All-Round Strength

by Thom Van Vleck
Anthony Parker demonstrating the "strength" of his hair
Prof. Anthony Barker is not one of the most well known strongmen.  He is perhaps better known by those he influenced, namely Warren Lincoln Travis and Bernarr McFadden, to name a couple.
Barker also practiced early “All Around Strength”.  He was famous for not only having strong […]

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Apollo – William Bankier

by Dennis Mitchell
A classical strongman pose by William "Apollo" Bankier.
William Bankier was born in Banff Scotland, December 10, 1870.  His parents were school teachers.  As a youngster he was fascinated by the circus, and at the age of twelve he ran away from home to  become a laborer at a circus.  This lasted only […]

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Louie Cyr’s Dumbbell

by John Grimek
John Grimek prepares to lift the famous Cyr Dumbbell.
The Cyr dumbell we had was always a bone of contention.  Men from all parts of the country came to see if they might get it overhead.  It weighed “only” 202 pounds empty but it could be loaded with lead shot to over 270.  […]

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